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Not So Happy !

Posted by Susan on October 17, 2009

This morning I got up and as usual headed for the scale for my Saturday morning weigh in . I was not happy with the number I was faced with. 144.6 !!!!!! That number is just NOT acceptable ! My goal weight was 140 lbs. Since June 1st, I’ve never gone over 142 lbs. I understand that it is normal for my body weight to fluctuate from day-to-day, but I am on teetering over the edge of being 5 lbs. above my goal weight , and that is just too close to comfort for me.

I don’t think the gain is from what I am eating in the meals/snack department, as much as it is about the little “tastes” I indulge in during the course of a day. When I was in diet mode, I tracked every single bite, I never picked at things like I have been of late. I snatch a cookie here, and a snack size chocolate there, a handful of candy corn, or pretzels. These little things add up in the course of a day ! (obviously !!!!)

So, although if I am completely honest, I am slightly in a panic , I am prepared to take action. I am not going to whine and cry about it , I am not going to do anything but get back to basics. Back to what I know works ! I’ve traveled this road before , and I know what works for me, as well as what I need to do to succeed.

As of today, I am officially back into ” Diet Mode” . Back to tracking everything, back to weighing and measuring all of my portions. Back to not picking at things. A ” taste” is fine, but when you taste all day long ……. it doesn’t work so great !

I’ve been considering getting back to dieting for the past few weeks anyway. When I first got down to my goal weight, I was so excited about the changes I saw, not to mention the new clothing size I was able to wear. Even at my thinnest ( in High School ) I was never a size 6 !

Now that I’ve lived in my new body for the past 4 months, I am seeing a few things I need to work on. I think I would like to lose another 5-10 lbs. anyway. Especially with the Holiday Season just a few months away. I guess this small weight gain came at the right time. It has opened my eyes to the fact that I am letting things slide , and although it is a small slide, it definitely has the potential to snowball into more !

It is time to stop talking the talk , and start walking the walk ! I am planning out my goals for the week ahead, again going back to what worked for me the first time.

The frustrating thing about this setback for me is, that I am finding out, once again, that this maintenance thing is NOT easy. And even though I thought I had it all figured out  ………… I guess I didn’t after all.

This morning after my awful weigh in , I went downstairs and did 30 mins. HIIT on the spin bike, and a 30 min. resistance program on the Elliptical Trainer.

The goal today was to keep my calories range between 1200 – 1400 . Here’s the eats :


This picture was taken in the morning light that comes in my kitchen window . Unfortunately I am usually at work at this hour of the day , so I only get to enjoy it on weekends. I had oatmeal with puffed wheat cereal and a spoonful of chocolate peanut butter, and a banana.


Morning snack was a Special K Cereal Bar .


Before lunch, Matt and I worked in the yard for about 2 hours. When I finally came in I was dying for something hot. I made myself a Quesadilla. A tortilla , re-fried beans , and reduced fat cheddar cheese.


I also had a hot cup of Green Tea , to warm up while I folded laundry and watched The Biggest Loser on DVR. I had a snack of Mini Rice Cakes for a snack in the afternoon that I forgot to take a picture of .




Dinner tonight was delicious. I had a 4oz. chicken breast , Spinach Gnocchi , and a green salad with reduced fat cheese and sunflower seeds. I bought the Gnocchi in a large package and measured it out into portions. Then I labled each portion with the calorie count and froze them. Now when I want them all I have to do it take out a portion size and make it …… pretty smart huh? 🙂

I am skipping dessert tonight  because we are having a movie night and my plan is to have some Light Popcorn while I watch it. We are seeing The Story Of Anvil . A documentary film about 80’s metal band. I love anything documentary and anything 80’s (my era) so it should be good !

I’ve kept to my calorie range today and gotten a little extra exercise with the raking and hauling leaves into the woods for a few hours . I want to get this extra weight off ! I will leave you with the result of all our hard work today !


Have a great Saturday night !


5 Responses to “Not So Happy !”

  1. syl said

    This is exactly what I love about you, something is broke and you fix it. Although I don’t think that you need to lose 10 pounds because you are HAWT just the way you are I know you will get there. Susan you are a perfect example of going for what you want.

    I will be sure to follow your progress because I know in the end you will win!

  2. Kerry said

    Hey Susan
    don’t worry too much about the weight gain, but good for you for dealing with it now! That dinner looks yummy!

  3. Melissa said

    Your yard looks great!!
    Don’t worry about the weight. You know what to do to fix it, and I’m sure it will be off in no time.

  4. Beth said

    It’s so useful to see how you deal with being at goal. Thank you for that. It is information I will need eventually, because I have never been able to deal with maintenance!

  5. Missy said

    I hate the scale. Scale’s should be thrown away.

    Your yard looks great though!

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