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Back In The Game ……. Again !

Posted by Susan on October 19, 2009

Well, here I am again ! Back in weight loss mode ! This morning when I got up I was 144.4 . My goal is to lose 9.6 lbs. by the Holidays (that will put me at 135 lbs.) . Honestly, I am disappointed. I thought I had the maintenance thing down. Guess not, huh?

I hate to say this , but I feel safer and more secure in this mode. I feel so much more in control. Once I figured out what worked best for me, it was almost fun to be on a diet ! I liked working all week toward a goal. I was always so excited for weigh-in’s Saturday mornings. It was something to reach for. Maintaining didn’t hold as much excitement for me.

I guess it is normal to start getting over confident while maintaining. You’ve worked so long to reach the goal weight, and after a month or two of successfully maintaining that loss, you start feeling normal . Well, you fool yourself into believing your normal I think is a better description. The unfortunate truth is, even when you’ve reached that ultimate goal, your NOT done. I think I lost sight of that a little bit.

I am really trying to find the lesson in this gain . I figure, if I can learn something from this small setback, then I can hopefully know better for the next time.

This morning I got up to workout , as usual. I did my scheduled Circuit workout, and 30 min. HIIT on the treadmill. Then I started getting myself ready for the day ahead of me.


To start the day I had some puffed wheat cereal with fat free milk, a hard cooked egg, and a banana . Not very creative, but satisfying ! I ate this at 5:30 am.



My morning snacks were an orange at 9:00 am and a 100 calorie pack of almonds at 11:00 am.


At 2:00 pm, I had some pumpkin granola over Chobani Greek Yogurt. Today’s’ flavor was honey.



Dinner tonight was amazing ! I made my version of a Burrito . It contained a 4 oz. chicken breast , re-fried beans, leftover rice and beans from last night (Kashi Fiery Fiesta) topped with some reduced fat cheddar cheese and stuffed into a tortilla.  On Monday nights I have my niece from about 5-7 pm . I feed her , do homework with her, and bathe her. It is a night I need something quick for dinner. Tonight’s dinner was not only quick ….. but really tasty !


As always , I never end a night without my sweet ! I was dying for this all day today so I made it my dessert. A fun size Milky Way Bar.

This is it for the day ! I am off to bed early to ensure I don’t graze and snack all night ! Tomorrow is a IF day (Intermittent Fast)  . No eating from 6pm tonight until 6pm tomorrow night. It is not as hard as it sounds. I just do my best not to think about food. It isn’t really a problem because I am able to keep busy while I am at work . I need to make sure I stay hydrated, I drink water all day long. If I am really feeling hungry I will buy a Diet Coke from the vending machine and split it with a co-worker. I haven’t fasted in a while so I am sure tomorrow will be challenging. But I keep reminding myself all day that I can have dinner, and for some reason , it usually gets me through.

Wish me luck !

Before I end for the night, I needed to confess something. I am so freaked out about the weight gain, that I actually put fresh batteries in my scale, just in case old batteries  were to balme for my weight gain ! I know ! Irrational and a bit obsessive ! I just worked so hard to get here, I just don’t want to slide backward. In all honesty it is my worst nightmare to gain back the weight I lost !

OK ! Off to bed to read ! Have a great one !


5 Responses to “Back In The Game ……. Again !”

  1. syl said

    you sound so excited, you will get to goal in no time Susan. I know what you mean about worrying you will gain it back, I worry about that EVERYDAY! We fight so hard it’s just not something we ever want to happen. Good that you caught it and are nipping it in the bud.

    Can you tell us a little more about this fast? is it a recommended thing to do, how do you make up for the calories you aren’t eating? how do you go with no food after your type of workout for the whole day? I’m so full of questions…

  2. Kerry said

    Your dinner looks SO damn good…I may steal your idea if thats ok 🙂

    No worries on the 9 pounds…you rock at weight loss,,,you can do it.

  3. I have replaced the batteries in my scale for the very same reason! LOL!!!

  4. Janet said

    Hi Susan, I disagree with you… I think you DO have the maintenance thing down… this is what maintenance is… monitoring your weight and not letting things get out of control (being 4.4 pounds over goal isn’t out of control… that’s called LIFE). Also, don’t forget all those INCHES you lost doing your shred… I bet you’ve also put on some muscle. Have you checked your measurements lately?…. Bet you anything all your clothes still fit fine!

    You’ll do good and you’ll be at 135 in a flash! It’s true though, that there is certain comfort/safety in weight loss mode that is missing in maintenance… where you just feel like you are hanging on by a thread sometimes….

  5. Missy said

    Good luck with your fasting today! You can do it!!

    I think it’s healthy to be aware of your slight gain and want to get it back under control. I think it’s when people get too comfy in their maintenance phase that they wake up one day to realize they have gained back 20+ pounds. Realize where you want to be and work to get/stay there! You can do it – you know you can. We know you can. You’ve got this!

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