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The Written Calorie

Posted by Susan on October 22, 2009

I can’t believe it is already the end of the week ! I am so looking forward to waking up naturally on Saturday morning I can’t even tell you ! This week has been extremely hard for me as far as getting up in the morning. It must be the change of season. I sleep so much better in the Fall/Winter. Being comfy and warm in bed makes it really difficult to get up and get going !


As I’ve mentioned before , I am a calorie counter. I keep a little note book, and in it I record what I eat, how much and how many calories it is, and exercise for each day. I have used online calorie counters ( I was on Sparkpeople for a long time ), but since I have no access to a computer during the day (at work) I find it easier to do it by hand. I have about 4 or 5 used up notebooks down in my workout room. I save them to look back on.

I will usually set aside a little time in the mornings to map out my food and exercise for the day. This way I know exactly where my calories are going, and it also allows me to work in a splurge or dessert. I’ve been called all kinds of things for the practice ! Obsessive is what I hear most often !

I disagree though ! I think that recording food/calories helps to keep me accountable , and it also saves me time. I think it is smart, and I also know it was the key to my weight loss success. For me personally , writing things down on paper solidifies it in my mind. It gives me a plan. Having that plan in my head, and then written down permanently on to paper, makes it harder to deviate from. Whether you write it by hand , or use a computer tracking system , it makes a difference !

Today was good food-wise. I was super busy, and didn’t even think about food. I love days like that, even though they tend to be exhausting !


This morning I had oatmeal with puffed wheat cereal and some chocolate peanut butter. I also had a banana. (excuse the lipstick on my cup of green tea ! 🙂 )


AM snack : an orange .


AM Snack #2 : Almonds.


I was in the mood for something different for lunch today. I had a tuna wrap and some Wheat Stix.



Dinner tonight was some turkey meatloaf , a baked sweet potato with some Olivio Spray , and a green salad.


Dessert tonight, my old standby ! DC Cake topped with chocolate peanut butter, coconut, and chocolate chips. This dessert never gets old for me !

Tomorrow is another IF day for me . I will be drinking a lot of water and trying to keep as busy as possible. I am hoping that my second fast will be easier than my first this week !

Right now I am off to bed ! I have a jam-packed weekend ahead of me and it begins as soon as I get home from work tomorrow. I need to rest up ! Saturday morning is also my weigh in day , so I will see if my weight has come down any.  Have a peaceful night  !

4 Responses to “The Written Calorie”

  1. so glad to see you’ve had a successful week so far!

  2. Janet said

    I also have reverted back and forth between keeping a notebook and counting my calories on-line! My notebook used to look almost exactly the same. Right now I use Calorie King (and I will for the rest of the year because I paid for a subscription!!). I will probably keep a notebook again when I am in New Zealand because I won’t have access to a computer everyday…

    I have also gotten the “obsessive” comments from people, so I usually try to hide that I am counting things… which isn’t really fair.

  3. Missy said

    Hopefully today is going well with your fasting! Have a great weekend!

  4. I used to track, but I did become to obsessive. I’m glad it works for you. It really is a helpful tool when used properly! 😀

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