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Too Short Sunday !

Posted by Susan on October 25, 2009

After the rain yesterday , it was so nice to wake up this morning to sunshine ! I slept in this morning ( 8:00 ) and it felt amazing ! I knew that I had somewhere to go today involving food so the the first order of business was a workout ! I like to take Sunday’s as a Rest Day , but knowing I would be eating heavier than usual, I decided to do some light cardio. I did 30 min. SS on the spin bike, and 30 min. SS on the elliptical trainer.


Before my workout I had an egg with reduced fat cheddar cheese on a whole grain English Muffin, and a banana.


I also had a hot cup of Green Tea, while I watched the first half of CBS Sunday Morning . Today’s show was called “Size Matters”. It was  segments pertaining to the obesity epidemic in the US. It was really interesting. I watched the second half of the show while I did my cardio.


After my workout I had a Special K Bar and started getting ready to go to my mother-in-law’s for the party.


When I got there my sister-in-law was in about to make her famous,” Notorious B.I.G. Salad” . She is famous for this salad , and no matter what the occasion, we all ask her to make it ! It is a serious salad with a lot of flavor. It contains :

  • 50/50 Spring Mix Greens and Romaine
  • red onion
  • red pepper
  • orange pepper
  • yellow pepper
  • broccoli florets
  • Granny Smith Apples
  • cilantro
  • Craisins
  • slivered almonds
  • baby carrots
  • Fat Free Herb Feta cheese
  • Hopkins Inn Dressing (this dressing is made locally and is only available in New Milford CT.  It is the best dressing I’ve ever had ! But this salad is so flavorful, you don’t need much !)
  • English cucumber
  • grape tomatoes



My sister-in-law Laura and her helper, Audrey (our niece ), chopping the veggies .



It is as pretty and colorful as it is delicious !


Lunch was Pizza ! Lot’s of pizza !


Here is my messy plate. One slice of pizza, and salad. I went back for seconds on the salad !


After lunch it was time for Birthday Cake ! My favorite part !



The Birthday Girl ( my sister-in-law Amy) and her daughters getting ready to blow out the candles !


My slice of cake . I ate 2 bites before I remembered to take the picture. You know me I love cake and this was excellent ! My sister-in-law doesn’t like sweet frosting, so my mother-in-law made this chocolate cake from scratch and served it with whipped cream. It was super  moist and good !


On the way home Matt and I stopped at the store for some items I forgot when we did our weekly shopping. He wanted some candy for his candy jar in the ” Man Room” and I spied these …… Dark Chocolate Raisinets ! I had some on the ride home !

When we got home I made lunches for tomorrow and did some other preparations for the week ahead. I think I ate plenty today so I think I am done for the night, aside from a possible light snack later in if I feel I need it ! The rest of the evening is going to be spent relaxing ! I little TV, and some reading, and bed at a decent hour !I am definitely NOT ready for the weekend to be over ! Oh well !

Have a great night !

2 Responses to “Too Short Sunday !”

  1. Missy said

    YUM the salad looks great. And a great side dish to go with the pizza.

    Have a great week!

  2. Melissa said

    Yum! The birthday girl and her girls are too cute with those glasses!!
    We are having pizza for supper tonight and that makes me want to go home early!

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