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Exhausted !

Posted by Susan on October 27, 2009

Work today was not much better than yesterday ! We are in the process of renovating the Rehab Gym and guess who has to pack things up, make sure every box is clearly marked, and find a home for theses things in the interim ?????? Yeah , You got it ! I packed up a few rooms yesterday, and was told today I needed to move it again ! I was livid ! I spent most of the day lugging boxes from one end of the building to another ! If they tell me tomorrow that I need to move them again I swear ………. I was going to say I will quit, but as we all know, that is just NOT an option. So I guess I will just have to do it !

The one positive about being busy all day is that food is the furthest thing from my mind ! I ended up throwing away some of my lunch because I kept getting kicked out of every place I sat down to eat by construction guys ! I was never so happy to walk into my own warm cozy house in my life !

Now that it is over and I am showered and my belly is filled I feel a bit better . Here is my food for today :


Before my workout this morning I had a banana .  Today was a cardio day. I did a 30 min. elliptical program, and 30 min. HIIT on the spin bike .


It was cold and rainy this morning , so I was in the mood for something warm and cozy for breakfast. What fits the bill better than oatmeal ! I had Oats with some Puffed Wheat cereal, and a T. of Chocolate Peanut Butter .


When I got to work I found a huge tub of Mini Moon Pies ! I had one with an apple for my first morning snack. It was delicious and only 130 calories !


My second morning snack was a Special K Cereal Bar. I ate it while lugging boxes.


By the time I got to lunch I was starving, but the wall were being torn down in the area where I usually eat. I ended up walking around eating while I looked for a place to sit for  a minute and eat.  I had tuna with 1 T. of light mayo, and some almonds. I ended up eating all of the sammie, and 2 almonds and threw the rest away because I didn’t feel like carrying them around ! I never did find a place to eat !



I was in the need for comfort food when I got home today and I think sweet potatoes are just about as comforting as you can get for me. They remind me of Thanksgiving . I had one tonight with some turkey meatloaf and a green salad with a sprinkle of reduced fat cheddar cheese and some sunflower seeds .


For dessert I had a slice of Diet 7up Cake with 1 T. of reduced sugar vanilla frosting . Perfect sweet ending to a not so sweet day !

I am now off to bed to read and hopefully fall asleep ! I am so tired my bones literally ache ! I am looking forward to the weekend already and tomorrow is only Wednesday. I hope that things quiet down a little tomorrow !

3 Responses to “Exhausted !”

  1. syl said

    you are such a great person, I know you wouldn’t harm a fly and I hate to come hear and read that people are walking all over you. I know you don’t have the option to quit but I don’t think anyone would question it if you did, you have been through alot the last few months, and all I can say is I hope things start looking up and you are as healthy and happy in your work environment as you are in your home life. Hang in there Susan, hugs to you! atleast you can end your day with dessert, I know that always makes you happy 🙂

  2. Janet said

    When you food calories are limited, it is SO important to me to be able to SIT DOWN and enjoy my food and make it last. I would have been really peeved about not being able to find a decent spot to eat my lunch!! Also, I just wanted to point out that you probably burned a TON of calories moving all those boxes! Sure would beat sitting on your rump all day, like I do…

    Also, I bought a cake mix last night to try your diet coke cake, and I was wondering – how much do you serve yourself? 1/12 of the cake… I was thinking about making the cake in muffin tins, have you ever tried that?

  3. Missy said

    Sorry you had another crappy day. That sucks. I love how you don’t take your day out on your food. If I have a bad day I tend to feel like I’ve earned a crappy {but tasty} meal. Why add guilt to the mix?? Doesn’t make sense. Great job sticking with the plan and fueling your body in a healthy way.

    Hope Wednesday went better!

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