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I Should Not ………..

Posted by Susan on October 28, 2009

………. weigh myself at night ! Before I got in the shower tonight I weighed myself and the number that popped up was horrible ! 146 lbs. !!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell ????? I’ve been working out, eating the same amount of calories as I did when I lost weight originally ! I went into complete panic mode ! The logical part of my brain knows that this is not an accurate reading because I drank at least a gallon of water today, and I ate a good amount of fiber as well …….. but the illogical side of my brain of course always wins. My first thought was no dinner tonight ! the I went over my calories for the day and they were really low . I ate dinner as usual and mapped out my calories for tomorrow , making them even lower than today.

I could have avoided this entire drama if I’d at least waited until tomorrow morning to jump on the scale ……… I am not sure what to do about this. I will sleep on it, and check things in the morning . Then I will go from there. I am really stressed about this. With all the stresses of the past few days , I should have known better than to add to it this way, especially if it is unwarranted and I am back to normal tomorrow ! I guess I will see.

Here are my eats for the day :



Breakfast this morning was Honey Chobani yogurt with Nature’s Path Pumpkin/Flax Seed Granola .


I also had an apple with that .


My AM snack was an orange and some almonds.



My second AM snack was a banana , and a Mini Moon Pie (I won’t be having any more of these ! 😦 ) .


Another lunch on the run today ! I’m going to have to figure something out because lack of a place to eat makes me rush my food , and that leaves me with heartburn ! I had a wrap with a wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese inside and some pretzels.


I opted to have dinner after all tonight. I had some turkey meatloaf, Spinach Gnocchi , and a green salad.


I had dessert tonight too. This is a tiny piece of cake. Two bites , but enough to give me the after dinner sweet I crave.

It is a cold rainy night here and all I can think about is a warm bed and the excellent book I am reading. that is where I am headed after catching up on some of my favorite blogs. I hope everyone has a great night. Oh and by the way ……..don’t be stupid like me and weigh yourself at 4:00 in the afternoon ……. it will ruin your entire day !


9 Responses to “I Should Not ………..”

  1. Syl said

    Susan have you not learned anything from your crazy blogging buddy – HIDE THAT DAMN SCALE!

    It’s one way it, look at you you are amazing, don’t let that number bring you down!

  2. Syl said

    I meant to say it’s one way, look at you, you are amazing…sorry it’s been a long day!

  3. Syl said

    oh my GAWD, I meant to say IT’S ONE WEIGH IN…I’m going to lie down 🙂

  4. Kerry said

    It CANNOT be accurate. Don’t worry…And DON’T weigh yourself! Wait a few days and if you need to…weigh yourself again.

  5. Beth said

    I just weighed 4 cups of water on my kitchen scale and it weighed 2 pounds! I understand how the irrational part of yourself makes you upset, but go with what you KNOW is true — it’s the morning weight you HAVE TO GO BY!

    I am afraid of the panic that would result if I got on the scale later in the day, it would just be too demoralizing even though I know it’s not “official”. CanNOT go there.

    I hope your weight this morning is back in line so that you don’t keep cutting your intake!!

  6. Janet said

    Susan!! Never ever weigh yourself at night!! Unless you really want to torture yourself… 🙂 Please don’t worry! It’s just food and water weight! Your eating has been on point! (Unless you are pigging out and not posting the pictures… but I wouldn’t believe that – even if you told us you were doing it!).

    Just keep doing what you are doing! Everything is going to be JUST FINE… you’ll see.

  7. Beth said

    Oh, and thanks for the note in my blog. I know that to succeed for good, it means I need to keep going when it’s hard. What a lesson that is!!!

  8. Missy said

    Stay off that scale lady! You know that is just torture. I’m sure you haven’t gained any real weight and that you were back to normal this morning.

    It’s almost Friday!

  9. Melissa said

    you’ll be fine. I’m sure when you weighed in the morning it was back to normal right?

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