All Things In Moderation

…….. and moderation in all things .


Posted by Susan on November 3, 2009

Another trying day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But now I am home in my warm, cozy house with my wonderful husband , and my sweet cuddly pets, safe from the horrible world outside ……. better known as work !

I am determined not to allow the negativity of the day taint this blog ! It may not be “being real” to some extent , but hopefully it will help me let it all go before I go to sleep tonight, and give me the strength to make it through another day tomorrow !

At least my diet and exercise goals didn’t suffer ! That’s a positive ! I find that when faced with ups and downs of life , I am more that likely to lose my appetite when I am muddling through the downs. Another positive I guess !

This morning I got up and had a much better workout than yesterday morning ! I did 30 min. HIIT on the spin bike , and a 30 min. elliptical program.


For breakfast this morning , I had oatmeal topped with puffed wheat cereal and a T. of chocolate peanut butter . I also had a banana.


For a snack at about 10:00 am I had my new “go to” snack …….. Humus and baby carrots. They hold me for hours , and they taste pretty good too !


Lunch today was PBJ on a wrap. I was not very hungry at this point, so this small lunch gave me energy and helped me finish out the day. I’d planned an afternoon snack of almonds and an apple. but I just wasn’t hungry for them so, instead of forcing it down anyway, I just skipped it.



I was ready to eat by the time dinner rolled around. I had 4 oz. of ground turkey with some couscous. It was so good ! I added a veggie salad with some reduced fat cheese and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds.


I was more than ready for dessert ! Sunday I made some Diet 7up cupcakes. I topped each cupcake with 1 T. of reduced sugar frosting , making a nice little dessert that are about 165 calories each. I had a cupcake tonight with a glass of fat-free milk.

Now I am off to bed. My head is pounding ! All I want right now is a good night’s sleep ! Have a good one !


4 Responses to “UGH !”

  1. syl said

    I have always loved the fact that you incorporate sweets in your day, but more so I love that fact that you don’t take a bad day out on your eating. So many of us fall into that trap and you my friend are so on track! Way to go Susan. I sure hope it gets better for you soon.

  2. Foodie Girl said

    The food looks so delicious! I am new to the community and found your blog through someone else. I am so happy that many of us take pictures of our food. It helps visualize the meal if someone wants to recreate it. I have definitely been inspired!

  3. Janet said

    I have an upopened jar of dark chocolate dream PB sitting in my pantry downstairs (never tried it before)…. I don’t like to clutter my kitchen pantry cupboard with too many opened jars at once, so I’m waiting for my kids to finish off the nutella before I bring it up….it looks so good on oatmeal… I’ll have to rush them on the nutella!! I also have 18 more chocolate DC cakes to eat before I can try that 7-up cake… LOL… that might take a while!

  4. Missy said

    I had cous cous for the first time forever over the weekend and LOVED it! It was so good.

    I’m happy you have a good husband to come home to after your crappy days at work. Hopefully they start to get better soon!

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