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It’s All Down Hill From Here !

Posted by Susan on November 4, 2009

Three cheers for Hump Day ! Halfway to the weekend ! I had a much better day today and I am so grateful for it !

I got up this morning and banged out a great workout.

  • TT (Turbulence Training) Circuits
  • 30 min. HIIT on the treadmill


For breakfast this morning I had a multi-grain English Muffin, topped with 2 T. of peanut butter, and a cut up banana.


At 10am I had some baby carrots and humus.


We still have no kitchen area at work, so I am forced to eat in the office. I ate that ! I can’t relax while people are in and out , asking were things are and all kinds of other nonsense. Oh well ….. I had a Strawberry Chobani Yogurt with 3/4 c. of puffed wheat. No having a kitchen at the moment also limits my choices for lunch. I need something quick, not messy, and that doesn’t need heating up. For now …. until who knows when…… yogurt is just the ticket !


My planned afternoon snack was an apple and almonds. I never got to the almonds , but ate the apple on my ride home.



Tonight I had leftovers from Sunday night. Annie’s Mac & Cheese with ground turkey. I added a veggie salad to that. I eat a lot of leftovers, as I am sure you’ve noticed. The reason for that is that my husband , as wonderful as he is, is not interested in any way in healthy food, and won’t eat the same things as I do. He has a very limited pallet , so if I can’t make 1 portion of something, I end up making enough for  a few days. I hate to let things go to waste so I end up eating a lot of the same things most nights.


Dessert tonight, cookies and milk. Seven cookies = 140 calories. There was a time when I could never eat  JUST seven cookies and put the rest away. The entire bag would disappear ! I am not sure what shifted and when it happened , but for some reason I am able to do it now. Weird huh?


While I was enjoying my cookies and milk, the resident beggar was watching my every move. Hoping for me to drop one , huh Zoey ?


This morning when I was on my way out the door to work I found this package on the front stoop ! I am so excited ! We finally decided ( after 2 years !)  the colors we wanted in our bedroom ! This is the beginning of the transformation ! We are off to buy paint on Friday night and with any luck, hope to have it complete by the end of the weekend. I will be happy to have another room done  before Christmas. ( I may even try to talk Matt into buying paint for the living room too !)

OK , off to bed ! Sleep well friends !


5 Responses to “It’s All Down Hill From Here !”

  1. Tiffany said

    Zoey is so cute!

    As for the repeat meals, I think it’s GREAT that you eat the leftovers. I know it can get boring, but it makes for less waste and saves money too. That’s something we’re really working on here. Less waste.

  2. Annie said

    Amen to the weekend coming!

    And your picts look great… as always! I love bananas and PB… I usually do a little sprinkle of cinnamon on them too.

    So yummy… and filling!

  3. Foodie Girl said

    Love, love, love those colors for the bathroom! You are doing great on your lunches despite no kitchen at work. I also cook for leftovers and am totally not ashamed of it. Some food tastes great the next day!

  4. Missy said

    Since I’m single I make all my meals for myself and I love to make enough for leftovers. Then I only have to cook once a week!!

    Love the bedding – have fun painting this weekend!

  5. Heidi said

    Awww cute pup!

    I wish I was a fan of leftovers. It would make things much simpler. But alas, it’s very rare that I like something the 2nd day (other than leftover pizza!). Sometimes I make extra with the idea of good intentions, but often end up throwing it out.

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