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Another Full Day

Posted by Susan on November 9, 2009

What a weekend it has been. Busy , but in a good way ! We got a lot done and now that it’s come to a close I feel accomplished.

Today started with a visit to a friend of mine who had a birthday yesterday ! She Turned 93 ! Believe it or not one of my best friends in the entire world is a woman who is 93. She is one of the most intelligent, interesting , witty people I know. She suffered a stroke a few years ago and is now living in a nursing home. Matt and I brought her some Mc Donald’s for lunch and a piece of carrot cake from a bakery here in town. She was very happy to have company for lunch and even happier to have something different for lunch ! (she was an accomplished cook and thinks the food at the nursing home is “rubbish”) I ended up having a burger myself , but forgot to photograph it.



Knowing that I was going to have  burger for lunch, I had a simple breakfast this morning. Reduced Fat Peanut Butter and a banana on a Multigrain English Muffin.


When we got home, it was time to do some serious work in our yard ! The leaves were getting out of control , and since it was 60 degrees today, we figured that we should take advantage of it ! this is our backyard, so many leaves you can’t even see the grass !



Last load to be dragged into the woods for the day !


When we finally finished I was of course starving so I had a slice of left over pizza to tide me over until dinner.


Then I took a hot shower and put on my new PJ’s ! These are so warm and comfy. I wish I bought a few more pairs !


For dinner I had the last of the Annie’s Mac and Cheese with ground turkey, and a spinach salad.


I decided on a special dessert tonight. I made a cup of hot chocolate with Cadbury Drinking Chocolate.



I don’t make it often , because it is pretty high in calorie, but it is so rich and delicious and perfect for a Sunday night after all day working outdoors ! I had it with some Oreo Cookie Cakes .


Last but not least , here is our new and improved bedroom !


I love it ! It is exactly what I was hoping for ! The only thing missing is some large decorative pillows for the bed . They should be in before the end of the week , they are on order . My husband did a fantastic job ! Next on the agenda is the living room ! It needs to be painted before Thanksgiving ! We will be on that one within the next week or two ! We are cutting it close .

So now I am off to watch TV in bed and catch up on some of my blog reading. I can’t believe the weekend is over ! The good news is that another is only 5 days away ! Have a great night !


6 Responses to “Another Full Day”

  1. Foodie Girl said

    I love it that one of your dearest friends is in her 90’s. How cool! Those leaves! It looks like my front yard about four days ago.

    The bedroom turned out beautiful! I love those colors! Great job!

  2. Tiffany said

    Wow, sounds like a busy weekend.

    The bedroom look great and so does that pizza. 🙂

  3. sylvia said

    The room was worth the wait, looks great Susan! and I bet you made your friends day.
    I hope you have a better Monday and that your weeks starts off ok today.

  4. Missy said

    Love the bedroom!! Such a fun vibrant color.

  5. Melissa said

    Love all the pics! The bedroom looks great!

  6. oh my gosh… love the room!!! it looks absolutely great!!

    how about sending matt my way… i could use someoen to repaint my bedroom!!

    gosh.. what a weekend you had with fleas and all!

    did i miss your weigh-in post? I’m sure you did great as always!

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