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Three Squares

Posted by Susan on November 11, 2009

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet ! My first day back at work was OK. After a nice weekend with an extra day tacked on , I felt rested and better equipped to handle the usual stresses . I slept well last night and had a good cardio session this morning.

I was pretty sore after my marathon leaf raking session yesterday so I kept my cardio easy This morning :

  • 30 min. SS on the spin bike
  • 30 min. SS on the elliptical

I felt a lot better after working out ! It kind of warmed up my muscles and eased the sore feeling.


Lately I’ve been leaning toward 3 square meals with my eating. When I am home it is easier because I eat breakfast much later than on work days. Mon.-Fri. I eat around 5:30am . By the time 9am rolls around , I need to eat something, but I am trying to keep AM snacks to just fruit. Having 3 meals allows me to eat  larger, more satisfying meals  too. It works for me at the moment, who knows what will work better for me in the future ! I go through phases , and right now this is my new phase.



This morning for breakfast I had Peach Chobani with 3/4 C. of puffed wheat and a banana .



Around 9:30 I had an apple to get me though the morning. One thing I am happy to report about the last 2 weeks, I’ve been excellent about my water intake ! It makes a huge difference in my hunger levels throughout the day .



For lunch I had the last 2 pieces of the yummy Turkey Sausage, Spinach, Provolone Pizza I made on Saturday night ! It was so good ! I had to run upstairs to one of the break rooms at work to use a Microwave, but it was absolutely worth it !



Dinner tonight was less than spectacular. I had a chicken breast and a sweet potato. The potato was completely tasteless ! I ate about half of it and tossed the rest. My salad was great though. Spring mix, reduced fat cheddar and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds.



My sweet for tonight was a little Diet 7up cupcake with a T. of reduced sugar frosting.

The plan for this evening is to catch up on some blog reading and go to bed with a good book ! Tomorrow is already Mid-Week ! I think we are doing more painting this coming weekend ! I am trying to get the house ready for our annual Christmas Eve open house  … will be here before you know it !

Until tomorrow ………. peace !



4 Responses to “Three Squares”

  1. Amy said

    That cupcake looks AMAZING.

  2. Foodie Girl said

    I am going to try the cupcake recipe this weekend. I can’t wait to try it! Your dinner looks good. The spring mix looks similar to the one I use. Do you use salad dressing on your salad?

    • Susan said

      Yes I do use salad dressing. I use the spray kind , Wish Bone Salad Spritzer in Ranch flavor. It is about 2 calories a spray . I use it sparingly, a little goes a long way ! 🙂

  3. MB said

    What are you reading? I need a good book.

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