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A Good Day !

Posted by Susan on November 12, 2009

Today was a pretty good day as far as work days go. I was busy enough for time to pass quickly , but not enough to feel overwhelmed. I also feel that some of the things that happened last week that resulted in the terrible week  I had were resolved.

I got up this morning and worked out. It was a much better workout than I’ve had lately !

  • TT Circuits
  • 30 min. HIIT on the treadmill


Breakfast this morning was an egg on an Muitigrain English Muffin , with a wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese .


At around 10am I had an apple and some almonds to give me some fuel to get me to lunch.


For lunch I had a leftover Zucchini Boat from Monday’s dinner. I forgot to take a photo of it when I had it because I got a wonderful surprise for lunch today. My Hubby showed up to have lunch with me ! It was an unexpected and awesome way to spend my lunch break !



I LOVE Mexican Food ! I was in the mood tonight for something a little spicy. I made a Quasadilla made with refried beans, ground turkey , and reduced fat cheddar cheese . I had a little bit of Kashi Fiery Fiesta Rice on the side.


Dessert tonight , a slice of Diet 7up Cake topped with a T. of vanilla reduced sugar frosting ! Yum !

Tomorrow I need to be at work super early ……. 5am ! I will be unable to workout in the morning, but will be home early (around 2:00) so the plan is to do a 57 min. spin class.  I hate late workouts but there is no help for it ! I will just have to do it though.

I have early days also Thurs. , Fri. , and Mon. I can’t leave out  workouts for all of that time so I will just have to bite the bullet and deal with it for a few days.

I was supposed to go out to dinner with some friends on Friday night , but it was canceled. A part of me is glad, no stress over what to eat. At least until we reschedule it !

Off to bed , I need to leave my house at 4:30am to get  to work by 5:00 ! Night , night !


3 Responses to “A Good Day !”

  1. that kashi rice and cake look so delish…

    i really need to try making it!

  2. Melissa said

    Hope the late workout goes well!! 🙂

  3. Missy said

    Phew – that’s an early morning. I love afternoon work-outs. Burn off the stress of the day!! Or maybe I just hate mornings so much that afternoons work for me… either way good luck with your afternoon work-outs. Hopefully you don’t hate it too much!

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