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A Visitor ………..

Posted by Susan on November 15, 2009

I finally discovered the reasons behind my recent feelings of constant hunger and fatigue. TOM came for a visit bright and early this morning ! Surprise !

I am old, 45. I never know when or if I will get a visit , and although I get some symptoms each month whether I get it or not. I’ve reached the point where I just ignore it until it actually decides to make an appearance ….. as it did this morning. At least it gives me some possible reasons for why although I am eating well and working out , the scale will not budge ……. 142.6 and holding now for a few weeks.


When TOM comes to town, my nerves are shot and I feel like every little thing is the biggest catastrophe in life ! And chocolate , it is my crack ! I swear it has a calming effect on me like nothing else. I feel all the maddness wash away with every bite. It sounds dramatic, but I am telling you, for me …… it’s true !

Needless to say, my food today was not so great !


Breakfast was not too bad . I had scrambled eggs, (1 whole egg, one egg white) in a wrap with a wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese spread on the wrap. I love the flavor of Laughing cow and eggs , it is a great combo. I had my wrap with a banana , and a cup of Green Tea.



It was painting day again at my house. We did the hallway this morning. I love the color. It ties in all the other colors of the house. Our cat Grimjack was very interested in what we were doing ! He even wandered into the open paint can lid , and track some little kitty paws all over my hardwood floors ! I was not happy in the least ! Thankfully it all came off and it dried before he made it onto new bedspread !


Lunch was not too bad . I had some Blueberry Chobani with 3/4 c. of pumpkin granola . After that is when everything went down hill !

I cleaned the entire house , trying to keep busy and forget the nagging hunger all morning. By the time lunch was over, I was done and started picking! It was some of this …….


Some of this ………IMG_0845

I knew where this day was leading so I decided to get a workout it. I put on my iPOD  and did an a great cardio session . The music helped me keep a good pace and in spite of my “condition” , it was the best workout I’ve had in weeks !


For dinner , I had some ground turkey mixed in with some couscous, and had a salad with it.


For dessert I just gave in and had this ! A full fat, full sized chocolate chip muffin. I ate the whole thing ! I also had a few of those peanut butter cups I showed at the beginning of this post ! Oh well , call it a splurge day ! At least I got in a good workout and was active cleaning and painting all day ! Could have been worse . (and trust me ….I have done MUCH worse in the past !)

I’ve come to realize, that days like today are inevitable. There is no use denying myself , because sooner or later I will give in and the damage will be worse ! Giving in to these hormonal cravings , as long as I don’t allow it to turn into an all out free for all, are not going to hurt me . Especially when it happens so seldom these days . I am better off going with the flow and keeping a lid on it. By tomorrow I will be feeling more like myself and the crazy hunger and cravings will have eased and will be easier to keep under control.

On the agenda this cold rainy Saturday night? A little TV, and a lot of sleep ! Have a good one !


2 Responses to “A Visitor ………..”

  1. Foodie Girl said

    I think you handled it great. You knew what you had coming, so you put in a great workout. It all works out in the end.

  2. Foodie Girl said

    Can you tell me that cupcake recipe one more time? I accidently deleted it. I know it was simple. Thanks!

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