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My Plan For Turkey Day

Posted by Susan on November 26, 2009

For me, the week is over and I couldn’t be happier ! The morning dragged , but the afternoon flew by !

Here in the US tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I’ve been thinking a lot about exactly how I am going to handle this first Thanksgiving that I am trying to maintain a weight loss. With some help from a few articles on the subject and some really insightful blog posts , I’ve come up with this plan:

  • I am going to workout in the morning. Tomorrow is cardio day for me and I plan on making sure I get it done. We are not going to dinner until 3:00 so I will have plenty of time , so no excuses !
  • I am going to eat what I want and what I most enjoy. I am not going to eat until I am sick ” just because……..” I am going to take small servings of everything, if I find that I am still hungry I will have some more, but I will not be loading my plate to the brim and scarfing it all down like it is my last meal on earth !
  • I will eat a light healthy breakfast and snack before I go to dinner. I usually try to starve myself before hand , thinking it will be fewer calories in the end. What usually ends up happening is , I am so hungry that I eat way too much and , feeling entitled because I starved all day , totally over do everything ……….and again , that leaves me sick and sleepless in return !
  • Although I am allow myself to eat what I want , I am containing it ! What I mean is, I am allowing myself ONE MEAL ……… not an entire weekend’s worth , not even a whole day and night’s worth ! Just one meal of special , holiday foods and then pick up my regular habits as soon as that meal has ended !
  • Make the Holiday less about food and more about spending time with the people I love. I always end up making such an issue in my head over social occasions that include eating. I spend so much time thinking about what I will eat ,and how much I will eat , that I forget the real reason for the get together in the first place ! The day is not about the food , the day is about family !

So there you have it ! Some guidelines I plan to use for the my Thanksgiving Day Festivities. I have been thinking about this entire Holiday Season and realized that if I keep myself in check, I shouldn’t do too much damage. There are only 3 real danger days for me. Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve (which I host so I will be doing more running around than actual eating) and Christmas Day. New Years is quiet for us. We usually play Rock Band (I sing …..) until midnight and then we have a toast to the new year and go to bed. No real food traps. We do have a “Special Dinner” that night but I can control that easy enough.

Soon after the New Year is my birthday [Jan. 6]. Sometimes we go to lunch , and/or a movie, but that’s about it. I will make myself a cake, but it will be a Diet Soda Cake so no biggie there. If I stay mindful , and keep the special occasion meals contained and moderate, I just might make it through the Holiday Season unscathed ! Let’s hope !

On to the day’s eats :

As I mentioned yesterday , today was a super early day for me ! I was up at 2am working out : circuits and 20 min. of HIIT on the treadmill. I needed to get myself out of the house by 5am in order to let the dogs out, feed them and play with them and get my butt to work by 6:30. I decided to pack up a Breakfast Cookie and eat it while the dogs were getting some air.I also had a banana with my cookie. Sorry that I am not more creative with my breakfasts lately. I am just totally blown away by these cookies ! I am not hungry for hours after I eat it !!!!!!!!! I still can’t believe it ! I keep thinking it is just a fluke, but again today I was set until after 11:00 ! I am usually hungry by 9:00 !

My late morning snack was an apple and some almonds.

Of course , true to form, everything went haywire at work right about lunch time. I never got to eat until 2:45 ! I had Laughing Cow cheese on a whole grain Sandwich Thin and some baby carrots.

After work I went back to see my charges, and let them out for a few hours. I finally left there about 5:45 and started for home !

When I got home from my marathon day, I was in no mood to fuss with dinner. I toasted a Sandwich Thin , heated up a chicken breast and had a chicken sammie and a salad.

Dessert tonight was 1/2 c. of Mint Oreo Cookie Frozen Yogurt and a squirt of chocolate syrup .

About now I am ready for a hot shower and my nice warm bed along with a good book ! I doubt I will make it through 2 pages before I nod off …….  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone ! Good night !

2 Responses to “My Plan For Turkey Day”

  1. syl said

    Happy thanksgiving Susan

  2. Annie said

    Great Turkey day plan! I need to make one too! Thanks for the inspiration!

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