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Thanksgiving Festivities !

Posted by Susan on November 27, 2009

What a day ! I got up at 5am to take care of the dogs [I am house sitting for]. When I got home, I did my planned  cardio workout. I figured I should just get it out-of-the-way as soon as possible !

After my workout I settled in for some breakfast ! I munched leisurely while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade ! I had a cup of Green Tea, and a Breakfast Cookie. The original plan was to eat breakfast and a snack before going to my brother’s for dinner at 3:00. Unfortunately the day got away from me and I had no time for anything ! Thankfully , my Breakfast Cookie kept me going. I think I will rename these Magic cookies !

When I got to my to my brother’s I was hungry, and dinner was being served soon so I has a 2 of these to tide me over ……. crackers with a smear of port wine cheddar cheese.

Dinner was great ! Here is my family ! Gorgeous huh?

I decided before I went that I would eat what I wanted ! My favorite part of Thanksgiving Dinner is stuffing ! I love it and only eat it once a year ! It was really good ! I went back for second.

For dessert I made myself a little sample plate ! A slice of pumpkin pie, [I almost devoured it before I got a pic of it !] . a slice of apple pie, and a slice of my husband’s legendary Peanut Butter Pie ! He only makes it at Holiday time and it is to die for !!!!!!!!! My brother always asks for an extra pie all for himself , and my husband always obliges !

It was a fun day full of family time, laughter and fun ! Oh and also FOOD! I am stuffed [but not sick ,thankfully !] and ready to relax! My niece Kate is sleeping over tonight, and she is finally settled in bed . I am about to shower and watch some TV before going to bed myself ! I hope everyone had a great Holiday !

One Response to “Thanksgiving Festivities !”

  1. Foodie Girl said

    Looks like everyone was enjoying themselves. I am so happy you had a great Thanksgiving!

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