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………. And The Holiday Season Begins !

Posted by Susan on November 28, 2009

By the time I finished blogging last night I could barely keep my eyes open ! I must be getting old, because any change in my usual routine is exhausting ! I slept like a baby last night , until the blasted alarm clock woke me at 5am and I was off to take care of business. It was cold and damp, so the dogs I am caring for did NOT want to stay outside for very long, not that I could blame them. I had every hope of going back home and crawling right back into bed for an hour, but when I reached the my house it was apparent everyone [my niece slept over last night] was awake. Oh well !

We hung out for a while until Matt had to leave for work and then I made Kate a special surprise !


Cadbury Drinking Chocolate with a plop of whipped cream on top !


I think she kinda like it !!!!! Then I set to work on a special breakfast for us.


I made a batch of Protein Pancakes :

  • 1 c. of oats
  • 1 c. of fat-free cottage cheese
  • 6 egg whites
  • 1/4 t. of vanilla
  • 1/4 t. of cinnamon
  • 2 packets of Slenda

Blend it all up in the blender and your batter is all set for spooning out into pancakes. This recipe makes about 6 good size pancakes. I usually eat 2 and put the rest in the fridge to reheat for the next day. They are just as good reheated.


I did my best not to let Kate see that I was using cottage cheese in the pancakes because I knew it would turn her off. She would not like them before she even tasted them ! Unfortunately she must have seen me use it because when I asked if she liked them she said, ” yes and no”. I asked her what she didn’t like about them, and she said, “when I bite into them they taste like cheese ……. “! Oh well I tried! In this picture she is putting up a brave face !


Here is my breakfast ….. 2 pancakes with Olivio and a little sprinkle of cinnamon /sugar ! They were awesome, and did NOT taste like cheese !


While Kate played I worked out.

  • Free weight Circuit x2
  • 30 min. HIIT on the Spin Bike

By the time I was done with my workout it was time for lunch.


No time for anything big and involved , so I just had a banana with peanut butter.


And a handful of milk chocolate and peanut butter chips. Then it was time to get to work !


We have a tradition that’s been going on since Kate was a baby. We always put up the Christmas Tree together the day after Thanksgiving. She is always with me on that day (because my sister works in Retail) . We decorated the tree and decorated the rest of the house too. I also like to do it early because I like it all down and put away the day after Christmas ….. I like beginning the New Year with everything back in order. ( I know I am weird)

I have some favorite ornaments. Here are a few ……..


Our Sock Monkey , I think he is so cute !

Our Sock Monkey Reindeer, I think he is so cute !


I made this in 2nd grade for a Christmas Bazaar my school/church was putting on. I got in trouble from one of the Nuns because I painted it too sloppy , and she told me no one would ever buy it. I went home in tears and told my mother about it. My mother went to the Bazaar and searched for it and bought it. She brought it home and told me she bought it because she thought it was beautiful. I do too , and still hang it on my tree !


Someone gave this to us on our first married Christmas together. [ Matt loves Penguins]

After all the Holiday decorating I was hungry again !


As a snack a had a serving of corn chips and 1/2 c. of cottage cheese …… I like to dip the chips in the cottage cheese, I usually add some salsa to it but I didn’t have any. This was just as good though.


For dinner tonight I had Talapia, with Lemon Pepper Seasoning and some couscous. I planned to have a salad with it , but when I went to make it the lettuce was inedible ! Good thing tomorrow is food shopping day !


Last but not least , dessert. Mint Oreo Cookie FroYo  with some chocolate syrup [lite] and a dollop of whipped cream.

It is a cold rainy night here in CT. I usually love to catch up on some DVR shows and stay up late on Friday nights, but tonight I think I will curl up in my nice warm bed and catch up on some reading ! Have great night !









2 Responses to “………. And The Holiday Season Begins !”

  1. Melissa said

    Sounds like a great day. The whipped cream in your niece’s hot chocolate looks like a man. You are talented!!

    The tree looks nice. We put ours up today too!

  2. I have no idea when we are putting up the tree. Maybe Sunday? I have some ornaments I saved through the past 10 years from when my son was younger. So cute!

    I work retail also. I feel for your sister. Hope she survived the day.

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