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I Can’t Beleive It’s Over !

Posted by Susan on November 30, 2009

Oh well ! Another Thanksgiving Holiday bites the dust ! I look forward to the time off  rather than the actual Holiday these days ! Tomorrow it is back to the old grind.

I had some time to myself today and made a really interesting revelation. This was the first Holiday where I can remember feeling like I looked decent. The holidays of the past involved agonizing over what to wear , because everything made me look fat. Trying on the few things I had , trying to cover up this or that. I would inevitably end up wearing the biggest and longest sweater I could find and a pair of jeans, or sometimes ever sweat pants ! This year I wore jeans and a top that actually fit ! I even wore my new brown boots ! I forgot to ask my husband to take a picture, I wish I had one just to commemorate my first Holiday at goal weight ! It was nice to feel good about myself for once, and not feel uncomfortable in my own skin ! It was a totally different feeling than I am used to,but different in a good way.

This morning I got up to take care of the dogs [house sitting] and drove into the driveway only to find that the people were HOME ! I got the dates messed up! I thought they were coming home tonight at 7pm, turns out it was last night. So I drove home thinking I would crawl back into bed. I did , but couldn’t sleep and neither could Matt so we ended up way too early !

I had some tea with Santa, because I didn’t want to eat breakfast too early. It makes for a long time until lunch !

At 8:30 I could wait no longer ! I was craving my Magic Cookie ! Since we went food shopping last night, I stocked up on a few add-ins for my cookies. This cookie had chocolate peanut butter, pecans, chocolate chips, coconut, and some marshmallow fluff ! It was awesome !

After breakfast, I started doing some more Christmas decorating. I did up the mud room, and finished up the kitchen, but decided I needed to go back to the Dollar Store for a few more things. I scored big time too ! I got a table-cloth for our Christmas Eve open house and a runner, some pretty napkins, some cute little felt trees , a little tin Santa, and some Christmas hand towels for the bathroom and dish clothes for the kitchen ! Next weekend we are buying new lights [ I didn’t like the colors of last year’s lights] for the outside of the house and we are done in the decorating dept. All that is left is cookie baking, that we do with Kate every year.

We had to make a quick stop at Walmart and found this ……………

Matt was really excited to find this recipe ! He is super picky about tomato sauce and prefers to make his own using Spatini Seasoning Mix. [Did I ever mention that my hubby is a trained chef ?!!! The man who hates just about all food !  He didn’t like the restaurant business so he is now an electrician !]  The only problem is that they stopped making it ! So we pretty much bought the whole book for this recipe !

When lunch rolled around I wanted something light because we had a big dinner planned for tonight. I had some peach Chobani with 1/2 scoop of protein power and some granola.

Along with the yogurt I had 2 clementines for dessert.

For the rest of the afternoon I was a bum ! I watched , what is to me the ultimate 80’s movie Three Men And A Baby . I was an 80’s girl , and the clothes in that movie brought me back ! Hideous boxy jackets and stirrup pants ! And the hair ! I had that big curly piggy-back perm too !!!!! It cracks me up ! The stuff I wore out and about is the same stuff the kids I know are wearing for Halloween costumes !!!!!!!

I had a few handfuls of theses …….

And for than a few of these ……….

And finally some of this ….. to hold me over until dinner !

Matt made us dinner tonight. On Sunday nights if it is at all possible, we try to have dinner together. During the week is tough, and since we rarely eat the same meals it is even tougher ! Tonight Matt made rigatoni with a red sauce and mini-meatballs . He also made Texas Toast , and I had some of course! That stuff is so good ! Matt dished out my plate for me before I got in the kitchen to do it myself! He really piled it on! I am not ashamed to admit ……. I ate every last bite ! It was DELICIOUS !!!!!! The whole meal !

I am skipping dessert tonight . I think I ate more than enough dinner to make up for it !

I have everything prepared for tomorrow. Both of our lunches are made , and even my breakfast [Magic Cookie], clothes for my workout and work are ready to go ! I think I will hang out with Matt for a little while and crawl in bed to read ! Another week lies ahead and I will hopefully be ready for it, with a smile on my face and a song in my heart ! ( NOT !!!!!!!!! ) Sleep tight !

5 Responses to “I Can’t Beleive It’s Over !”

  1. Tricia said

    Yum, your dinner looked fantastic!

  2. Way to go Matt! Score those bonus hubby points! Dinner looks great. Could he teach my BF how to do that?

    lol… I am so tired today. It’s been such a long weekend!

  3. Melissa said

    That meal looks fantastic!!

  4. syl said

    oh dinner looks so yummy, I like pasta and tomatoe sauce, Peter use to hate tomatoe sauces, but has got the hang of them being with me 🙂

    I love 3 men and a baby, great movie!

  5. Heidi said

    OMG Stirrup pants and piggy back perms … you’re bringing me back – hahahahhaa

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