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Rest Weeks ?

Posted by Susan on November 19, 2009

I’ve mentioned lately that my workouts have not been up to par. I feel like I am just going through the motions lately, and I am not feeling energized like I used to afterward. I know it is not boredom , because I change up my workouts every 4 weeks. I thought it was the time change or the drastic change of seasons , but I would have thought my body would have adapted by now !

The only other explanation I could think of was maybe I am over training. Since January of 2009 I have faithfully worked out 6-7 days a week. Aside from 4 days I took off because of knee problems in March , and the times I over slept , I have not missed any of my scheduled workouts in over 10 months ! I decided to do some research on the subject.

It seems that many people benefit from taking off a 1 or 2 weeks now and then from working out. When I first read this I was more than a little put off. I could never imagine taking off 2 weeks ! For one thing I would be afraid that I would lose my momentum, and end up stopping all together. If that happened I would end up on a downward spiral , and I would end up back at square one ! Then I thought about it.To be honest, I enjoy working out, and I can’t imagine never doing it again. It has become an important part of my life , and something that has become almost automatic.

Then I did more research. It makes sense , that the body needs recovery time in order to continue to change. It also makes sense that 10 months of workouts with very little rest would work against the body in terms of progression.

So I made a decision . Since next week officially kicks off the Holiday Season here in the US , I do not want to take time off from exercise because there will most likely be more temptations and more treats than any other time of year. If I am going to take a break I need to do it now, or wait until the Season is over. I honestly could not imagine taking an entire week off , let alone 2 weeks, so this is what I am going to do.

Beginning tomorrow , I am taking  Rest Time . Tomorrow [Thurs.], Fri. Sat. and Sun. I will not be working out at all. I will be resting my body. I am not completely sure I can do it, but I am going to give it a shot ……. it is only 4 days. Once Monday rolls around I am hoping that I will be back to my old self and ready to make some further progress. In that time I am going to be very careful with my diet. It will not be a total free for all by any means. I am curious to see if I come back stronger …. as many of the articles I read claimed .

My hope is that I will miss it so much that I will be dying to get back to it, and I will be ready to push myself harder and further. I also don’t think 4 days will set me back too far from the gains I’ve already made fitness-wise. I would love to just not feel so tired all the time, and not feel like I am just going through the motions and  “phoning it in” as Jillian would say ! I am just going to take it day by day. Even if for some reason I can’t make it through all 4 days, maybe 1 or 2 will help matters ….. we’ll see how it goes.

On to my food for the day :

This morning I had an egg on a whole grain English Muffin with a wedge of Light Laughing Cow Cheese . I also had a sliced up apple .

My morning snack was a banana . I was a little disappointed because it was brown inside . Yuck ! I am not in love with bananas, but they are filling  and I don’t hate them , so I eat them. But when I get a brown one it truly turns me off ! I was hungry, and had nothing else , so I suffered through it !

Lunch again …….. Chobani and Apple Granola . It was really good, but I am getting bored with it . The building inspector came today to check out our new work area (that includes our kitchen !)so I should be able to unpack it so it will be in use again  soon !  I need to branch out a little in the lunch department, get a little more creative !

I thought about having a big salad for dinner tonight, but it is cold out and that always puts me in the mood for something hot and comforting. I ended up having a 4 oz. chicken breast with couscous and a spring mix salad.

I am skipping dessert tonight because of these ! I ended up eating entirely too many of these evil little things when I got home from work today ! Matt bought them for me this weekend when I was int the midst of my chocolate cravings. I got home from work and went a little crazy with them. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are definitely a weakness and not smart to have in the house ……. I have one more bag left and had Matt hide them somewhere and with strict orders to eat them when I am not around !

It sort of stinks that I blew my dessert for the night, but those are the consequences ! Maybe I will think next time before I act like a glutton !

Anyway, I get an extra hour of sleep tomorrow , so I am off to read and unwind before sleep. Peace !

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After Dinner Snacking

Posted by Susan on November 18, 2009

One of the biggest obstacles in my weight loss journey has always been night-time snacking . I could eat well all day, have a great totally balanced [ carb., protein , and veggie]  dinner, I could even have dessert , and still  end up with the munchies by 8:00. For a longtime this bad habit derailed my efforts , and left me frustrated. I finally got a handle on it using a few strategies . If you feel those night-time munchies all too often yourself maybe one would work for you.

  • Save dessert : I do this on weekends a lot. I know I will be up later than on weekends , and I know that I will want something later on in the evening. I save my dessert until 8 or 9 and have it then, guilt free !
  • Schedule a snack for the evening : Sometimes I will lighten up my calories at an earlier meal , or skip either a morning or afternoon snack and have it after dinner . Especially if I am planning on catching up on the DVR or watching a movie . I will make some pop corn and munch away, but it is controlled and deliberate !
  • Brush your teeth : Sounds silly , but it is very effective ! For some reason when I brush my teeth it is a signal to my brain that I am done eating for the night. Every night , directly after dinner I brush my teeth !
  • Ask yourself if you are hungry, or something else : I realized that my night-time snacks were more out of habit , than actual hunger. If I am really NOT hungry , I have a hot cup of decaf. green tea, or even a 1/2 can of diet soda in a nice glass, and that helps get me past the cravings.
  • Go to bed ! : This has been my saving grace while trying to over come my night-time urge to munch. I go to bed and read. Most of the time I get involved in the book , and that takes my mind off of food. reading also makes me feel relaxed, and helps empty my mind . It makes me sleepy , and more often than not I do fall asleep. Enough sleep is an important piece of the weight loss puzzle . A little more sleep for less calories taken in is a good trade !

These are some things that work for me. What do you do when the urge to snack at night hits you ? Are there any tricks you use that help you avoid the munchies ? I am always up for suggestions !


Today , I fasted from dinner last night, until dinner tonight. I am going to try to do this from now until the Holidays , at least one day a week. With all the little extra goodies floating around from now until the New Year, I need a little extra insurance that if I choose to over indulge here and there, I won’t blow all the my progress.

I’ve also decided to make all treats this season worth it ! By this I mean , eating things I know I love, or treats that are homemade and special . There is so MUCH food and sweets that come with the season , that sometimes I find myself eating things because they are there. This year I plan to be more selective , and spend my calories like money. Only “buying” treats that I know will be worth the calories I will be spending on them . This way I don’t need to feel any regrets. I also plan on being mindful of how much I eat of the treats that are worth while. If I’ve learned anything this past year, it’s that one is just as, if not more in some cases, satisfying than eating 6 ! In most cases, just allowing myself a taste of something I love is satisfying in its self. It is very liberating to know I can have what I want, and still keep in control.


When dinner finally came around tonight I was ready for it ! I’d called Matt from work this afternoon and asked him if he would grill me a turkey burger . I had the burger on a whole grain Light  English Muffin, oven fries, and a salad with reduced fat cheese and sunflower seeds. It was sooooo good ! Especially after having fasted all day.


For dessert tonight , I had 1/4 c. of chocolate covered raisins, and a little Reese’s peanut butter cup.

Now I am off to brush my teeth and read 🙂 ! Hope you have a great night !

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A Sore Monday

Posted by Susan on November 17, 2009

My body was really sore this morning from my Sunday Raking adventures ! I felt it in my hands especially ! The first thing I did when I got out of bed was take 3 Advil. Even though I was feeling like I got hit by a truck, I still wanted to get in my workout.

  • Monday Circuit Routine
  • 30 min. HIIT on the treadmill

I was dragging a little physically , but I didn’t want to start the day, especially a Monday without some sort of exercise. I think mentally , in order to pull me through the first day of the week, it is imperative !

I was in the mood for peanut butter this morning so I made a multigrain English Muffing with peanut butter and banana .

The day was slow and boring . I would rather a busy Monday because it passes much quicker. It seemed to take forever for lunch time to roll around.

The Holiday goodies are already rolling in at work ! I couldn’t resist one of these to hold me over until lunch time ! It was really good , smooth and creamy …… and dark chocolate , some antioxidants , how could I pass it up ?

I can’t wait to get back our kitchen and fridge ! As much as I love yogurt and granola , I wouldn’t mind some more variety in my lunches ! For now, under the circumstances , it will have to do. Lunch today was Blueberry Chobani, pumpkin granola, and an apple.

Monday nights for me are a little different from the rest of the week.

My sister works late on Mondays , so I pick my niece, Kate up from school. I supervise homework, feed her dinner and give her a bath so when my sister picks up all she has to do is put Kate to bed.

I need something quick and easy on Monday nights since my time is limited. I also want something tasty ! This has become my go to dinner for Mondays ! I vary my quesadilla depending on what I have on hand. Tonight I had a tortilla, Kashi Fiery Fiesta Rice , re-fried beans, 2 oz. chicken breast, and reduced fat cheddar cheese. The Rice really makes this queadilla something special. The rice is whole grain, and is spicy,  and has black beans and corn in it.  The added rice gives the whole thing a very authentic flavor.

Dessert tonight was Oreo Cookie Cakes and a glass of milk. I know that many people don’t believe in 100 calorie snacks. personally , I don’t think anyone should live on them, eating them instead of fruits , nuts and other healthy snacks. On the other hand, I like the fact that they are portioned , and controlled , and easy. Once in a while , as a treat I don’t think they hurt. I am not too strict about my night time dessert anyway, any treat in moderation will do.

I am so glad I survived Monday. I find that once I make it past the first day , the remainder of the week goes much smoother. It’s like it is all down hill !

I am off to catch up on some blogs, read and go to bed. Hope everyone has a great night !

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Rake And Bake Sunday

Posted by Susan on November 15, 2009

Today was the second annual Rake and Bake Sunday. My mother-in-law started this tradition because she needed help raking her yard. We [my husband and myself, and my sister-in-laws and their families] all work in the yard and in return my mother-in-law makes us lunch.

Matt and I arrived bright and early with rakes and leaf blower, ready to work. I treated the raking and hauling of leaves as if it were a workout ! The leaves were wet and heavy , thanks to the rain all day yesterday ! I worked for about 3 hours and I really pushed myself ! No breaks at all ! I could feel it in my arms , and my legs , even in my abs. I figure it was a good mix of cardio and strength training. I was really, REALLY sore and tired by the end of it !

The minute I walked in the door when I got home I got straight in the shower ! I was wet and dirty, and my entire body ached ! At least I know I will sleep well tonight. The combination of fresh air and hard work makes me sleep like a baby!



This morning I got really creative with my breakfast . I knew I was in for an active day so I wanted something that would really fuel me and carry me through until lunch. I took an apple, cut it up into chunks and sprinkled some cinnamon and sugar on it and nuked it for 2 minutes. Then I made a serving of oats and put the baked apple on top and then added a 1/2 c. of Kashi Apple Orchard Granola. It was so good ! Like having Apple Crisp for breakfast !



I also had a hard cooked egg so that I had some protein to balance it all out ! This breakfast kept me full for hours ! It was also tasty and warm, perfect for a Sunday morning !



Around 1:00 both front and back yards of my mother-in-laws house was clear of leaves and we were all starving ! I have to admit , I over ate a bit ! I had a turkey  on a Portuguese Roll . I also had some potato chips and some potato salad. The plate is a little carb. loaded.



I went back for more chips and a few meatballs .



My brother-in-law Randy wanted to be part of this post. While I was taking pics of my plate he held out his plate to be photographed ! Randy is doing Atkins . He ate all protein for lunch.  He eats his carbs in the mornings, usually oatmeal. He’s lost  15-20lbs so far. He also eats a lot of raw veggies .



Dessert was a splurge. I had one of everything  ……. a brownie, and M&M cookie , and a peanut butter cookie. I ended up having another one of each cookie by the time I left the table !

I am not sure what’s for dinner tonight …… I was going to skip it all together. I am not hungry after the huge lunch. If I have anything at all it will be light, more of a snack than a meal.

We finished the painting project for this weekend ………..




I chose a Taupe color because it ties in with all the colors in all the other rooms. We need a finer brush for some touch up  work around the doors, but all in all I am happy with the results.



Next weekend we are working on the living room ! I can’t wait to get it done . Here are some before pics. It is a big room so we definitely have our work cut out for us !




We will be starting this room on Friday night. The paint is bought and ready to go, all we need is the time. The worst part of the job will be taking all the books off the book shelves ! But it will all be worth it in the end. I’ve been wanting to get these rooms done for a while now and will be so happy to have it all done before the start of the New year !


I am not sure what I will do tonight. I am pretty tired so I will probably go to bed and watch some TV until I get sleepy enough to sleep. I can’t believe the weekend is over already ! Hopefully this week will fly !



I’ll leave you with the sunset ! This picture was taken off our back deck. The entire yard was pink ! It was beautiful ! Have a great night and a great start to a new week !

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A Visitor ………..

Posted by Susan on November 15, 2009

I finally discovered the reasons behind my recent feelings of constant hunger and fatigue. TOM came for a visit bright and early this morning ! Surprise !

I am old, 45. I never know when or if I will get a visit , and although I get some symptoms each month whether I get it or not. I’ve reached the point where I just ignore it until it actually decides to make an appearance ….. as it did this morning. At least it gives me some possible reasons for why although I am eating well and working out , the scale will not budge ……. 142.6 and holding now for a few weeks.


When TOM comes to town, my nerves are shot and I feel like every little thing is the biggest catastrophe in life ! And chocolate , it is my crack ! I swear it has a calming effect on me like nothing else. I feel all the maddness wash away with every bite. It sounds dramatic, but I am telling you, for me …… it’s true !

Needless to say, my food today was not so great !


Breakfast was not too bad . I had scrambled eggs, (1 whole egg, one egg white) in a wrap with a wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese spread on the wrap. I love the flavor of Laughing cow and eggs , it is a great combo. I had my wrap with a banana , and a cup of Green Tea.



It was painting day again at my house. We did the hallway this morning. I love the color. It ties in all the other colors of the house. Our cat Grimjack was very interested in what we were doing ! He even wandered into the open paint can lid , and track some little kitty paws all over my hardwood floors ! I was not happy in the least ! Thankfully it all came off and it dried before he made it onto new bedspread !


Lunch was not too bad . I had some Blueberry Chobani with 3/4 c. of pumpkin granola . After that is when everything went down hill !

I cleaned the entire house , trying to keep busy and forget the nagging hunger all morning. By the time lunch was over, I was done and started picking! It was some of this …….


Some of this ………IMG_0845

I knew where this day was leading so I decided to get a workout it. I put on my iPOD  and did an a great cardio session . The music helped me keep a good pace and in spite of my “condition” , it was the best workout I’ve had in weeks !


For dinner , I had some ground turkey mixed in with some couscous, and had a salad with it.


For dessert I just gave in and had this ! A full fat, full sized chocolate chip muffin. I ate the whole thing ! I also had a few of those peanut butter cups I showed at the beginning of this post ! Oh well , call it a splurge day ! At least I got in a good workout and was active cleaning and painting all day ! Could have been worse . (and trust me ….I have done MUCH worse in the past !)

I’ve come to realize, that days like today are inevitable. There is no use denying myself , because sooner or later I will give in and the damage will be worse ! Giving in to these hormonal cravings , as long as I don’t allow it to turn into an all out free for all, are not going to hurt me . Especially when it happens so seldom these days . I am better off going with the flow and keeping a lid on it. By tomorrow I will be feeling more like myself and the crazy hunger and cravings will have eased and will be easier to keep under control.

On the agenda this cold rainy Saturday night? A little TV, and a lot of sleep ! Have a good one !

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Fabulous Friday

Posted by Susan on November 14, 2009

I guess I shouldn’t complain , seeing as I only worked four days this week , but I have to say, with the early days I am so glad top see this weekend ! I love Friday nights !

This morning when I got to work at 5AM everything went smoothly. No stress, but a LOT of running around ! I probably could have counted it as a workout . But when I got home at 2:00 , I had some lunch and did my scheduled Friday workout :

  • 30 min. Circuit Training
  • 30 min. HIIT on the Spin Bike

I won’t say it was the best workout I’ve ever had, but at least I did it !


Yesterday I was starving after having breakfast at 4 AM , so today I packed my breakfast and brought it with me to have at 7 AM. I had a Peach Chobani and 3/4 C. of puffed wheat cereal, plus a banana. It really helped. I wasn’t hungry like yesterday . I didn’t bother packing any snacks because I didn’t want to be tempted . What I’ve noticed about myself is that when I am tired, or feeling fatigued , I tend to want to eat. I think I feel food will give me energy and make me feel better. It seldom helps matters , and I don’t want to add-on the extra calories if I am not eating them out of true hunger.


When I got home it was a little after 2:00 and I was hungry, for real. I had a tuna wrap with tuna , 1 T. of lite mayo, and some Spring Mix Greens . After I ate, I didn’t give myself a chance to think about it, I just put on my workout clothes and went downstairs and got the job done ! That is my usual approach to working out when I don’t feel like it. I don’t get the urge to skip a workout in the mornings because it is such a habit now. When circumstances make it necessary to workout at any other time, if I think about it too much, I am more apt to find an excuse to not do it. For me it is best to put myself on auto-pilot.



By the time my workout was finished Matt was home so we ran down to Home Depot and picked out the paint for the living room. I chose this green color and I can’t wait to get it up on the walls ! This weekend we are painting my hallway a neutral color that will tie in all the rooms. I have to wait until next weekend to start the living room though. 😦 Oh well , I will be happy when the entire house is done. (the plan is to have it all painted by Christmas , after the living room we only have the spare bedroom left )



When we got home I had dinner. A chicken breast , the last of my spinach gnocchi. and a salad with reduced fat cheese and some sunflower seeds.


For dessert I had the last slice of Diet 7up Cake  with a glass of Fat free milk.

I love staying up late on Friday nights and catching up on some DVR. Unfortunately tonight I am feeling the early start of the day catching up with me, and I think I will head to bed soon ! It feels like such a waste of a night off, but it can’t be helped, I am beat ! I have another full weekend ahead anyway , may as well rest up ! Hope everyone has a great weekend !


I leave you with a picture of Zoey. She is being unusually cooperative tonight, allowing me to take a picture of her with out her turning her head at the very last minute !

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An Early Day

Posted by Susan on November 13, 2009

My day began at 2:30 am ! I dragged myself out of bed and made tea, checked my e-mail, and started getting ready. I left my house at 4:15 am  and walked into a complete mess at 5:00 am.

After I straightened it out , ( an hour later) I was finally able to start the task I was there for in the first place ! Standing outside, in the freezing cold while one of the maintenance guys power washed 50 or so wheelchairs , so I could  dry them all off and run them back inside to where they belonged ! Hell ! After I finished , I felt like I’d already worked a full day ! But I didn’t and it was time to go off and do my usual work ! UGH !


At 4:15 this morning , I had some oats with Go Lean Crunch and a T. of Chocolate Peanut Butter. I also had a banana on my commute to work.


After my freezing cold morning’s work I was starving . I felt like I hadn’t eaten breakfast at all. I think the change in my routine messed me up. No workout , running around like a mad woman and feeling stressed probably didn’t help matters. I had a Special K Cereal Bar, and some almonds. I ended up also having a piece of toast and I broke into the emergency snack stash I keep in my purse ,and had yet another cereal bar !


I left work around 1:30. I’d planned to eat my lunch at home instead of dragging it with me this morning. When I finally walked in the door I was too hungry to think about making something so I settled for a Vanilla Chobani yogurt with Pumpkin Granola.

I had pretty much decided as I was driving to work this morning that I would skip my workout for the next 2 days and just make them up on the weekend. When I got home and finished my lunch, I got to thinking. I needed to get the workout in. Just because life gets hectic, and my routine gets interrupted is no excuse to slack off. Plus my body really missed it this morning. I could feel it in my energy level, in my constant hunger and I could tell my body wasn’t happy ! I have been working out every day ( aside from my alarm clock mishaps and one week when my knee was bothering me) now for almost one year. It is something I am used to and getting to be a habit my body depends on as well as expects. I am not sure I stepped up to the plate because of my super dedication or because of guilt , but I did what I had to do … no excuses !


So I laced up my sneakers ……………………………………….


And got to work ! I did :

  • 30 min. HHIT on the Spin Bike
  • 30 min. Elliptical Program

I am really proud of myself for working out because for one thing I hate afternoon workouts , especially after work and also because I didn’t allow my change of routine become and excuse !


I wasn’t in the mood to fuss with dinner, even though I felt a lot better after my workout . I decided to take the easy way out tonight . I made some Talapia  and heated up left over Mexican Rice  from last night and added a salad with some reduced fat cheddar and sunflower seeds . It was really good too !


Dessert , again , simple and easy. The last of my chocolate covered raisins.

The day is starting to catch up with me , so I think it is time to hit the sack ! I have another early day tomorrow, so I best get as much rest as I can. I am so grateful it is Friday tomorrow !  Once again tomorrow I am going to shoot for an afternoon workout when I get out of work. Matt and I are also running out tomorrow night to pick out paint for the living room. I am not completely sure where I want to go with it, but I figure I will know it when I see it !

For now ……. It is time for bed ! Have a great one !

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A Good Day !

Posted by Susan on November 12, 2009

Today was a pretty good day as far as work days go. I was busy enough for time to pass quickly , but not enough to feel overwhelmed. I also feel that some of the things that happened last week that resulted in the terrible week  I had were resolved.

I got up this morning and worked out. It was a much better workout than I’ve had lately !

  • TT Circuits
  • 30 min. HIIT on the treadmill


Breakfast this morning was an egg on an Muitigrain English Muffin , with a wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese .


At around 10am I had an apple and some almonds to give me some fuel to get me to lunch.


For lunch I had a leftover Zucchini Boat from Monday’s dinner. I forgot to take a photo of it when I had it because I got a wonderful surprise for lunch today. My Hubby showed up to have lunch with me ! It was an unexpected and awesome way to spend my lunch break !



I LOVE Mexican Food ! I was in the mood tonight for something a little spicy. I made a Quasadilla made with refried beans, ground turkey , and reduced fat cheddar cheese . I had a little bit of Kashi Fiery Fiesta Rice on the side.


Dessert tonight , a slice of Diet 7up Cake topped with a T. of vanilla reduced sugar frosting ! Yum !

Tomorrow I need to be at work super early ……. 5am ! I will be unable to workout in the morning, but will be home early (around 2:00) so the plan is to do a 57 min. spin class.  I hate late workouts but there is no help for it ! I will just have to do it though.

I have early days also Thurs. , Fri. , and Mon. I can’t leave out  workouts for all of that time so I will just have to bite the bullet and deal with it for a few days.

I was supposed to go out to dinner with some friends on Friday night , but it was canceled. A part of me is glad, no stress over what to eat. At least until we reschedule it !

Off to bed , I need to leave my house at 4:30am to get  to work by 5:00 ! Night , night !

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Three Squares

Posted by Susan on November 11, 2009

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet ! My first day back at work was OK. After a nice weekend with an extra day tacked on , I felt rested and better equipped to handle the usual stresses . I slept well last night and had a good cardio session this morning.

I was pretty sore after my marathon leaf raking session yesterday so I kept my cardio easy This morning :

  • 30 min. SS on the spin bike
  • 30 min. SS on the elliptical

I felt a lot better after working out ! It kind of warmed up my muscles and eased the sore feeling.


Lately I’ve been leaning toward 3 square meals with my eating. When I am home it is easier because I eat breakfast much later than on work days. Mon.-Fri. I eat around 5:30am . By the time 9am rolls around , I need to eat something, but I am trying to keep AM snacks to just fruit. Having 3 meals allows me to eat  larger, more satisfying meals  too. It works for me at the moment, who knows what will work better for me in the future ! I go through phases , and right now this is my new phase.



This morning for breakfast I had Peach Chobani with 3/4 C. of puffed wheat and a banana .



Around 9:30 I had an apple to get me though the morning. One thing I am happy to report about the last 2 weeks, I’ve been excellent about my water intake ! It makes a huge difference in my hunger levels throughout the day .



For lunch I had the last 2 pieces of the yummy Turkey Sausage, Spinach, Provolone Pizza I made on Saturday night ! It was so good ! I had to run upstairs to one of the break rooms at work to use a Microwave, but it was absolutely worth it !



Dinner tonight was less than spectacular. I had a chicken breast and a sweet potato. The potato was completely tasteless ! I ate about half of it and tossed the rest. My salad was great though. Spring mix, reduced fat cheddar and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds.



My sweet for tonight was a little Diet 7up cupcake with a T. of reduced sugar frosting.

The plan for this evening is to catch up on some blog reading and go to bed with a good book ! Tomorrow is already Mid-Week ! I think we are doing more painting this coming weekend ! I am trying to get the house ready for our annual Christmas Eve open house  … will be here before you know it !

Until tomorrow ………. peace !


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Mental Health Day

Posted by Susan on November 10, 2009

This is something I’ve been needing for sometime now, and today in the middle of my workout I decided …….. today was the day ! I called in to work ! I worry about doing this because I am always afraid I won’t have the time if I were to get sick , but for some reason I hardly ever do (knock wood!) . Where I work sick days are use it or lose it and the thought of losing it is just NOT acceptable in my book !


I started my day lounging around in my PJ’s ( yes I put them back on after my workout and a shower !) and then had a nice leisurely breakfast ! I had oats with 1 C. of Go Lean Crunch and a spoonful of Chocolate Peanut Butter , and a banana. I sat around some more afterward with a few cups of Green Tea. When Matt got up and learned of my plan, he decided to join me !  We got to hang out , so that made the morning even better ! It was so nice to be able to read the paper , drink tea and watch morning TV for a change !


Around 9:00 I started getting antsy so I decided to make these for dinner tonight ! I found the basic recipe online but I modified it according to what I had in the house ,and tried to also make it more figure friendly. These, my friends, are my version of Zucchini Boats !


First I chopped a 1/2 of an onion and a red bell pepper, while I cooked 1 Italian Turkey Sausage. I took it out of its casing and broke it up while cooking it so it was more crumbly like ground beef.


Once the sausage was no longer pink I added the chopped onion and pepper and 2 T. of White Wine. I cooked the sausage with Olive Oil Pam instead of Olive oil to save a few calories , but you can use either. Once the onions were clear I put it aside to cool.


Once cooled I took one egg , 1 T. of Fat Free Grated Parmesan Cheese, salt and pepper and beat it gently , then added it to the cooled meat and veggies.


Then I hollowed out my Zucchini with a small spoon , making them into little boats to hold my meat mixture.


Then I assembled them ! I added a little Reduced Fat Cheddar Cheese sprinkled on top , because it was all I had. Shredded Mozzarella Cheese would probably be even better though ! I poured about 1/4 of an inch of water into the bottom of the baking dish and baked them at 375 degrees for 40 min. Viola ! Dinner for tonight and lunch for this week !

If Matt hadn’t called in today and decided to join me, I had  planned a big surprise for him when he got home today.


Remember this picture from yesterday ? This is our backyard. We were so beat from all the work we did in the front yesterday, we decided to leave the back until next weekend. Matt was going to try to do some during the week when he got home from work too. I had planned to work on it today and surprise him when he got home with a clean back yard ! Well, things didn’t turn out as planned , but I was determined that, since he painted the bedroom, I was going to do the leaves in the backyard !


I got out there about 11:30 and worked until about 3:00 , taking time out for some lunch. Matt came out a few times saying he felt guilty about me doing all the work , but I sent him right back inside. I was determined to do this, and do it by myself !


Here is the end result ! I did it ! It was a great workout, I can feel it in every muscle in my body , between the raking and the lugging of the piles of leaves. I also had a chance to get some thinking done while I was working. Sort  out a few things out in my mind. I always think better when I am doing tasks that don’t take a lot of thought but keep your hands /body busy.


After working for about an hour I decided to take a break for some lunch. I had 2 slices of left over Pizza from Saturday night and a soda. Isn’t it weird how everything tastes better when you eat it outdoors. For me anyway. It was nice to sit out there on an Indian Summer day and enjoy the warmth and sun while it lasts!


After a hot shower and some relaxing I started dinner. I made some couscous and heated up my Zucchini Boat . It was really good ! The Turkey sausage , onions and peppers were an excellent compliment to the zucchini . I will be making these again for sure ! Maybe try some other combinations to stuff them with too . I am really proud of them as well as the pizza I put together on Saturday night. Before I started this weight loss journey I hardly cooked at all , let alone trying new recipes and changing them around to make them fewer calories !


For dessert tonight I had 1/4 C. of chocolate covered raisins. Perfect ending to a pretty great day !

Tomorrow I am back to reality. I guess mental health days wouldn’t be so much fun to take if you took them everyday ! At least I had a good day, I got a lot accomplished and I feel good about it ! Have a great night !

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