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2010 !

Posted by Susan on December 31, 2009

Well, here we are, just hours away from a sparkling new year! I want to propose a toast to all my friends:

  • To making dreams ,big and small come true this year
  • To endless possibilities
  • To committing to ourselves
  • To accomplishing goals
  • To a fresh start!

Cheers !!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Chomping At The Bit

Posted by Susan on December 30, 2009

I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to the work day tomorrow to be OVER !!!!!!!!!!! At 3:30 tomorrow I will be free for 6 whole days !!!!!!!! [can you tell that excites me!?!] I can’t wait to ring 2010 with my handsome husband ALONE ! Don’t get me wrong, I love spending the holidays with my wonderful family, but it will be nice to be just us for the night. We are also supposed to get snow tomorrow. Not a lot, but enough to make our evening cozy.

I had such a great year this year, I am almost sad to see it go. But I am sure 2010 will be just as great, maybe even better …… who knows. That is the most exciting part for me. Knowing that the possibilities are endless. I started my list of goals for the coming year, but need to fine tune the list a bit. I haven’t had sufficient time to really think about what I want yet, but I jotted down a few ideas so far.

Thankfully today I woke up feeling like my old self again. I feel like I am finally fully recovered. I am so amazed that a few days could affect me so dramatically.Hopefully I will remember come next year, and not make the same mistakes!

I did my scheduled Circuit routine this morning;

  • 15 min. HIIT / Treadmill
  • Medicine Ball 200 Circuit
  • 15 min. HIIT / Spin Bike
  • Medicine Ball 200 Circuit
  • 15 min. HIIT / Treadmill

No nausea on the treadmill this morning , no feeling sluggish and disconnected. And at the end of the workout , I felt the usual burst of energy. Progress!

By the time I got to work this morning I was starving! I could not wait to break into my Breakfast Cookie! I’ve started adding some steel-cut oats to the mix lately. It adds a little to the texture of the cookie and I can always use the extra fiber. I have been very lax with my water intake lately , and made a special effort today to drink as much as I could. I didn’t take in as much as I usually do, but it was a whole lot more than I have been taking in. I find with the raw oats,  drinking water while I am eating them as well as the hours afterward, it makes me feel even more full. Today I actually felt like I could have skipped lunch all together, but ate it anyway because I knew I should. I would be starving at night if I skipped it and that could lead into some dangerous snacking territory!

Lunch today was more fiber! I was in the mood for hot oats so I packed them for lunch. I had oatmeal with a 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder, Go Lean Crunch, and a handful of dried cranberries. It was really good! It was nice to have something warm and substantial for lunch for a change.

I am planning a big dinner for tomorrow night , so I decided to go lighter tonight.

I had a nice, big salad made with baby spinach, RF Cheddar Cheese, 2 hard-cooked eggs,  a sprinkle of sunflower seeds, and a handful of dried cranberries. It felt good to eat something light and simple after 2 heavier meals today.

I had a 1/2 c. of pita chips with my salad.

Once again tonight, I opted to skip dessert. I still feel like I had plenty over Christmas and figure I could stand to skip a few. I will probably have some tomorrow night, though!

I am so excited about tomorrow being my last day of work that I am not tired at all tonight. But I still plan on at least laying down and relaxing with a book.To at least attempt to get to sleep early. Today was a really busy day and I am sure tomorrow will be the same . I need to sleep! I also want to make it until midnight tomorrow!!!!!

I hope everyone is excited for the coming year. It is going to be a good one, I can feel it!

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Getting Back To Normal

Posted by Susan on December 30, 2009

I’m finally beginning to come around. I’m still suffering with some tummy troubles, but I at least have some of my energy back. This morning after my workout I actually felt recharged instead of like crawling back into bed! I got a great night’s sleep last night, and I am sure that had something to do with it too.

Today was a cardio day for me, and since I had such a hard time with yesterday’s workout, I decided to make it an a Steady State cardio day. I usually feel that SS cardio is a waste of time for me, but since I haven’t done an easy day in a while, I figured it couldn’t hurt:

  • 30 min. SS /Spin Bike
  • 30 min. SS/ Elliptical

I do a lot of thinking during my commute to work. Today I was thinking about motivation and what keeps me motivated to continue plugging away at this fitness thing. I’ve stayed with this for an entire year come January. What exactly motivates me to get up every morning to workout instead of rolling over and sleeping for another hour or more? What keeps me planning meals, and watching portions like a hawk? I sometimes feel like it is just a habit now, something I do without thinking, an automatic behavior. Other times I think it has to be something more. This is what I came up with on today’s commute:

  • Fear. I think that is my #1 motivation. I was so miserable when I was over weight. I mean really , really unhappy. I felt frumpy and unattractive. I never want to end up in that place again. Not ever , EVER. Remembering those times makes for a huge motivating factor. I am really fearful of falling back into old habits. I know that I need to keep up the exercise and the mindful eating if I want to stay in my happy place, so I just do it.
  • Vanity. I like wearing cute clothes, I like how I look now. I like wearing size 6 jeans.
  • Pride. I’ve done it. I proved everyone wrong and finally lost the weight. I will be damned if I will gain it back so that anyone can ever say to me, “I told you all that it was a waste of time, you gained it all back anyway!”
  • It feels good. I am addicted to how I feel after a workout, and after eating  healthy balanced meals. I am more energetic, I think more clearly, I feel strong and accomplished. I like those feelings, so I keep doing the things that make me feel that way.
  • I’m worth it. I finally feel as though I am worth the time and effort it takes to take care of myself.

Motivations are a personal thing. Everyone’s reasoning is different. If you aren’t feeling motivated [and we all feel that way sometimes] try a little trick I that I use. Fake it till you make it! I just do it anyway. I stop over thinking it, and just do it anyway, even when my heart just isn’t in it! It works. Pretend you love it, that your excited about it. Sooner or later you will begin seeing some hard-earned changes in both body and mind, and that is when motivation hits you. Nothing makes you feel more motivated than results!

OK, on to the eats for the day:

This morning, old faithful. A Breakfast Cookie. Yum as usual.

Lunch today was a bit sparse. I had a spinach/ Laughing Cow Cheese wrap. I forgot to pack anything to go along with it, so needless to say it didn’t hold me until dinner. I ended up snacking on Special K crackers when I got home from work. [not shown]

Dinner tonight was a repeat of  Sunday night’s dinner [leftover Mac & Cheese] with one big difference. I accidentally made a regular hamburger instead of a turkey burger :(. I didn’t realize it until I took my first bite, and wasn’t about to cook another one. I was pretty bummed. Oh well ………… Aside from the burger I didn’t really want , it was pretty good.

I had dessert tonight, but not much. Just a handful of chocolate covered raisins. Still in sugar shock from the Christmas cookie OD.

Now I am off to bed to read and relax. I can’t believe that my peaceful New Years Eve is only 2 days away. I can’t wait ! We are also supposed to get snow storms this coming weekend, and that’s fine with me. I love snow as long as I don’t have to drive to work in it! Have a great night!


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Not Fully Recovered

Posted by Susan on December 28, 2009

Here are the signs that you over did it over the Holidays:

  1. You have to get up 2-3 times during the night to take Tums because your stomach is rolling.
  2. When you go to do your HIIT workout in the morning you almost throw up on the treadmill :(.
  3. You feel so tired it’s as if you haven’t slept in a week.
  4. You energy level is nil all day long.
  5. You never want to look at another Christmas cookie as long as you live.
  6. Your body feels like it is fighting against you all day. Making strange gurgling noises, and will not perform as usual.
  7. You have no problem forgoing dessert after dinner even though it is a beloved habit.
  8. All you want to do is crawl into bed and sleep off the food hangover you’ve been living with for the past 12 hours.

Today has been tough! On top of the fact that it is not only a Monday, but the Monday after a major Holiday, I felt like I was walking around in a daze all day. During my workout my body hurt in places it never hurt before, and making it through work was a HUGE challenge. I am so grateful the day is over and I can get some sleep. Hopefully , tomorrow will be a better day. How long does it take to sober up from a food hang over , anyway?

This was my workout for today. As pathetic as it was, at least I completed it:

  • 15 min. HIIT / treadmill
  • Medicine Ball 200 Circuit
  • 15 min. HIIT / spin bike
  • Medicine Ball 200 Circuit
  • 15 min. HIIT / Treadmill

I wanted a cup of green tea this morning, but I took one sip and thought I would hurl, so I poured it out.

I was finally hungry after an hour at work, and had my Breakfast Cookie and a huge glass of water.

Work today was torture. I tried to keep busy , but I felt like I was in slow motion. And I must have tripped over my own feel about 20 times!

At 2:00 I finally had lunch. I felt like I was running out of gas and figured I’d better eat something if I wanted to make it through the remainder of the day. I had a Chobani yogurt, with vanilla protein powder and Go Lean Crunch. I also had a clementine.

When I got home I went straight into the shower and put on my PJ’s.

I made a quick dinner. A Garden Burger, and a spinach salad with dried cranberries, RF cheddar cheese and sunflower seeds.

This is a first ……. no dessert tonight. UGH! The thought of it makes me sick as a dog!

I am off to bed right now [6:15 pm] and pray that when I wake up tomorrow I feel MUCH better than I do right now!!!!!!! Someone remind me how horrible crappy eating feels after the fact ! Remind me how NOT worth it, it is! Remind me how gross the chalky after taste of Tums is , and how it it is impossible to get the awful taste out of your mouth no matter who much water you drink or gum you chew! I am so thankful that Christmas comes but once a year! 🙂

It was fun, but I am glad to see it over with !


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Just When You Think Your Safe ………….

Posted by Susan on December 28, 2009

Today was out final Christmas celebration. Let me tell you , I am so glad this Holiday Season has come to an end!

I thought today would be easy. The plan was that today would be appetizers, and dessert. I figured it would be easy enough to navigate through. But as sometimes happens, the best laid plans are made to be broken!

My day began with my beloved Breakfast Cookie. Today’s Cookie was made with:

  • 1/2 c. of old-fashioned oats
  • 1/2 c. of steel-cut oats
  • 1 T. dried cranberries
  • 1 T. chocolate/peanut butter chips
  • 1 T. shredded coconut
  • 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder
  • 1 T. peanut butter
  • 1 T. of walnuts

I also had a hot cup of green tea with it.

Then we were off to food shop for the week. While we were at the grocery store, Matt left me for a little bit, claiming he had something he had to do ………. I think it may have had something to do with my birthday 🙂 , but I can’t be sure ;). Once we got home and I put away our food for the week, I started getting ready for Christmas celebration #3.

This is my cat Grimjack. For some reason he loves watching me get ready to go out. He watches closely while I moisturize, and put on makeup, do my hair ……..he is totally fascinated my primping!

I decided to be smart , and eat lunch before we went. My reason for this was that since there was only going to be appetizers served, I would eat less if I didn’t go to the party on an empty stomach.

I made a delicious salad. Spring mix greens, RF cheddar cheese, dried cranberries, a hard-cooked egg, and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds. It was so good, and filled with protein, to keep my hunger at bay.

There were tons of yummy appetizers served. I had a few tastes of some dips with crackers, and shared 2 small plates with Matt. [not shown]

I may or may not have had quite a few home-made chocolates ………….

The next thing I know, we are being called in to have dinner ! DINNER !!!!????? But …………. Oh well , what’s a girl to do? It was 5:00, time for dinner anyway, so I went with it!

Here’s my plate. A small scoop of baked ziti, a slice and 1/2 of ham, 2 sausages, and a chicken empanada . All of it was so good!

And the food just keeps on coming ! Next an entire table full of my ultimate weakness! DESSERT! I wanted to try a little bit of everything, but it was way too much, so I picked the things I wanted most.

This is what I chose. A piece of my husband’s special Peanut Butter Pie. He makes these only for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and both his family and mine look forward to it every year. The funniest thing about this pie is, although everyone loves it and he is famous for it, he doesn’t like it. He does all that work making them for all of us, but doesn’t even eat any himself. The pie is heaven, so I had to have a small piece. I also had another chocolate, a chocolate frosted ginger bread drop, and an Italian cookie that I don’t know the name of, but my Mother’s aunt always made them when we were kids, so the taste of them brings me back to childhood Christmas ‘s .

Right now I am full as can be! UGH! I am so grateful that this is the END! I hate this bloated feeling. Although I didn’t eat a lot compared to what I’ve eaten in the past, it is food I hardly ever eat,so it makes me feel bloated and gross.

I am more than ready to go back to my normal eating habits, no matter how boring they may sometimes seem ! Routine = Comfort  for me.

I have never been more anxious to get back to my day to day life! I have found during the past 3 days, that I actually like my usual routine, and boy did I miss it ! So I am off to unwind, take some Tums, and get a good night’s sleep in order to get up tomorrow morning and face the new week  ahead. The last week of 2009! It was such a great year, I can hardly believe it’s is over.

Have a great last week of 2009! Hopefully I will recover from all the crazy eating quickly! I plan on drinking a whole lot of green tea and water to flush out all of the Merry Christmas in my system !!!!!!!! Have a great Monday!


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The Aftermath And On To My Favorite Holiday Of Them All!

Posted by Susan on December 27, 2009

After a 24 hour period of eating things I hardly ever eat , I feel pretty gross! But that’s OK. I had fun. It is amazing how swollen my hands were this morning. My wedding rings are usually spinning on my finger, but today they fit perfectly. I think I over did it on, not only the salt consumption, but the sugar consumption as well!

This morning I got up and knew it was time to jump back into my routine. I don’t workout on Saturdays anymore, but since I skipped yesterday’s workout, I knew I needed to get to it. Is it just me, or did the past 24 hours feel more like a week than a day? I feel like I haven’t worked out for a long time, but in reality, I worked out Thurs. morning.

I did a little less than I originally intended to, but I got in a solid hour of exercise so I am fine with it:

  • Medicine Ball 200 Circuit (5 lb. medicine ball)
  • 15 min. HIIT / spin bike
  • Medicine Ball 200 Circuit ( 5 lb. medicine ball)
  • 20 min. HIIT / spin bike

I will be honest. After all the indulgences, getting back on the horse was not easy. But I am so glad that I did it! For me, occasional going overboard [and I mean OCCASIONALLY!] is not an issue as long as I jump right back into my routine when all is said and done.

I finished my workout at almost 10:00, and was so happy to have my usual Breakfast Cookie waiting for me. It was so good to eat something wholesome and real for a change!

After breakfast I did a few chores. I stripped and changed the sheets on our bed, and started laundry. Aside from that today I did a whole lot of NOTHING !! I have been in my PJ’s all day! I watched some TV, caught up on some of my favorite blogs, and pretty much just chilled out all day.

Around 1:00 I decided to make some lunch. I made a spinach wrap , made with Laughing Cow Cheese and baby spinach. With the wrap I had some baby carrots, and Special K crackers.

After lunch I went to lay on my bed and read, and ended up falling asleep for 2 hours! I never do that , so I must have been tired! When I woke up from my nap I took a shower, put on fresh PJ’s, and started on dinner.

I made a turkey burger, and some Annie’s Organic Mac & Cheese.

The best part of dinner was this yummy salad! I find that adding little extras to my salads , I am not so much interested in dressing. I tend to use a very tiny bit compared to what I use when I don’t add things. Tonight the combination was stellar. Spring mix greens, with RF Sharp Cheddar, sunflower seeds, and dried cranberries. I am a huge fan of the combination of sweet and savory flavors, and the sweet tangy flavor of the cranberries was a great compliment to the sharp cheddar flavor. This was a perfect salad!

Yes, even after the dessert overload of the holiday festivities, I still had to have something sweet after my meal ! I had a Diet 7UP cupcake , with a scoop of lite chocolate ice cream , a squirt of chocolate syrup, and a dollop of whipped cream! Probably not necessary tonight, but what the hey?

Tonight I plan to hang out with Matt, do some reading , and get to bed at a decent hour ! Tomorrow we have to food shop in the morning, and go to our final Christmas celebration! I think I will be happy tomorrow night when Christmas is finally over! Especially when my favorite holiday is right around the corner.

As I mentioned before I LOVE New Years Eve. I can’t wait to start our celebration! I think I appreciate it so much because as with most couples, there are a whole lot of family obligations involved with Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is so important to get both sides of the family visits in. I always feel like Matt and I hardly get a minute to spend together. [not that I am complaining, we love the fun times spent with our families, they are some of our best memories]

Matt and I have our own little traditions on New Years Eve, though and I always look forward to it. After New years we are both off for 6 entire days , one of which is my birthday :). So we are also looking forward to that as well!

So, after today’s workout and “back to reality” eating, I feel a little bit back on track. I hope that tomorrow’s party doesn’t throw me off again, but I doubt it! I am pretty much tired of holiday food! I wait all year to eat these things, and then I makes sure I get more than my fill, and I am good for the rest of the year !!!!!!!

I hope everyone is recovering from the whirlwind that is Christmas, and looking a head to a bright shiny new year, full of promise and endless possibilities !!! I know I am !


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And A Merry Christmas It Was …… Two Down , One To Go !

Posted by Susan on December 26, 2009

The last 24 Hours have been such whirlwind ! The Holidays always are, aren’t they? After a full day of work yesterday, I came home and got ready for our traditional Christmas Eve celebration. My Mom always hosted this celebration in the past and since she’s been gone, I’ve taken it upon myself to carry on the tradition. I invite everyone and who ever comes between the two families [Matt’s and mine] comes!

Here’s my spread ! I made a baked ziti, a salad, and some fresh crusty bread [I didn’t make the bread, Matt visited a local bakery minutes before the party].

My baked ziti came out great ! I have no recipe for this. My Mom never wrote down any of her recipes, as is true of most Italian cooks. I just throw everything in, the way my Mom did, and for we whatever reason, it always comes out perfect.

We also had a huge table full of delicious desserts. I can honestly say that I ate a LOT! At least I got my cardio workout in yesterday morning!

This morning , we stopped at my work to drop off a gift for a special friend of mine, and then we were off to my mother in-law’s for Christmas celebration #2.

We started a tradition a few years back of “Re-Gifting” either gifts we’ve gotten that we don’t want, or just stuff around our houses that we don’t want anymore. It is usually just a bunch of junk, but we always have fun watching the reaction of the person who is lucky enough to get your junk !

Here is a peak at my junk loot!!!!!! This little tradition is usually good for a lot of laughs and fun! this year was no exception !

I also got some Christmas $$$$$ that will be going promptly to another order from!!!!!!

Once again, today I ate a LOT! I am soooooo ready to get back to reality and back to healthy eating and my workout schedule! Having some time to enjoy treats and have fun is fine, but I miss my usual routine! I never , ever thought I would get to the point where I am sick of sweets and fatty foods, but here I am. I cannot wait for a good workout tomorrow morning, and a Breakfast Cookie and green tea to start my day!

I feel sluggish and bloated and just YUCK! Holidays , for me, are a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there! I can’t believe I did live there for so many years. My how things change!

We have one more celebration on Sunday , but I am not worried about it too much. I am pretty much all junk food-ed out , at this point!

So all in all, Christmas 2009 was a lot of fun ……… but to be totally honest, I am kind of glad it’s over !

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Just A Quick Note

Posted by Susan on December 24, 2009

I want to wish all my friends out there in blogland who have supported me and inspired me this past year ………………
I love you guys! Truly!!!!!!!!!! Have the best holiday ever! 🙂

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The Stress Is Over And Another Early Christmas Gift

Posted by Susan on December 22, 2009

FINALLY !!!!!!!!!! The State exited today ! Inspection complete, and now I can breathe again !!!!!!!!!!!! What a huge load off my mind. I can now focus on the Holiday. What a relief.

Only 2 more days left. I can hardly believe it. I am looking forward to some time off  to regroup and recharge.

Today when I got home from work a little package was waiting for me! I got some Christmas money from a relative and headed straight over to to spend it! I love Old Navy because the clothes fit me well and just about everything is my style.

I got 2 sweaters, wrap shirt, a pair of skinny jeans, and a brown belt. I have a good start on a winter wardrobe now. I also have a lot of things to choose from to wear to Christmas get togethers :).

I slept really good last night, even though I never made it to bed until almost 9:00. That is too late for me, especially after a night of no sleep at all! This morning was my cardio day:

  • 30 min. SS /spin bike
  • 30 min. resistance program / elliptical

I was tired at first, but after the first 10 min. I got into the groove and felt pretty good.

Once I got to work this morning, I dug into my Breakfast Cookie! My stomach growled the entire commute, I was really hungry for breakfast by the time I sat down to eat it.

Lunch today was a Peach Chobani Yogurt with a scoop of vanilla protein powder, and 3/4 c. of Go Lean Crunch. The perfect lunch. Filling, delicious, and super easy.

When I got home, I tried on all my new clothes, then took a hot shower and started on dinner. I need to get to bed really early tonight because tomorrow night I have to do all the prep-cooking for our open house Thursday night. Since I work all that day, I need to get as much done as possible tomorrow. I will probably not make it to bed until late so I need to make tonight an early one.

I decided to make dinner simple tonight.

I thought tonight was a good night for ” breakfast for dinner”. I made a spinach and Laughing Cow Cheese omelet with a lite English Muffin with a few squirts of Olivio. It was so good. Not to mention easy preparation and easy clean up. Bonus!

I ended my meal with a sweet, as usual. A scoop of lite ice cream with chocolate syrup …………..

and 2 peanut butter Christmas cookies!

I am so excited to workout tomorrow morning! Mondays workout left me with a good case of DOMS !!!! [that’s delayed muscle soreness] I was sore EVERYWHERE today! I love it! It is exactly the effect I want when changing up a workout routine. I am looking forward to going another session. This new approach to my circuit training/HIIT workout is fun.

Now I am off to brush my teeth and jump into bed. Big day on the horizon for tomorrow and I need to be rested and fresh for it.

Sleep well!

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Sleep Loss Can Sometimes Lead To Great Ideas

Posted by Susan on December 22, 2009

Ah Mondays! Remember how I said yesterday I was not going to be a cry baby about today because it is a short week and all? Well, I lied! Last night I went to bed at 7:30, could barely keep my eyes open. At 10:00 I woke up and was wide awake! I HATE when that happens!

I spent the rest of the night counting the sleepless hours, checking the clock and telling myself over and over again, if I don’t fall asleep soon , I’m going to jump out a window! I never did . When the alarm sounded at 2:30 I was all ready for it.

I got up and got ready to workout. When I have nights like last night the lack of sleep never hits me until after lunch, so I was ready for a workout. Since I was awake anyway, I did some thinking about my workouts.

I read an interesting article in Men’s Health Magazine. I have a love hate relationship with this magazine. I can do without all the sex stuff that is included for their male readers, but some of the fitness and nutrition  information is really valuable. I kind of feel like the women’s fitness magazines water things down when it comes to really useful info. The men’s mags seem to give a lot of good , no-nonsense , basic tips.

Anyway this article was about trainers who train celebrities and professional athletes, and the different approaches and routines they use to get the results that their famous clients desire. One of the celebrities [all men obviously] mentioned was Bradley Cooper. The trainer said that he wanted to be lean, burn fat , and be cut but not particularly muscular. The trainer described a mixture of circuits and HIIT for him to cut out the boredom, to get him in and out of the gym fast, and to get the most optimal results. I was really intrigued by this and have been thinking about how to incorporate something similar into my own workout routine. I already do both circuits and HIIT, but the way the trainer combined then was something new to me. While I lay in bed fighting to sleep, I made up a new routine to try. This is what I did:

  • 15 min. HIIT / treadmill
  • Circuit Routine [Medicine Ball 200]
  • 15 min. HIIT / treadmill
  • Circuit Routine [Medicine Ball 200]
  • 15 min. HIIT / spin bike

Wow! What a workout! I did a lot , but it didn’t feel that way because I was doing everything in short spurts. I never had time to get bored or even feel tired because I was going so quickly from one thing to another. It was awesome! I kind of glad for the bad night, because I never would have thought of this if I’d slept all night !

I am really excited to have found something new and different. My workouts needed some freshening up! This new combination really did the trick.

By the time I was done working out, and was walking out the door to go to work I felt energized and ready to face my Monday.

I started my day with a Breakfast Cookie , that I ate when I got to work with a teeming cup of green tea.

Today was a typical Monday. I spent most of my time making up for being off for 2 days. Tons of filing , and searching for things that are right in front of the therapist’s noses, but they can never seem to see! We are also still in the midst of our State inspection, so I am constantly running for someone. By the time lunch time rolled around, I felt like I could take it or leave it, but figured I’d better eat something or I would be sorry later.

I spread Laughing Cow Cheese on a wrap and added a handful of spinach and made a spinach wrap. This is such an easy lunch, and so much tastier that you would think. It is becoming one of my to-to lunches. It doesn’t hurt that it is a really low-calorie lunch as well . I had my spinach wrap with some baby carrots and a clementine.

Once lunch was over, my energy started to wane! The lack of sleep was beginning to catch up with me BIG TIME ! With that came a massive headache! I couldn’t wait to get out of there and get home.

Today as every Monday I had Kate after school. I jumped into the shower, and Matt was nice enough to pick her up for me. I fed her, did homework with her [3rd Grade gets a LOT of homework these days!] and gave her a bath. Then I had my own dinner.

Quick and easy was the name of the game tonight! A Garden Burger on a Sandwich Thin and a spinach salad. I was too tired to even think about what to have , let alone fuss over it.

For dessert I grabbed a handful of chocolate covered raisins , and called it a night!

Right now , I hear the bed calling my name. I hate missing out on sleep, because I never really make up for it. At least there are only 3 work days left in this week!

After New Years I am on vacation for 6 whole days , so I have that to look forward to as well ! Better days are coming!

Sleep tight all!

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