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Let It Snow !

Posted by Susan on December 6, 2009

Happy Saturday ! My house is clean , all of my Christmas decorations are up, we just went food shopping and it is a lovely snowy night here in CT! I love nights like this. Knowing I don’t have anywhere to go tomorrow, I don’t care how much snow we get !

Before the weather started today , I got the Husband outside to put up our Christmas lights. He is such a good sport! And they look beautiful !

Here is our cute little Christmas house! I love it!

I slept in this morning and it was sheer heaven! When I finally got up , I threw in a load of laundry and made some tea. At about 9:00 I decided I best get to work, I had [as usual] a full day of cleaning ahead of me so I ate my breakfast cookie and got to work. I did EVERYTHING today . I even ventured into the “Man Cave” tackled the bathroom down there !

The “Man Cave” is what we affectionately call the finished basement in our house. It is Matt’s space. He has a huge TV, all his video games and movies , and all of his crazy artwork and collections down there. My workout room is also in a smaller room down there, but for the most part the entire area is his. We made a deal when we moved into this house , I was not allowed to get on his back about how the space was kept. He can be as messy as he pleases and I am not allowed to nag about it. Plus he has to clean it himself . Unfortunately the bathroom down there was getting totally out of hand , so I put my foot down and cleaned it !

I took a break from cleaning around 1pm and had some lunch. I had a Quesadilla  made with re-fried beans and reduced fat cheese on a wrap. I added a few baby carrots.

I also had a 100 calorie chocolate bar , for something sweet.

About 4:30 I had a snack because I knew I would be out shopping at dinner time and I would be eating a little late. I had some Special K crackers and a Diet Coke to hold me over.

When we finally got home from food shopping I was ready to eat. Something quick and easy tonight. A Garden Burger on a Sandwich Thin and a spinach salad.

I am not sure what dessert will be tonight. I am thinking of watching a movie and having a snack while I watch , so I will be replacing dessert with a night-time snack, I think. Anyway , I am going now to take a hot shower and put on some warm PJ’s and relax for the rest of the night.

I will leave you with a funny picture of my husband and our cat, Little Edie Beale. She is in love with my husband, and this is what she does every single night. While he reads before going to sleep, she sits on the night stand and patiently watches him. When he finally turns out the light to go to sleep, she snuggles in next to him for the night. I usually miss this  because I am more often than not asleep by the time he comes to bed, but he’s been telling me about it. Last night I finally saw it for myself, so I had to get a picture of it! It’s pretty cute !

I hope everyone has a relaxing Saturday night !


4 Responses to “Let It Snow !”

  1. Melissa said

    Cute picture. You are always so busy!! 🙂

  2. syl said

    had a good chuckle at the man cave Susan, you are very brave for going down there!

    sounds like a nice productive weekend yet restful, good for you!

  3. Katie said

    Oh wow, that 100 calorie bar looks PROMISING!

    Music/Workouts/Food/Fitness –

    Happy Sunday,


  4. How absolutely adorable!

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