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A Quickie

Posted by Susan on December 8, 2009

This is going to be quick tonight. I didn’t go to bed until late last night [9pm] and didn’t fall asleep until well after that! I hate nights like that! I woke up this morning and did my workout, but I felt like it took forever to really wake up, and instead of feeling energized afterward, I felt blah. I also feel like I have a cold brewing , and this is not the time of year for me to be sick. Nothing is worse than feeling sick for Christmas!

The plan for tonight is to get to bed as early as possible. I am on my own tonight, Matt is going to a movie with his Dad. I have my tea, my book, and my warm bed waiting for me when I finish here.

Breakfast this morning was a Breakfast cookie , and a banana that i brought to work with me. Sorry if you’re getting sick of seeing them, but I love them and lately cannot get enough of them. They are perfect for me, and still keep me going until lunch , which I never get around to until 2pm most days!

Lunch today was peanut butter on a Sandwich Thin, humus and baby carrots, and an almond and dried cranberry mix I threw together to add something sweet.

Dinner tonight was stellar. A quesadilla, made with chicken, rice , re-fried beans and reduced fat cheddar/colby mix cheese on a tortilla. I eat these a lot , but I love them. I love Mexican food , but never eat it out with my husband [he’s not a fan] so making this gives me all the flavor with less fat. I had a spinach salad with it too.

Last but not least, dessert. A Diet 7up cupcake and a small scoop of lite ice cream on the side.

I had a great post planned for today, but haven’t the energy to write it out. I am just too tired tonight! My bed is calling my name. I hope I sleep better tonight , and I also hope I can nip this lurking cold before it becomes full-blown.

Have a great one everybody ! Night !


2 Responses to “A Quickie”

  1. syl said

    hope you feel better susan, a good nights sleep should help, the problem with Christmas is everyone gets so run down so quickly. crazy! I can’t believe that it’s so close it’s just creeping up on us all this year.

  2. Melissa said

    Hope the cold is gone soon. I love your food pics!

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