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Enjoying The Peace

Posted by Susan on December 13, 2009

While it lasts, that is ! I decided last night that I was going to take it easy this weekend. Since next week is going to be crunch weekend for me, I wanted to relax and enjoy this weekend before I am faced with craziness next week preparing for out Christmas Eve open house we host every year. I really pushed this day to its limits too ! Although I did do laundry and did some straightening up of the house, I ended up in my pajamas until 1:00 !

I got up this morning at 7ish , but I felt like it was a little early to eat breakfast so I had a cup of tea and a banana. By the time I finished my little pre-breakfast Kate was at the door. My sister works on Saturdays so when she goes in early , Kate is dropped off in PJ’s , and I make her breakfast and we hang out until I have to get to work on chores.

At 9:00 I was ready to eat, and so was Kate, so she had a bowl of Cookie Crisp cereal, and I had a Breakfast Cookie !

After breakfast and a few Christmas shows on TV , we decided to make cookies for Christmas Eve. We do this every year, Kate and I. Unfortunately, when we went to the store last night to buy the ready-made dough, there was nothing left but ready-made cookies already decorated, and peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. But we made do , and decorated them anyway with colorful sugars. I try to let it be Kate’s project and I am just there to make sure she doesn’t burn herself or the house down! I let her do whatever she wants with the decorating .

Here is our first batch .

When we finished, I packed half the cookies up for her to bring home, and the other half went into the freezer for Christmas Eve. Oh, and I made up a little bag, 2 of each cookie we made for Kate to freeze at home for Santa’s snack on Christmas eve ;).

Lunch today was a Quesadillia , some chips and cottage cheese, and baby carrots.

Matt experimented with homemade pizza at lunch time. It was OK, he wants to perfect it a little. I ended up having a slice to try.

I also had some of these ……. way too many of these !!!!!!!!! Thankfully I only make cookies like this once a year! It is impossible to bake cookies and not sample some [or many]!

Because of too many cookies, dinner was late tonight. I was tempted to skip it all together, but I find when I do that I end up ravenous later in the night and end up snacking more calories than if I’d eaten a real dinner. I ended up heating up a chicken breast and having it with some whole wheat pasta, with Olivio and Fat Free Parm. cheese. I also had a spinach salad.

I skipped dessert tonight . I think I had plenty of sweets for one day!

On the agenda tonight………..Relaxing, watching some DVR, reading, sipping tea and going to bed! My favorite kind of night. It is bitter cold out, and I am grateful for my warm cozy house. We usually do errands on Saturday nights, but we decided to stay home and take care of that stuff tomorrow. I am loving having nothing to do for a change !

Have a great Saturday night doing whatever you enjoy !


One Response to “Enjoying The Peace”

  1. Larkspur said

    Sounds like a totally lovely day.

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