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Whew! Made It Through Another One !

Posted by Susan on December 15, 2009

What is it about me and Mondays?  They are torture for me! But once I make it through my least favorite day of the week, the rest of the week is easy. Today wasn’t so bad, looking back at it, I’ve had worse.

I am the only person who does my job. That means that taking a day [weekend] off usually leaves all the work undone and waiting for me when I get back. It can be overwhelming at times. Today was relatively smooth, but I still suffered from my usual Monday headache by the end of the day. The headache that magically dissipates the closer I get to home !

One bright spot in my day was I got my first Christmas gift ! Check them out!

Aren’t they adorable? My friend Barb gave them to me. I mentioned I wished I had some Festive serving dishes for my table Christmas Eve, and of course she remembered! I can’t wait to use them !

I got up this morning at my usual [2:30am] to workout. It is NEVER easy on Monday mornings after and 2 days of waking up naturally, but I dragged myself up and got going, trying not to think about it too much. The best thing to do on mornings like this is to just do it, auto-pilot!

I needed something to get me going this morning, and this little snack did the trick! A half of a bagel with some peanut butter and a small smear of Marshmallow Fluff. It was perfect and really gave me the energy for a good workout.

Workout for today:

  • Total Body Free Weight Circuit  [this is the last week of that routine]
  • 30 min. HIIT on Treadmill

When I got into my car this morning , I realized real quick that the roads were icy! Black Ice to be exact! I literally drove 25 MPH the entire way to work! It took FOREVER!!!! I hate stressful rides to work. I like to use my commuting time to get my thoughts together before I start my day. Today , all I was thinking about was keeping my car on the road!

My 30 min. commute ended up taking me over 60 min. !!!! When I FINALLY got there and settled, I was more than ready for my Breakfast Cookie !!!!!!!! I dug in , and enjoyed every single bite ! Yum !

The cookie held me all morning. I ended up having lunch around 2:00. I made myself a spinach and Laughing Cow Cheese wrap. I had it with some baby carrots.

I also had a clementine and some Special K Crackers.

I was soooooo happy to get out of work today. I was in the middle of a project , and did it wrong, so had to do it AGAIN ! So I was a little late in leaving today. I was never so happy to walk into my house when I finally got home! Tonight is my night with Kate. I got her settled and took a hot shower and started getting dinner ready.

Tonight was a repeat of Saturday night’s dinner. Whole wheat pasta and chicken with Olivio and Parmesan Cheese [fat-free]. I made extra pasta Saturday so that I would have something quick an easy tonight , when I am short on time! I had a spinach salad too.

Finally, dessert! The best part of the day! I had a Diet 7up cupcake and a scoop of Slow Churned Chocolate Ice Cream with some whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

We never got the visit from the State we were expecting today …….. tomorrow maybe? I wish they would just come and get it over with! Next week is the last week before Christmas, and there are all sorts of fun things planned for the residents. I’d hate to see things be less fun because the State is breathing down everyone’s neck ! I guess we will just have to wait and see.

I am off to try to sleep. I am not tired tonight for some reason. I feel wound up, but I know that I will be sorry tomorrow if I don’t get to bed at a decent hour!

Have a good one !


2 Responses to “Whew! Made It Through Another One !”

  1. Those dishes are darling and totally remind me of Christmas time!

    have a good week!

  2. syl said

    love the plates Susan, so cute!

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