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Back After A Short Break

Posted by Susan on December 20, 2009

Last week was just too crazy. I was exhausted when I finally got home from work and because of that I would find myself staring blankly at the computer screen , with absolutely nothing to say !

Matt and I thought last night would be quiet. We both went to bed early , hoping to make up for some lost sleep during the week ……. but no, not happening ! Matt is on call this week, and usually on-call weeks are quiet, but just like everything else this past week , it didn’t go as planned! At midnight his hand-held went off and he was told he had a call 2 hours away ! I hate when he leaves in the middle of the night for a call, but I hate it even worse when he has to travel so far. I ended up putting on the TV and waiting up for him, because I couldn’t sleep anyway knowing he was out there in the freezing cold driving around!

Matt finally came home at 5:15am and we slept for 2 hours until my niece showed up for the day. I had a huge day planned in preparation for out Christmas Eve Open House this coming Thursday night. Since I am working up until 3:30 that day, I need to get as much done as possible this weekend. I was dreading the thought of facing my endless To Do List on hardly any sleep! We decided before starting the days chores, we would pack up Kate and run down to the local Diner and have some breakfast.

The first thing the three of us ordered was Hot Chocolate ! I don’t usually like to drink my calories, but this was just too good to resists! It was bitter cold out this morning and this really hit the spot!

I ordered my favorite breakfast from this particular diner. A Greek Omelet ! It never disappoints! I think it is the best omelet around. I had it with home fries. I have to admit I ate every bite! Lack of sleep always makes me hungry.

We went home and it was time to begin my chores. Let me tell you I was dragging , big time! I got the entire upstairs clean, everything vacuumed, dusted, all floors mopped, and bathroom scrubbed within an inch of its life! As I type this I have the last load of wash drying and one last load of sheets and towels washing! I still have folding and putting away of laundry to do!

Breakfast was so big, I wasn’t hungry at noon for lunch. Around 2:00 I was hungry so I had a Strawberry Chobani Yogurt with vanilla protein powder, and a handful of Go Lean Crunch.

About 4:00 I wanted something , but it was too early to make dinner, so I settled for a handful of Special K Crackers to hold me over until dinner.

Kate went home around 5:00, so I took a nice hot shower and got into my PJ’s . We are awaiting a huge snow storm here. It’s been threatening all day, but so far nothing! Maybe we will be spared …… They’re predicting a nor’easter or a blizzard depending on the winds. I will laugh if I wake up tomorrow morning and there is nothing on the ground!

Dinner tonight was a chicken breast, and Parmesan couscous, and a spinach salad.

It was a really simple meal, but a really good meal. I love this flavor couscous, and will definitely be buying it again.

I had ice cream for dessert on this freezing cold night! I don’t know what I was thinking, but it tasted good, anyway.

I am hoping for peace tonight! An uninterrupted sleep, no calls, especially if this storm ends up hitting us. I think I am going to watch some Jersey Shore [ I know , the show is a train wreck, but I can’t help myself…. it is fascinating ! ] on DVR , and then crawl into bed with my book!

We are days away from Christmas ! Can you believe it?

Have a great Saturday !


4 Responses to “Back After A Short Break”

  1. Tricia said

    Yum, the couscous looks great!

  2. Okay, so I am dying to give couscous a try. What brand do you purchase?

  3. Katie said

    Yummy eats!

    Especially the SWEETS!



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