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Not Fully Recovered

Posted by Susan on December 28, 2009

Here are the signs that you over did it over the Holidays:

  1. You have to get up 2-3 times during the night to take Tums because your stomach is rolling.
  2. When you go to do your HIIT workout in the morning you almost throw up on the treadmill :(.
  3. You feel so tired it’s as if you haven’t slept in a week.
  4. You energy level is nil all day long.
  5. You never want to look at another Christmas cookie as long as you live.
  6. Your body feels like it is fighting against you all day. Making strange gurgling noises, and will not perform as usual.
  7. You have no problem forgoing dessert after dinner even though it is a beloved habit.
  8. All you want to do is crawl into bed and sleep off the food hangover you’ve been living with for the past 12 hours.

Today has been tough! On top of the fact that it is not only a Monday, but the Monday after a major Holiday, I felt like I was walking around in a daze all day. During my workout my body hurt in places it never hurt before, and making it through work was a HUGE challenge. I am so grateful the day is over and I can get some sleep. Hopefully , tomorrow will be a better day. How long does it take to sober up from a food hang over , anyway?

This was my workout for today. As pathetic as it was, at least I completed it:

  • 15 min. HIIT / treadmill
  • Medicine Ball 200 Circuit
  • 15 min. HIIT / spin bike
  • Medicine Ball 200 Circuit
  • 15 min. HIIT / Treadmill

I wanted a cup of green tea this morning, but I took one sip and thought I would hurl, so I poured it out.

I was finally hungry after an hour at work, and had my Breakfast Cookie and a huge glass of water.

Work today was torture. I tried to keep busy , but I felt like I was in slow motion. And I must have tripped over my own feel about 20 times!

At 2:00 I finally had lunch. I felt like I was running out of gas and figured I’d better eat something if I wanted to make it through the remainder of the day. I had a Chobani yogurt, with vanilla protein powder and Go Lean Crunch. I also had a clementine.

When I got home I went straight into the shower and put on my PJ’s.

I made a quick dinner. A Garden Burger, and a spinach salad with dried cranberries, RF cheddar cheese and sunflower seeds.

This is a first ……. no dessert tonight. UGH! The thought of it makes me sick as a dog!

I am off to bed right now [6:15 pm] and pray that when I wake up tomorrow I feel MUCH better than I do right now!!!!!!! Someone remind me how horrible crappy eating feels after the fact ! Remind me how NOT worth it, it is! Remind me how gross the chalky after taste of Tums is , and how it it is impossible to get the awful taste out of your mouth no matter who much water you drink or gum you chew! I am so thankful that Christmas comes but once a year! 🙂

It was fun, but I am glad to see it over with !


7 Responses to “Not Fully Recovered”

  1. Larkspur said

    OMG, me too! I thought I was the only one totally trashed by going off the rails with food!

  2. syl said

    I hear you susan an apple and a salad never tasted so good!

  3. Yes, I am glad the “food” part of that holiday is gone. I usually don’t have any trouble during the holidays, but Christmas gave me a little run for my money. Thanksgiving was easy, but not this time around. Probably because I had so many days off.

    Looking forward to the new year!

  4. Tiffany said

    That food hangover sounds awful. On the bright side, it shows how far you’ve come.

    Hope tomorrow is a better day!

  5. Melissa said

    I hope you feel back to normal soon!

  6. Heidi said

    You just described what my last two weeks has been like. Boy can I relate to the needing Tums in the middle of the night. YUCK! Time to get back to reality!

  7. Molly said

    I know what you mean; I visited the family in CA and there were batches of at least six or seven different cookies and fudges. Every time we stepped into the kitchen, some sugary thing went idly into the mouth.

    About two days after I got back from SF, I had no interest in sugar. But, it came back.*sigh*

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