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Pseudo Birthday Party And Getting Back To Basics

Posted by Susan on January 4, 2010

Last night my husband threw a little Birthday Bash for me. When I say little, I mean little ! When You reach my age, huge celebrations are totally unnecessary! It was dinner and dessert in my honor, just as nice!

We had pizza ………

And a giant Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake !

All yummy! But …………………….. This little party signals the end of the Holiday Season for me, and the start of a new week and getting back to basics!

As I mentioned, I had a holiday weight gain. I am not at all surprised, I know I ate crap , and I was expecting there would be consequences for my actions. I could panic about it, but what good will it do? What’s done is done, and all I can do it get back to what I know works, and work it! That was the plan for today!

During the past week [hard to believe it has been only a week and a few days ….. it feels like it’s been a month!] I’ve let a LOT of things slide. Although I worked out on all of my scheduled workout days, I let my water intake and green tea intake fall by the wayside. I’ve gone back to snacking at night and between meals [ a bite here and there, but we all know how bites add up! The proof is in the number on the scale!] and a few other things that haven’t done in some time.

Today I decided it is time to get myself back to basics. Back to 3 Squares and Dessert , water, green tea, and until I get back down to my ” normal weight”, an extra workout day each week.

I spent the better part of yesterday packing up Christmas decorations and getting my house back to normal. It was sort of bitter-sweet. The house looked so pretty this year. After living here for almost 3 yrs now, I’ve finally collected enough stuff to make the house look festive but not overdone [thanks to the local Dollar Store!] . I felt a little sad putting it all away for another year, but at the same time , it is nice to get my house back to normal. It felt sort of symbolic ….. putting the holidays, and all its decadence, behind me.

This morning I felt strong and ready for a fresh start! back to business!

I started my morning with a nice hot cup of green tea. It was cold , windy [50 mph winds] and snowy when I got up!  I was int the mood for something hot this morning. I made an egg  with a wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese and a handful of baby spinach on a toasted English muffin.

After breakfast , Matt and I decided to brave the elements, and go out and do some errands. It was kind of fun. It was snowing like crazy! It has been all day long. No one was on the roads, and it was very peaceful.

When we got home, I wasn’t really hungry, so I just had a Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut Bar and a cup of tea.

A bit later in the afternoon I had some sugar-free cookies[ that I got at the Dollar Store, I love that place!] and another cup of tea, while watching a Paranormal State marathon on TV .

I had big plans of making today a day of organizing [one of my resolutions], but decided to relax instead! I have plenty of time to get it done, right? 🙂 the cold snowy day makes me just want to lay around and enjoy a lazy Sunday!

I wasn’t sure what to have for dinner. Since I have the time I was thinking of cooking something special, but I have some leftovers to get rid of, and I hate wasting food so I decided I’d better use them.

I had leftover Annie’s Organic Mac & Cheese, so I added a can of chicken to it. I’d seen on one of the blogs someone going this with tuna, and since I didn’t have any , I used the chicken instead. It was pretty good! I had it with a spinach salad.

For dessert, a piece of my giant cookie birthday cake! [ Note: after having this piece of cookie I proceeded to eat 2 more pieces, and then promptly threw the remainder in the trash! I can’t afford to be messing with the goodies!]

On the agenda for tonight ?

We are going to watch a few more episodes of my new favorite show……. GLEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This show is dangerous! We bought it on New Years Day. We watched 2 movies that night and it was already late [10:30]. I suggested we watch one episode just to see what it was like. Well that one episode turned into 4 ! We didn’t get to bed until 3am !!!!! It is such a great show! If you haven’t seen it, see it! It’s great!

Matt and I are off now until Thurs. A great way to start the New Year huh??

I wasn’t going to mention this, because I was trying to put it out of my mind. Then I ate the extra cookies and reality slapped me right in the face! I weighed myself this morning and it seems the damage from the holidays is much worse than I originally thought. I am almost embarrassed to post this , but I need to be honest here, so here goes.  I gained 8.2 lbs. over the holiday! I can hardly believe it. But the numbers were there and I can’t hide from it.

I wish I could say it’s OK. But I am honestly disappointed with myself. I did a whole lot of mindless eating. Eating because it was there. Some of it wasn’t even that good , but I ate it anyway. I thought I’d come further reconciling my relationship with food, but apparently not.

Now that I’ve fessed up it’s time to make things better. Not starting tomorrow, but starting right now. Apparently I still have a lot more to learn on this journey I’m on.

Time to get back to work………………………….


5 Responses to “Pseudo Birthday Party And Getting Back To Basics”

  1. I love that…

    Time to get back to work….

    It’s back on track for all of us. Happy Birthday!

  2. bareitall said

    Back to the real world for all of us. The holidays are a tough time and at least you are aware of the situation and have a plan to get that extra weight off. Good luck! We’re all in this together. 🙂

  3. syl said

    Susan I know exactly how you feel, I gained 3 – GRR!
    We will get it off in no time – tomorrow signals day 1 of the new year – It’s going to be a great one I can feel it!

    Oh and Happy Birthday to you Susan, glad you could enjoy it and be off work for a bit!

  4. Tiffany said

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mine was the 2nd. 🙂

    The gain sucks, no doubt about it. Knowing you though, it’ll be gone in no time flat. You know exactly what you have to do.

  5. Melissa said

    It sucks about the gain, but you are prepared to face it head on and it will be gone before you know it!

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