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The New Year Is Offically Underway

Posted by Susan on January 8, 2010

I never think of the New Year truly starting until my birthday is over! It is the official end of the Celebrating Season for me.

As much I wasn’t looking forward to work today, there was a part of me that missed my routine, and was eager to get back into it. I like my routine, and thrive on routine in general. I sometimes wonder if I am too rigid, but to me it is comforting to get things done in an orderly fashion. At any rate, it is who I am.

I got up this morning and got straight to the business of working out. Today was cardio day:

  • 20 min. SS / spin bike
  • 20 min. HIIT / treadmill
  • 20 min. / elliptical [resistance program]

It felt great to get in first thing ! I love time off , but it really interferes with my workout regimen !!!!

I made a lot of plans regarding work in 2010. I am making a promise to myself to handle things differently, and remind myself  that none of it really matters when looking at the big picture ! Work is just a tiny fraction of my life. My goal this year is to do whatever I have to do to get to the end of the day! My new attitude worked out well today. Hopefully I can keep it up long term.

I was really hungry for my BC this morning ! I couldn’t wait to get to work and break into it!  I am making a conscious effort to get back into my green tea [3 cups per day] and water consumption , now that life is back to it’s normal pace. I drank water before, during, and after my BC. [ I am posting the recipe for the BC on a recipe page I’m adding  this weekend]

I made my lunch for today and tomorrow last night. Today I had a  Chobani with 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder, and a serving of Kashi H2H cereal. I also had a cute little mini Quaker Granola Bar. [not shown]

I also had a brownie that one of my co-workers made me in honor of my birthday . I also got a nice card signed by all of them!

For dinner tonight I had my favorite Parmesan couscous, a chicken breast, and a spinach salad.

Dessert tonight I decided to try something different. Inspired by other blogs I devour daily, I made a [lite] whole grain English muffin, with a smear of peanut butter and a smear of marshmallow cream. So good, it really satisfied my sweet tooth!

Lately I’ve noticed my fellow bloggies posting The 10 Things That Make Me Happy. I love that idea. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get bogged down with the negatives in life. I think it is a wonderful thing to remember the little things that make you smile. Here are my 10 11 [ I had an extra THING so I added it!] :

  1. My husband: I feel so lucky to have him in my life! I not only love him, I really , really like him!!!!!!!
  2. Accomplishment: I love it when I set my mind to something, whether it be a fitness goal, or just a To Do list, and I get it done ! To me it is the best feeling in the world.
  3. Routine: I thrive on it! It is a source of comfort for me. I like knowing what I am doing, and when I am doing it.
  4. Getting a package or a new magazine in the mail: It sounds silly, but ever since I was a kid, nothing made me happier than to get something in the mail! Of course when I was a kid I didn’t get bills!
  5. A great book: I love getting lost in a really good book. I’ve used reading as an escape for as long as I remember. I love nothing more than stumbling on a really great one !
  6. Shopping: Be it for clothes, food, whatever ! I am happy when I am shopping!
  7. Sick  Days: When I’m not sick of course! I love it when I am home in my PJ’s , drinking tea, watching daytime TV, and the rest of the world is working!
  8. Sunday Mornings: There is something about them. I feel like I have permission to relax and lounge around.
  9. A clean and organized home: It makes me feel calm and relaxed. Bliss!
  10. Hugs from Kate: Ever since she was a little baby, no matter how I am feeling, a hug from my niece can make it all better !
  11. Hanging out with my sister: She is my BFF. We have the same sense of humor, we can talk forever and never run out of things to say. We’ve been through A LOT together in our lives, and the history between us has forged an unbreakable bond.

That’s it for tonight! 🙂


One Response to “The New Year Is Offically Underway”

  1. Melissa said

    I like your list…especially the sick days

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