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Surprisingly Upbeat For A Sunday

Posted by Susan on January 10, 2010

At about 3:00 Sunday afternoon, it usually hits. The end of the weekend blues. But, for some reason, today I am not feeling so bad.

I have all of my meals planned and pretty much prepared. I love when I have things organized for the week. The knowledge that when I get home, all I have to do is eat and go to bed is comforting to me.

I also begin a new workout tomorrow. I found this workout [that I will be doing for the next 4 weeks] in the Oxygen Collector’s Issue. [Fat Loss]

It is a home workout circuit routine designed to burn fat. Right up my alley! It has a specific schedule that is not my usual 5 days on 2 in a row off. It calls for taking Tues. and Sat. off. Something different is a good thing. I am excited to get to it!

So the planned meals and new workout are making jumping into the work week just a little easier :).

This morning we slept in, and that was great. I got to relax with some tea, and soak up my favorite thing in the world……… a Sunday morning!

I had my favorite Breakfast Cookie this morning. I made 6 of these babies last night for the week. As I was making them I was so in the mood to eat one. [I really love these things] But , I didn’t! But I was happy to dig into one this morning!

After breakfast I got to work cooking , and getting lunches together for the week. I also got to watch A Basement Affair and Tough Love in between!

For lunch I had a chicken salad/spinach wrap with baby carrots, a clementine, and a Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut bar.

Since it was Sunday, I decided to have a snack about 3:00. [I am trying to stay away from between meal snacking, but figured, a little snack on a Sunday afternoon wouldn’t hurt!] I had my new favorite sweet. Sugar-free oatmeal cookies topped with peanut butter! I love the flavor of oatmeal and peanut butter.

I had a great dinner tonight! A chicken breast and 2 zucchini boats. I made 6 boats today to have with meals during the week. I made them with Kashi Fiery Fiesta Rice, and reduced fat cheddar cheese. They are so good! I also had my favorite spinach salad.

Tonight for dessert I decided to try something that one of my favorite bloggers [ CNC ] eats quite often for dessert, but I never thought to try myself. I had 1/2 a whole grain English Muffin [she uses sandwich thins]  , toasted, spread some peanut butter on it and sprinkled a few chocolate chips on top.

OMG ! This was soo good! I know the picture isn’t that good, but can you see how the chocolate chips got all melted into the warm peanut butter? If you like the combination of chocolate and peanut butter, this is for you! It is so simple, and so good, I wish I’d tried it sooner! It was a perfect ending to a great meal!

I am hopping for an early night tonight. I am not a good sleeper on Sunday nights as a rule , but I am trying to go into it in a positive mindset.I am looking forward to a good week this week. I am starting to realize that it will be what I make it, and if I go into it with a negative attitude, I will get a negative outcome. Wow! Who knew survival in the workplace could be so simple………..

Later 🙂


4 Responses to “Surprisingly Upbeat For A Sunday”

  1. Melissa said

    That dessert looks tasty!!

  2. Missy said

    I keep looking for the Kashi Fiery rice you mention and cannot find it anywhere. Where do you get it?

  3. oh my gosh… your so funny (regarding last nights TMI!)

    My bf has that problem with GoLean Crunch except that he calls it Kashi Go Fart! hihihi…

    I really need to try those zucchini boats..I’m not a huge fan of zucchini but that looks like a great way to get some extra veggies in. what do you do with the insides? Throw them away?

  4. Heidi said

    You’re so organized. I strive to be you!

    I’ll have to get that issue of that magazine. Looks good. I’m still doing a workout from this month’s Oxygen. It’s awesome and is definitely kicking my butt.

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