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To Do’s I Never Did

Posted by Susan on January 10, 2010

I had a huge To Do list for today, and I admit, I didn’t do more than most of it ……..yet anyway. I will hopefully get some of them done tonight and tomorrow.

Last night for some reason I was exhausted! I had every intention of crawling into bed last night with a good book and getting some sleep. But things didn’t pan out that way! I ended up getting a start on today’s laundry [a good thing] and straightened out the house. By the time I actually got into my bed with my book it was midnight already! Oh well!

Today I had all kinds of ambition, and no energy to get to any of it! I did finish up the week’s laundry, and I accomplished 2 things on my Resolution List! I made a new recipe , and I tried a new veggie!

I roasted my first veggie! There is good news and bad news. The bad news is, that I over cooked them a little :(. They looked kind of horrible. The good new is, now that I’ve made them once it inspired me to try roasting more and different veggies, and also, even thought they looked pretty bad ……. They tasted really, good !!!!!!!!

So even though it wasn’t a complete success, I learned something about veggie roasting, I am excited to try it again , and I can now add Brussels sprouts to my list of vegetables that I’ve tried and I like !!!!!!!! So I think I can call this endeavor a definite SCORE !!!! [ yay!]

This morning we were still in bed and a sleep when Kate came over at 8:30! I got up and made her some breakfast, and then made some for myself. It was bitter cold out this morning, so I felt the need for something hot! I tried a new oatmeal this morning.

It’s made with soy milk, whole grains, and flax seed.

It was pretty good! I added 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder, 1 c. of Go Lean Crunch, and a T. of chocolate peanut butter. It was so good!

We ran to the grocery store after breakfast to pick up a few things, and it was so cold out, when I got home all I wanted was a hot cup of tea and to read my book.

Lunch rolled around I had an egg on a whole grain English muffin with a wedge of LC cheese and some spinach. With my eggs sandwich I had some baby carrots, and a Kashi Pumpkin Pie bar for dessert.

Around 3-ish I had a few sugar-free cookies and another cup of tea. Then I decided to lay down for a while, and ended up taking a nap while Matt and Kate watched a movie.

Dinner tonight was really good! I had a chicken breast, some couscous, and my roasted Brussels sprout experiment.  They look really bad, but they tasted pretty good !!!!! I had a spinach salad with dinner too.

Tonight I am doing a little experiment. A lot of blogger are reading The Beck Diet book. It was mentioned that your body doesn’t register fullness for 20 minutes after you eat. I decided to wait at least 20 minutes after I had dinner, and see how I felt. I must admit, I feel pretty satisfied , so I am waiting to see how I feel before eating dessert/or a snack tonight. So far so good.

I am off to shower and put on warm PJ’s, and do some cooking for the week, so I have less to do tomorrow! It will check some things off my list too!!!!

Later! 🙂

Note: Since most of my life I was a non-veggie eater, every time I introduce a new veggie to my body it goes nuts ! A lot of tummy rumbles and gurgles! Tonight I am experiencing that effect, big time! [TMI : gas!]


3 Responses to “To Do’s I Never Did”

  1. Melissa said

    I do the same thing with veggies. I recently tried brussel sprouts for the first time too!

  2. Kerry said

    YAY!! brussel sprouts! I told you they were yummy! but yes…don`t look so good.

  3. Laura said

    Mmm! Roasted Brussels Sprouts are one of my FAVORITE side dishes. I made it for Thanksgiving. YUM!

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