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Almost Painless ……..

Posted by Susan on January 11, 2010

For a Monday I mean! Let’s face it, the first day of waking up by the alarm clock is pretty much a downer. But today wasn’t THAT bad! Monday, being my least favorite day of the week, was OK today.

I got up and did my new workout:

  • Fat Burning Weight Circuit ( x 4 )
  • 30 min. Elliptical [resistance program]

This new workout is great! I felt it EVERYWHERE !!!!!!!! Tomorrow is my off day. It will be weird not working out in the morning, but the good news is, I will get 2 extra hours of sleep. I think it will be a nice change of pace to take an off day during the week. Something different to keep my body guessing, anyway!

When I got to work I had my Breakfast Cookie and started in on the water. I have really been slacking in that department since Thanksgiving, and I really feel it! I made a big effort to get it in today!

Thankfully the morning flew by! There is nothing worse than a Monday that drags! I kept as busy as possible to help the time pass along quickly.

I didn’t get around to lunch until 2:00. I had a hard-boiled egg, that I sliced up and added Laughing Cow Cheese to a, and rolled it up into a wrap. I will definitely adding this to my lunch rotation! It tasted like old school egg salad [which I love!] but the LC Cheese added a little kick to it. I had my “egg salad” wrap with some baby carrots. For dessert I had a Kashi Pumpkin Pie Bar.

Punch-out time finally came and I literally ran to my car! I had Monday under my belt and couldn’t be happier about it! When I got home I was pleasantly surprised by some mail !!!!! For me ! And it wasn’t bills!

I got this month’s issue of Oxygen Magazine, Intuitive Eating, and The Skinnygirl Dish!

Dinner tonight was delicious, too bad the picture doesn’t do it justice. I had whole wheat gnocchi, with a few squirts of Olivio, a sprinkle of fat-free parm, and some reduced fat mozzarella, and a chicken breast. I added my signature  spinach salad to the meal as well.

Get ready to see a LOT of this dessert in the future because it is so yummy I can’t get enough of it! I have looked forward to it all day! A half of a whole wheat English Muffin, a T. of peanut butter, and some semi-sweet chocolate chips!

I am kind of excited at the prospect of a weekday Rest Day tomorrow. I have The Bachelor all set to be taped on the DVR, so I think I will crawl into bed with my new reading material and relax!

Now that I’ve survived Monday, the rest of the week will be a breeze [fingers crossed] !!!!!!

Later 🙂


2 Responses to “Almost Painless ……..”

  1. It sounds like a lovely day. I am sorry I have been away. Work has been super crazy! But I am back!

  2. Missy said

    Your dessert is making me hungry!!

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