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Short And Sweet

Posted by Susan on January 27, 2010

Another decent day in the whole  “food / exercise / trying to get my mojo back after the holidays almost wrecked me” department. I’m like my old self more and more. Whew! It is such a relief ! I was having visions of myself back sliding back into the person I was so unhappy with!

My only complaint about this week is that I have been going to bed way too late! [8:30 – 9:00] That is not good for me! I am making an extra special effort tonight to be in bed at 7:00. I get up entirely too early not to be careful of the time!

So I will get right down to business:

For breakfast this morning I had my usual Breakfast Cookie. These never get old for me! I look forward to them every morning and they are so convenient, how can I go wrong!

As a mid morning snack I had one of the (Re) Fuel Bars I made on Monday with a clementine. I really love these bars! I’ve been looking for an easy, quick, inexpensive recipe for a bar of some sort to replace the expensive Kashi bars I usually eat. Finding this recipe was an answer to my prayers! [ CNC ] Plus they taste really good, and keep me satisfied until lunch so that is an added bonus !

For lunch today I had a Laughing Cow Cheese, spinach , alfalfa sprout wrap, along with some carrots and roasted garlic humus. I LOVE this flavor humus!

When I got home from work I had a snack. I haven’t done that in a really long time but I made a decision to add snacks [healthy ones] back into my life. I had some dried cranberries and almonds.

Dinner tonight was a chicken breast, roasted zucchini, and a roasted sweet potato. With that I has my usual spinach, feta and cranberry salad.

Dessert tonight was something a little different. I made a 3 Min. Cookie with chocolate chips [see how melted they got when I cooked the cookie?] instead of dried cranberries. it was really good. Totally hit my “I need chocolate ” spot!

As soon as I hit publish on this post I am off to bed! I REALLY need to do some catch up sleep tonight. Missing an entire night’s ZZZ’s Sunday night still has me dragging!



5 Responses to “Short And Sweet”

  1. Heidi said

    I just realized that you’re going to bed before I even leave work – hahahhaa. I don’t know how you do it, but I bow to you.

    I think I’ll have to give those bars a try. They look really good. I try to stay away from the commercially prepared bars and I’m betting these would be awesome pre or post workout.

  2. Heidi said

    ummmm …. which recipe is it exactly? She’s got alot of them over there!!! 🙂

    • Susan said

      It’s the recipe about halfway down the page, they are called Homemade (Re)Fuel Bars. Try them ….I will never spend the money on bars again now that I have this recipe!

  3. Meg Balcerzak said

    Hi Susan…. I just discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago and think it’s great. My husband and I are totally addicted to breakfast cookies now because of you!!! Thanks so much for your blog…it truly inspires me !!

  4. My goodness, you go to bed early! Sleep is important. Lack of sleep can really throw off the whole day.

    Just found your blog. Glad to have found it.

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