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Yummy Sunday

Posted by Susan on January 18, 2010

I slept like a baby last night ! It felt so great ! I haven’t slept that soundly and comfortably in a really long time. When I got up I had a lot of things I wanted to carry out today!

  • My scheduled Sunday Cardio session
  • Grocery shopping
  • Food preparation for the week
  • Catch up on my DVR shows [not really a necessary, but still something I wanted to do :)]

First thing first, I got my workout in. To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to exercise on a Sunday, but I had to do it. Once I got started, I got into it:

  • 20 min. SS / spin bike
  • 20 min. Intervals / treadmill
  • 20 min. Resistance Program / elliptical

Once I finished my workout I was really hungry! I didn’t even have to ask myself if I was or not ……. there was no mistaking it! I made some plain oats with a scoop of vanilla protein powder. I added 1 c. of Go Lean Crunch, some walnuts, and a scoop of chocolate peanut butter. It was delicious and filling !

Then it was off to the shop for the groceries for the week. We are on a budget in our house, so while I would love to eat totally organic , it is just not possible. I try to buy as healthy as possible, and still not spend a fortune. I buy some fresh produce and some frozen veggies. I supplement my groceries at over-stock stores and even the Dollar Store.  I buy my chicken and fish at Target, because they have the best prices . I also try to use the staples that we keep in our storage pantry in my meals. Here is my haul for today:

The Chobani was 10 for $10 this week so I stocked up !

By the time we got home it was lunch time already. I wasn’t really hungry yet so I waited a another hour. I decided today I was in the mood for something different for lunch. Isn’t this salad gorgeous! I took some baby spinach, carrots, 2 clementines, an apple, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, and a little RF cheese. I used a red wine vinaigrette dressing. I also had a few whole wheat pretzel twists. It was such a great taste combination! This is what I love about weekends. I have the time to be more creative with my meals. Everything during the week has time constraints !

After lunch it was time to get to work. I spend most of my Sunday preparing for the coming week. I do this every week because if gives me more time in the evenings after work to relax, blog, and get to bed at a decent hour! When I come home from work, the less I have to worry about the better!

Tonight I had the best dinner! I had chicken, roasted Brussels sprouts, and some whole grain gnocchi. I am so excited about roasted vegetables! This coming from a gal who hated vegetable a year ago! I made some roasted zucchini tonight too that I will have during the week. My head is reeling with ideas ! I want to roast every vegetable in sight! they taste amazing this way. I am so glad I [finally] gave it a try.

I had my new favorite dessert tonight too. Toasted English muffin with peanut butter and semi-sweet chocolate chips! Yum!

The entire day today was delicious! I ate good food, healthy food, but it was so good that I didn’t miss the Sunday mess I would eat in the past. That’s a pretty great feeling. I would never have believed a year ago that I would be just as satisfied with good food [ maybe more] as I am with junk. Progress.

I am looking forward to getting tomorrow done an over with. Not because I am excited to go to work , or anything. I’ve realized something interesting about Mondays. Once I get through them, the rest of the week flies by and suddenly , it’s the weekend again ! 🙂

Kind of silly, but what the hey! It gets me through !

Later 🙂

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Am I Really Hungry?

Posted by Susan on January 16, 2010

Last night I got home from work and got right back to work ………. Yes, after and extremely busy day, I decided I would get a jump on the housework and laundry. I did 2 loads od wash, stripped and changed the bed, scrubbed the bathroom, and dusted and vacuumed the house! Not bad huh?

After that Matt and I settled in to watch the last few episodes of my favorite show Glee ! We ended up staying up until close to 2 AM !!!!! When we finally got to bed, I had massive heartburn due to a bag of corn chips I have been dying for most of the week, and when I finally ate them , they were so salty and greasy and gross , that they made me sick! I guess that infatuation is over !

The funny thing about cravings for me, is that when I give in to them, they aren’t so great. They never live up to what my mind thinks they will taste like. Does that make sense? I think that it is good that I actually indulge, because once I do, I am totally over it! I never crave it again! So maybe there is a positive side to giving in to cravings after all.

As you can imagine, I didn’t sleep well last night at all. When Matt got up at 6:30 to go to work I just got up and started my day too. I have definite plans to crawl into bed early tonight to make up for last night!

I decided to do a little experiment today. I am reading the book  Intuitive Eating . It is really interesting, and I will go more into it after I’ve finsihed it. The book mentions about how as babies and toddlers, we were naturally intuitive eaters. We ate when we were hungry, until we were satisfied, and then we stopped. We didn’t know anything about times to eat, or meals, all we knew is that we were hungry, so we ate. As time went on and we grew up, things changed. Depending on how we grew up or what we were exposed to , we lost the ability to eat intuitively.

Today I decided to really pay close attention to the signs of hunger, and the signs of satisfaction, not paying any attention to what time it was. I ate exactly what I wanted , when I wanted , until I was satisfied.

Surprisingly, it was very easy. I had to constantly ask myself, Am I hungry? Most of the time the answer was no. Here are my eats for today:

At about 9:30 I was hungry. It was nice to be home so I could make something hot and leisurely enjoy it. I made some plain oats with 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder, 1 c. of Go Lean Crunch, some almonds, some dried cranberries and a spoonful of chocolate peanut butter. It was really good. When I was finished, I was satisfied, but not exactly full.

I wasn’t hungry for lunch until almost 2:00 ! I had a hard boiled egg, Laughing Cow Cheese, spinach wrap. I also had some baby carrots and a some peanut butter, and a Kashi Pumpkin Pie Bar. Absolutely satisfied.

By 6:30 I was hungry for dinner. It was such a good dinner too! I took some left over couscous, put it in a skillet with a little olive oil, and 6 shrimp [a serving]. It was amazing! I added a spinach salad [spinach, RF cheddar, sunflower seeds, and dried cranberries].

I usually have dessert directly after dinner, but I was satisfied, so in the spirit of experimentation, I decided to wait and see how long it took to be hungry for it. I am still not hungry …….. and I won’t eat it until or unless I am !

This experiment today was very interesting. I can honestly say it was eye opening. I guess I should ask myself the hunger question more often, huh?

I am off to get some reading in and get some sleep.

Later 🙂

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Bloated And Uninspired

Posted by Susan on January 15, 2010

I am bloated today ! I mean big time bloated ! I’ve been pounding the tea and the water like mad lately on top of these Kashi bars I’ve been eating, and I look like I have quite a Buddha Belly! Blech !

Oh well…… I slept last night though so that was good. I also had an AWESOME workout this morning! I felt strong and really pushed myself. I would’ve exercised for another hour if I’d had the time, but I had to get to work.

  • 10 min. spin bike [warm-up]
  • 20 min. elliptical [resistance program]
  • 20 min. treadmill [intervals]

I felt so good afterward! I haven’t been really excited about a workout in a while , so this makes me really happy. I am wondering if the fact that I took a rest day during the week has anything to do with the improvement in my workout performance. I will see if this trend continues. If so I may have to rethink how I split up workouts and rests from now on.

I’ve been experimenting with a new tea that a friend gave me lately. It is supposed to help maintain weight. I drink it at night before dinner, and it seems to help curb the urge to snack before going to bed. It may be all in my head though! It tastes really good though so I will continue drinking it since all it really is just an herbal tea anyway.

Tomorrow I am planning another 12 hour fast day. I’ve been toying with the idea of fasting on Fridays since I inevitably eat more on weekends than I do on weekdays. [I think we all do] Not that fasting on Fridays will give me a free pass on weekends. I still have to watch what and how much I put in my mouth. I just can have an extra snack if I want it, or a dinner out now and then.

My meals today are pretty boring. I just haven’t been in the mood  to be creative lately. I would rather stick to convenient!

This morning I had my usual Breakfast Cookie. I am always the first one in at work. I usually unlock everything and straighten out the gym before anyone gets there. I am really enjoying sitting for a few quiet moments with my BC and some tea before the craziness starts.

When I finally had time to squeeze in lunch, I had a spinach/Laughing Cow Cheese wrap, with baby carrots and a Kashi Chocolate Raspberry Bar. I also snagged a chocolate that was given to the department as a thank-you by a resident. 🙂

I was so happy to get home today! I sipped my herbal tea while catching up on blogs, took a shower and finally got down to deciding what to have for dinner. Although I have a lot of things ready made and ready to just heat up and eat, I still try to offer myself choices.

I ended up having a chicken breast and some couscous, with a spinach salad on the side. Boring , yes, but really , really good!

Dessert? You guessed it! My favorite flavor combination EVER!!!!!!! Chocolate and peanut butter! No wonder I don’t get tired of this for dessert!

OK, not too inspired tonight, but that is how I have been feeling all afternoon. My workout high petered out around 2 PM and I haven’t been able to recover since! Thankfully tomorrow is my favorite day of the week ! I am sure I will feel great at his time tomorrow night !

I am off to bed with a book!


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Full vs Satisfied

Posted by Susan on January 14, 2010

Sometimes I eat when I am not hungry. Sometimes I don’t recognize when my body is tryng to signal that it’s satisfied. Not full, but just had enough. I am thinking it is time to do some reprogramming my brain.

In the past I’ve totally abused my body with food. I would eat until I literally could not take in another bite …… then wait an hour and eat some more. I remember so vividly a time in my life when being full for me meant feeling comforted. As a result of all the food abuse of my past, if I overeat, I end up with horrible acid reflux that literally makes it impossible to lay flat in bed to sleep.

I remember on our honeymoon [it wasn’t really a honeymoon , just a weekend in PA to visit Matt’s grandma who couldn’t travel to the wedding] Matt and I went out for a special celebratory dinner. I had a delicious meal, a seafood Fettuccine Alfredo. I was so good , and so rich! I ate every single bite! [ the portion was gigantic] On top of that I had some rich chocolate dessert. Ugh! Needless to say, I was stuffed …… not full , but STUFFED!

That night I went to bed and felt fine. Sometime in the middle of the night I woke up with the worst heartburn I’ve ever had! I sat up in bed and the acid in my stomach was literally gurgling up my esophagus and into my mouth ![ sorry TMI] It was the most horrible thing I’d ever felt. The acid from my stomach literally burned the inside of my mouth. That experience scared me. What was I doing to myself?

I’d like to say that never happened again, but that would be a lie. I’d gotten to the point where my brain and my stomach were not on the same page. My brain wanted the sensation and the flavors, and the comfort. My stomach on the other hand was not having it! It wanted the same thing as my brain did, just not so much of it!

I have gotten better, but still struggle with the difference between satisfied and full. I can’t seem to recognize the signs of satisfaction. There seems to be a disconnect there because for so many years I just bypassed satisfied craving the feeling of full.

While I was losing weight, the tracking and weighing and measuring my portions helped. What looked like such a small amount of food [a suggested serving size] left me “not hungry” anymore. Not full ….. just not hungry. Was that what satisfied felt like? I think so. I hated it at first. But slowly came around.

No more heartburn, no more reflux, no more bloated, stuffed to the gills feeling. Although this was the way I should have always been eating, it was so foreign to me.

One of the reasons I fast is to remind myself what hunger feels like……because most of the time I don’t know. I know I want to eat, but am I really hungry ???? Most of the time I don’t think so.  When the fasting period is over I am hungry. Really hungry! But the hunger doesn’t kill me, I don’t shrivel up and blow away, the world doesn’t come to an end.

I feel as though I am afraid of being hungry. I’m not sure why I fear it. All I know is , that I avoid that feeling every chance I get and always have. Every time I make through a fast successfully, I prove to myself that hunger is nothing to be afraid of.

I guess what I am trying to do is to find my way a healthy relationship with food. To somehow make peace with it at least. I want to splurge now and then, but not like it is the last time I will ever eat, and not feeling like if I don’t get as much of it now, I may never get another chance! I want to learn the signs that I’ve had enough so I don’t go over board. I want to get to the point where I can eat , and not make it all or nothing!

I am going to keep working at it. I have hopefully not done so much damage to myself that it is irreversible! I really hope that one day eating mindfully, and intuitively comes as second nature. Until them I will keep careful tabs on myself !

Anyway, on to my day. I got up this morning and worked out. I thought that after my day off yesterday it would be tough, but it was no tougher getting up than usual. I didn’t sleep well last night because I couldn’t turn off my head!Here’s what I did today;

  • Fat Burning Circuit w/ Weights (X4)

I had my usual Breakfast Cookie this morning at work. I am not sure I will make these a week ahead of time again. Yesterday’s was a little dry. Today’s was better ………. we’ll see.

For lunch today, I had Vanilla Chobani with a scoop of vanilla protein powder and 3/4 c. of Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal. I also had a Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut Bar. Definitely filling. It held me until dinner tonight , which I didn’t get to until almost 7 PM!

When I finally got around to dinner, I was grateful that I’d cooked ahead this week , and all I had to do was heat it up! I had a piece of Tilapia and 2 zucchini boats. They were even better tonight than they were on Sunday night when I first made them. The flavors melded a little more and they were awesome!

Sorry about the repetition, but once again, I had my latest dessert addiction yet again! Toasted English Muffin , with a T. of peanut butter and some chocolate chips! Heaven!

I hope I sleep tonight! I have some personal issues going on at the moment and when I lay down to sleep, I am exhausted, but then the thoughts start rolling around in my head like some endless movie, and I find myself awake and the clock glaring at me that it’s already midnight !!!! This happens to me a lot when I’m in the middle of something I have no control over. I wish the problem was something as non-important as work, but it is a family matter, and that makes so much difference.

So off I go to read and clear my head …..I hope !

Later 🙂

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Making The Best Of It

Posted by Susan on January 12, 2010

Today was my first rest day during the week. As I’ve mentioned before, I usually take Saturdays and Sundays as rest days. This is my first time trying it during the week. I have to admit, it ROCKED !! Getting 2 extra hours of sleep, and having the time to have breakfast at home was really nice! I think the next four weeks will work out just fine. It is nice to have something to look forward to , especially after a dreaded Monday.

I was able to sit down, in my warm , cozy kitchen and have a nice relaxing breakfast! I dined on my usual Breakfast Cookie with a nice hot cup of green tea before facing the cold and the ride to work.

Unfortunately, I forgot my lunch today as a result of my relaxing morning ! [Boo :(] Instead of getting all pissy, or worse scrounging around the vending machines to come up with something for lunch, I decided to let this mishap work in my favor. I made today a 12 hour fast day. I fasted from breakfast [ 5:30 AM] until dinner [5:30 PM]. I haven’t attempted a fast for a while, and since I want to get the last 2 lbs. of Holiday Gain off, it couldn’t hurt.

I won’t say it was exactly easy, but it wasn’t horrible. I kept myself hydrated all day, and kept busy so I wouldn’t think about it. I made it through the day, and lived to tell about it!

Since lunch was nonexistent, I decided to make dinner something special! I made a shrimp and whole wheat spaghetti dish, topped with Parmesan cheese, olive oil  and mozzarella cheese. It was AMAZING! I added my usual spinach salad to my meal as well.

Again tonight dessert was a toasted English muffin with chocolate chips. I won’t be getting sick of this combination any time soon! it totally hits the spot with my end of the day sweet tooth!

I am pretty proud of myself for taking today’s mistake and turning it around in my favor! It could have been a disaster! Sometimes just knowing there isn’t any food available makes me instantly ravenous. It is all in my head , but I can’t always distinguish the difference when I am in one of those panics.

I am excited to workout tomorrow even though this morning was so nice. I am super sore from yesterday morning! It was definitely an excellent workout! I love when I change things up, and feel that kind of  sore. It’s a sure signal that I am getting something out of it.

One of my resolutions this year was to concentrate on building muscle. I am hoping to firm up and get a little definition. I am adding more weight exercises, and less body weight exercises. I want to have less jiggle this year in my swim suit! I am interested to see just how far a 46 year-old body can go. I’m realistically, entering into a place in my life where my body will begin to change. I am going to try to fight it all the way. It will be interesting to see if it is possible! Stay tuned, I guess!

I am off to read some before going to bed! The party is over! Back to a 2:30 AM wake up call and a hard workout tomorrow!

Later 🙂

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Almost Painless ……..

Posted by Susan on January 11, 2010

For a Monday I mean! Let’s face it, the first day of waking up by the alarm clock is pretty much a downer. But today wasn’t THAT bad! Monday, being my least favorite day of the week, was OK today.

I got up and did my new workout:

  • Fat Burning Weight Circuit ( x 4 )
  • 30 min. Elliptical [resistance program]

This new workout is great! I felt it EVERYWHERE !!!!!!!! Tomorrow is my off day. It will be weird not working out in the morning, but the good news is, I will get 2 extra hours of sleep. I think it will be a nice change of pace to take an off day during the week. Something different to keep my body guessing, anyway!

When I got to work I had my Breakfast Cookie and started in on the water. I have really been slacking in that department since Thanksgiving, and I really feel it! I made a big effort to get it in today!

Thankfully the morning flew by! There is nothing worse than a Monday that drags! I kept as busy as possible to help the time pass along quickly.

I didn’t get around to lunch until 2:00. I had a hard-boiled egg, that I sliced up and added Laughing Cow Cheese to a, and rolled it up into a wrap. I will definitely adding this to my lunch rotation! It tasted like old school egg salad [which I love!] but the LC Cheese added a little kick to it. I had my “egg salad” wrap with some baby carrots. For dessert I had a Kashi Pumpkin Pie Bar.

Punch-out time finally came and I literally ran to my car! I had Monday under my belt and couldn’t be happier about it! When I got home I was pleasantly surprised by some mail !!!!! For me ! And it wasn’t bills!

I got this month’s issue of Oxygen Magazine, Intuitive Eating, and The Skinnygirl Dish!

Dinner tonight was delicious, too bad the picture doesn’t do it justice. I had whole wheat gnocchi, with a few squirts of Olivio, a sprinkle of fat-free parm, and some reduced fat mozzarella, and a chicken breast. I added my signature  spinach salad to the meal as well.

Get ready to see a LOT of this dessert in the future because it is so yummy I can’t get enough of it! I have looked forward to it all day! A half of a whole wheat English Muffin, a T. of peanut butter, and some semi-sweet chocolate chips!

I am kind of excited at the prospect of a weekday Rest Day tomorrow. I have The Bachelor all set to be taped on the DVR, so I think I will crawl into bed with my new reading material and relax!

Now that I’ve survived Monday, the rest of the week will be a breeze [fingers crossed] !!!!!!

Later 🙂

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Surprisingly Upbeat For A Sunday

Posted by Susan on January 10, 2010

At about 3:00 Sunday afternoon, it usually hits. The end of the weekend blues. But, for some reason, today I am not feeling so bad.

I have all of my meals planned and pretty much prepared. I love when I have things organized for the week. The knowledge that when I get home, all I have to do is eat and go to bed is comforting to me.

I also begin a new workout tomorrow. I found this workout [that I will be doing for the next 4 weeks] in the Oxygen Collector’s Issue. [Fat Loss]

It is a home workout circuit routine designed to burn fat. Right up my alley! It has a specific schedule that is not my usual 5 days on 2 in a row off. It calls for taking Tues. and Sat. off. Something different is a good thing. I am excited to get to it!

So the planned meals and new workout are making jumping into the work week just a little easier :).

This morning we slept in, and that was great. I got to relax with some tea, and soak up my favorite thing in the world……… a Sunday morning!

I had my favorite Breakfast Cookie this morning. I made 6 of these babies last night for the week. As I was making them I was so in the mood to eat one. [I really love these things] But , I didn’t! But I was happy to dig into one this morning!

After breakfast I got to work cooking , and getting lunches together for the week. I also got to watch A Basement Affair and Tough Love in between!

For lunch I had a chicken salad/spinach wrap with baby carrots, a clementine, and a Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut bar.

Since it was Sunday, I decided to have a snack about 3:00. [I am trying to stay away from between meal snacking, but figured, a little snack on a Sunday afternoon wouldn’t hurt!] I had my new favorite sweet. Sugar-free oatmeal cookies topped with peanut butter! I love the flavor of oatmeal and peanut butter.

I had a great dinner tonight! A chicken breast and 2 zucchini boats. I made 6 boats today to have with meals during the week. I made them with Kashi Fiery Fiesta Rice, and reduced fat cheddar cheese. They are so good! I also had my favorite spinach salad.

Tonight for dessert I decided to try something that one of my favorite bloggers [ CNC ] eats quite often for dessert, but I never thought to try myself. I had 1/2 a whole grain English Muffin [she uses sandwich thins]  , toasted, spread some peanut butter on it and sprinkled a few chocolate chips on top.

OMG ! This was soo good! I know the picture isn’t that good, but can you see how the chocolate chips got all melted into the warm peanut butter? If you like the combination of chocolate and peanut butter, this is for you! It is so simple, and so good, I wish I’d tried it sooner! It was a perfect ending to a great meal!

I am hopping for an early night tonight. I am not a good sleeper on Sunday nights as a rule , but I am trying to go into it in a positive mindset.I am looking forward to a good week this week. I am starting to realize that it will be what I make it, and if I go into it with a negative attitude, I will get a negative outcome. Wow! Who knew survival in the workplace could be so simple………..

Later 🙂

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To Do’s I Never Did

Posted by Susan on January 10, 2010

I had a huge To Do list for today, and I admit, I didn’t do more than most of it ……..yet anyway. I will hopefully get some of them done tonight and tomorrow.

Last night for some reason I was exhausted! I had every intention of crawling into bed last night with a good book and getting some sleep. But things didn’t pan out that way! I ended up getting a start on today’s laundry [a good thing] and straightened out the house. By the time I actually got into my bed with my book it was midnight already! Oh well!

Today I had all kinds of ambition, and no energy to get to any of it! I did finish up the week’s laundry, and I accomplished 2 things on my Resolution List! I made a new recipe , and I tried a new veggie!

I roasted my first veggie! There is good news and bad news. The bad news is, that I over cooked them a little :(. They looked kind of horrible. The good new is, now that I’ve made them once it inspired me to try roasting more and different veggies, and also, even thought they looked pretty bad ……. They tasted really, good !!!!!!!!

So even though it wasn’t a complete success, I learned something about veggie roasting, I am excited to try it again , and I can now add Brussels sprouts to my list of vegetables that I’ve tried and I like !!!!!!!! So I think I can call this endeavor a definite SCORE !!!! [ yay!]

This morning we were still in bed and a sleep when Kate came over at 8:30! I got up and made her some breakfast, and then made some for myself. It was bitter cold out this morning, so I felt the need for something hot! I tried a new oatmeal this morning.

It’s made with soy milk, whole grains, and flax seed.

It was pretty good! I added 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder, 1 c. of Go Lean Crunch, and a T. of chocolate peanut butter. It was so good!

We ran to the grocery store after breakfast to pick up a few things, and it was so cold out, when I got home all I wanted was a hot cup of tea and to read my book.

Lunch rolled around I had an egg on a whole grain English muffin with a wedge of LC cheese and some spinach. With my eggs sandwich I had some baby carrots, and a Kashi Pumpkin Pie bar for dessert.

Around 3-ish I had a few sugar-free cookies and another cup of tea. Then I decided to lay down for a while, and ended up taking a nap while Matt and Kate watched a movie.

Dinner tonight was really good! I had a chicken breast, some couscous, and my roasted Brussels sprout experiment.  They look really bad, but they tasted pretty good !!!!! I had a spinach salad with dinner too.

Tonight I am doing a little experiment. A lot of blogger are reading The Beck Diet book. It was mentioned that your body doesn’t register fullness for 20 minutes after you eat. I decided to wait at least 20 minutes after I had dinner, and see how I felt. I must admit, I feel pretty satisfied , so I am waiting to see how I feel before eating dessert/or a snack tonight. So far so good.

I am off to shower and put on warm PJ’s, and do some cooking for the week, so I have less to do tomorrow! It will check some things off my list too!!!!

Later! 🙂

Note: Since most of my life I was a non-veggie eater, every time I introduce a new veggie to my body it goes nuts ! A lot of tummy rumbles and gurgles! Tonight I am experiencing that effect, big time! [TMI : gas!]

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The New Year Is Offically Underway

Posted by Susan on January 8, 2010

I never think of the New Year truly starting until my birthday is over! It is the official end of the Celebrating Season for me.

As much I wasn’t looking forward to work today, there was a part of me that missed my routine, and was eager to get back into it. I like my routine, and thrive on routine in general. I sometimes wonder if I am too rigid, but to me it is comforting to get things done in an orderly fashion. At any rate, it is who I am.

I got up this morning and got straight to the business of working out. Today was cardio day:

  • 20 min. SS / spin bike
  • 20 min. HIIT / treadmill
  • 20 min. / elliptical [resistance program]

It felt great to get in first thing ! I love time off , but it really interferes with my workout regimen !!!!

I made a lot of plans regarding work in 2010. I am making a promise to myself to handle things differently, and remind myself  that none of it really matters when looking at the big picture ! Work is just a tiny fraction of my life. My goal this year is to do whatever I have to do to get to the end of the day! My new attitude worked out well today. Hopefully I can keep it up long term.

I was really hungry for my BC this morning ! I couldn’t wait to get to work and break into it!  I am making a conscious effort to get back into my green tea [3 cups per day] and water consumption , now that life is back to it’s normal pace. I drank water before, during, and after my BC. [ I am posting the recipe for the BC on a recipe page I’m adding  this weekend]

I made my lunch for today and tomorrow last night. Today I had a  Chobani with 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder, and a serving of Kashi H2H cereal. I also had a cute little mini Quaker Granola Bar. [not shown]

I also had a brownie that one of my co-workers made me in honor of my birthday . I also got a nice card signed by all of them!

For dinner tonight I had my favorite Parmesan couscous, a chicken breast, and a spinach salad.

Dessert tonight I decided to try something different. Inspired by other blogs I devour daily, I made a [lite] whole grain English muffin, with a smear of peanut butter and a smear of marshmallow cream. So good, it really satisfied my sweet tooth!

Lately I’ve noticed my fellow bloggies posting The 10 Things That Make Me Happy. I love that idea. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get bogged down with the negatives in life. I think it is a wonderful thing to remember the little things that make you smile. Here are my 10 11 [ I had an extra THING so I added it!] :

  1. My husband: I feel so lucky to have him in my life! I not only love him, I really , really like him!!!!!!!
  2. Accomplishment: I love it when I set my mind to something, whether it be a fitness goal, or just a To Do list, and I get it done ! To me it is the best feeling in the world.
  3. Routine: I thrive on it! It is a source of comfort for me. I like knowing what I am doing, and when I am doing it.
  4. Getting a package or a new magazine in the mail: It sounds silly, but ever since I was a kid, nothing made me happier than to get something in the mail! Of course when I was a kid I didn’t get bills!
  5. A great book: I love getting lost in a really good book. I’ve used reading as an escape for as long as I remember. I love nothing more than stumbling on a really great one !
  6. Shopping: Be it for clothes, food, whatever ! I am happy when I am shopping!
  7. Sick  Days: When I’m not sick of course! I love it when I am home in my PJ’s , drinking tea, watching daytime TV, and the rest of the world is working!
  8. Sunday Mornings: There is something about them. I feel like I have permission to relax and lounge around.
  9. A clean and organized home: It makes me feel calm and relaxed. Bliss!
  10. Hugs from Kate: Ever since she was a little baby, no matter how I am feeling, a hug from my niece can make it all better !
  11. Hanging out with my sister: She is my BFF. We have the same sense of humor, we can talk forever and never run out of things to say. We’ve been through A LOT together in our lives, and the history between us has forged an unbreakable bond.

That’s it for tonight! 🙂

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It’s My Birthday: A Look Back

Posted by Susan on January 6, 2010

So, since today is my birthday, I thought it would be fun to take a look back over the years. I am 46 today. Honestly, I can’t believe I am that old ! I tease Matt [ who is 7 years younger than me, BTW] all the time, telling him to be nice to me, because half my life is over already. That is if I end up living to be almost 100 !!!!

There is a part of me that wonders why I am even admitting to this advanced age. But truth be told, I don’t feel 46. I am now in the best shape I’ve ever been, wearing the smallest size I’ve ever worn, and feeling the most confident, and the strongest both mentally and physically that I’ve ever felt. I guess that counts for something.

OK, so here is my life up until now !

This is my Dad , holding me the day I came home from the hospital.

Aww ! Look how they folded my hands…… a little angel huh? [ha ha]

My Mom made that costume for me, even the yarn wig.

Another angel picture. I can remember my Mom posing me for this picture. I think it was wishful thinking on her part. [she made this dress for me too, as well as a matching one for my sister]

My first Holy Communion. Another dress made by my talented Mom. I am the one on the right. Check out the two little women in the background. I love their hats!

Ahh, the awkward years. I must have been about 14 or 15 here. Love the flippy hair. The other kids are my brother and my sister. I also remember being posed for this one, except I think it was my Dad doing it this time.

Now we enter the lost decade ……. the 1980’s. I have this one picture taken in my senior year of High School. after that I was pretty much MIA for the rest of the decade. I was an 80’s party girl, chasing bands and hanging with my friends. I wasn’t around much to get my picture taken apparently !

I resurfaced in the 90’s, just in time for my brother’s wedding! At this time my sister and I were working hard and renting a little house together.

Then Kate came along ……..

Poor kid !

A co- worker and I hamming it up at work in 2001.

Me trying to get Kate to wear the hat that went with her first Halloween costume …… she hated the thing and never wore it. It looked better on me anyway.

Along came Matt in 2003 …this pic was taken in 2005 though.

My wedding in 2007.

And here we are back to the present ! It’s been fun ! Here’s to another 46 !!!!!!! 🙂

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