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Nightmares and Chainsaws

Posted by Susan on January 6, 2010

What a night last night! Night time TV obviously does not agree with me! I could not sleep last night at all. I was up until 3am spooked, thinking there was something in the house. What ? It was something I watched on TV that must have set it off, because it was totally unreasonable! The house was alarmed for goodness sake. It was totally stupid, but still kept me up all night. What’s weirder is, that I’ve never felt even a little nervous in this house before, and I think that freaked me out even more. When I was finally ready to sleep, Matt was snoring like a chainsaw……. enough said.

Needless to say, after 3 hours of sleep last night, I was feeling gross today. Instead of my usual morning workout, I opted to skip it. That is not like me either, but I just felt awful. I did get on the scale this morning. I weigh in at 144.4 lbs. [I was 147.2 lbs. yesterday] This drastic difference in weight from one day to the other leads me to believe that holiday weight gain may not have been as bad as I thought. So, that’s a good thing!

I pretty much sat around all day and watched a Bad Girls marathon all day long!I thought about  getting my cardio in later in the afternoon, but decided to give myself an early birthday gift and give myself a day off! [tomorrow is my birthday :)]

Although I skipped my scheduled cardio, my eating was right on point:

For breakfast , I had my beloved Breakfast Cookie, and a cup of green tea. I wanted to try to get down 3 cups of green tea a day, but today I just couldn’t stomach it!

I wasn’t in the mood for fuss at lunch time so I had Strawberry Chobani with Kashi H2H cereal, and a T. of shredded almonds. I added 1/2 a scoop of vanilla protein powder to my yogurt.

Around 4 I was feeling a little queasy, and at the time, I thought I would do a quick cardio session. I had a Kashi Chocolate Raspberry Bar. I never ended up working out though……. 😦

Dinner tonight was AMAZING! I decided to get a little creative. I took some leftover Penne Pasta, put it in a pan on the stove with a little olive oil, sweet basil, garlic, oregano, salt and pepper and a sprinkle  of FF Parmesan cheese and saute’ it all wit some shrimp. I added a little Mozzarella cheese when I plated it. It was so good, I could have eaten 5 more dishes of it ……. but of course I didn’t. I paired it with my favorite spinach salad combination. What a great dinner!

Dessert tonight, some Dark Chocolate Covered  Raisins. Perfect ending to a great meal!

I didn’t do much today but I did do one thing I’ve been meaning to do for a while now, and never seem to find the time.

I gave myself a manicure! Many moons ago I did nails as a part-time job, to supplement my full time job. I never did my own though. The last time I wore nail polish was my wedding ! I thought it would be nice to do something special for myself, considering tomorrow is my birthday ! I have a special post planned to commemorate the day  for tomorrow, so come back and check it out! It should be fun!

Let’s hope I get sleep tonight ! I set my alarm early so I can get a workout in before the day starts tomorrow. Matt is taking me out for a birthday breakfast in the morning. Today’s skipped workout reminded me that I am a morning girl when it comes to working out for sure !!!!!! Got to get it out of the way early so I can forget it!

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It’s A New Day: Pity Party Is Over

Posted by Susan on January 5, 2010

Last night was a night of inner conflict. I spent the entire night having an internal conversation with myself. After assessing the holiday damages , I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. I am not sure exactly why, I mean, I made the choices, how could I ever imagine there wouldn’t be a price.

The “old me” started rearing her ugly head! ” I already gained, I may as well eat what I want “. I had a hidden bag of Nacho Chips in the downstairs storage room. I had actually forgotten about them. I was so tempted to break them open and munch away while I watched Glee. Then, [thankfully] the “new me” resurfaced. I opened the chips, ran water over them, and tossed them in the trash, firmly telling myself “NOT HAPPENING!!!!!”

I was not about to fall into the old trap of destructive behavior. I was not going to make me feel better, in fact it was only going to add to my feelings of disappointment. Not to mention how gross and sick the chips would have made me feel physically. I realized that it was just not worth it.

So, this morning I woke up, ready to put the pieces back together. The first thing I did was get on the scale. As it turns out, I was actually 2 lbs. down, making my holiday gain 7 lbs. instead of 9 lbs. That made me feel a bit better. I will get this gain off, and I will try to look at this whole holiday thing as a lesson rather than a mistake. I mean, I’m human, and things like this will happen from time to time. I put a lot of pressure on myself to be perfect. And there is no such thing.

I was ready to jump back in today with both feet. I was off today [ I am off until Thurs.] so I woke up naturally, without the annoying alarm. It was heaven!

I made myself a cup of tea, and was excited to dig in to my Breakfast Cookie. Today’s cookie was made with:

  • old fashion oats
  • steel-cut oats
  • T. chocolate chips
  • T. pecans
  • T. coconut
  • T. dried cranberries
  • T. peanut butter
  • 1/2 scoop of chocolate protein powder

It was so good, and so filling! It also was great fuel for my morning workout.

I did my scheduled Circuit Training/Interval. Today was also Matt’s first day of making good on his New Years Resolution of working out 3x a week for 30 min. I had him do 15 min. Intervals on the treadmill, and 15 min. SS on the elliptical. He did great, although I don’t think he enjoyed it much. Hopefully he will catch the workout bug after a few weeks and learn to at least like it!

Around noon Matt and I ran to the Mall. He needed a haircut, I needed to spend an Old Navy gift card. I got a really cute sweater with it, and Matt looks great! He really needed a haircut in the worst way!

While we were out Matt wanted to get pizza slices for lunch , but I really wanted to make today a fresh start, so I declined. Matt opted for pretzel bites instead of pizza. I had a few , but I planned on eating a light lunch when I got home.

I had a serving of humus [2 T.] and a serving of Triscuits [15 crackers]. It was perfect. Enough of a protein/fiber combo to carry me until dinner.

I wasn’t sure what I was in the mood for tonight for dinner. I decided on some tilapia, and a sweet potato, with a spinach salad .

Yes, I am back to having dessert. I lost weight eating it before, and I will lose weight eating it this time too! I think it is really important. It makes me feel less deprived, and it also gives me something to look forward to at the end of a day of eating well. I had some sugar-free cookies, and a glass of FF milk.

Since I’m not working tomorrow, I think I will relax and watch some TV, maybe a few more episodes of Glee, and finish the book I’m reading. There will be no snacking tonight! It is one bad habit that’s I’ve allowed to slip back into my life again! And I have every intention of letting it slip right back out! It is something I’ve always struggled with. I was doing OK with it, until the week before Christmas, and it’s been down hill ever since! Not good!

It feels really good to have made it through [just about] my first day back on track! The first day is always the hardest… will get easier from here. 🙂

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Pseudo Birthday Party And Getting Back To Basics

Posted by Susan on January 4, 2010

Last night my husband threw a little Birthday Bash for me. When I say little, I mean little ! When You reach my age, huge celebrations are totally unnecessary! It was dinner and dessert in my honor, just as nice!

We had pizza ………

And a giant Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake !

All yummy! But …………………….. This little party signals the end of the Holiday Season for me, and the start of a new week and getting back to basics!

As I mentioned, I had a holiday weight gain. I am not at all surprised, I know I ate crap , and I was expecting there would be consequences for my actions. I could panic about it, but what good will it do? What’s done is done, and all I can do it get back to what I know works, and work it! That was the plan for today!

During the past week [hard to believe it has been only a week and a few days ….. it feels like it’s been a month!] I’ve let a LOT of things slide. Although I worked out on all of my scheduled workout days, I let my water intake and green tea intake fall by the wayside. I’ve gone back to snacking at night and between meals [ a bite here and there, but we all know how bites add up! The proof is in the number on the scale!] and a few other things that haven’t done in some time.

Today I decided it is time to get myself back to basics. Back to 3 Squares and Dessert , water, green tea, and until I get back down to my ” normal weight”, an extra workout day each week.

I spent the better part of yesterday packing up Christmas decorations and getting my house back to normal. It was sort of bitter-sweet. The house looked so pretty this year. After living here for almost 3 yrs now, I’ve finally collected enough stuff to make the house look festive but not overdone [thanks to the local Dollar Store!] . I felt a little sad putting it all away for another year, but at the same time , it is nice to get my house back to normal. It felt sort of symbolic ….. putting the holidays, and all its decadence, behind me.

This morning I felt strong and ready for a fresh start! back to business!

I started my morning with a nice hot cup of green tea. It was cold , windy [50 mph winds] and snowy when I got up!  I was int the mood for something hot this morning. I made an egg  with a wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese and a handful of baby spinach on a toasted English muffin.

After breakfast , Matt and I decided to brave the elements, and go out and do some errands. It was kind of fun. It was snowing like crazy! It has been all day long. No one was on the roads, and it was very peaceful.

When we got home, I wasn’t really hungry, so I just had a Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut Bar and a cup of tea.

A bit later in the afternoon I had some sugar-free cookies[ that I got at the Dollar Store, I love that place!] and another cup of tea, while watching a Paranormal State marathon on TV .

I had big plans of making today a day of organizing [one of my resolutions], but decided to relax instead! I have plenty of time to get it done, right? 🙂 the cold snowy day makes me just want to lay around and enjoy a lazy Sunday!

I wasn’t sure what to have for dinner. Since I have the time I was thinking of cooking something special, but I have some leftovers to get rid of, and I hate wasting food so I decided I’d better use them.

I had leftover Annie’s Organic Mac & Cheese, so I added a can of chicken to it. I’d seen on one of the blogs someone going this with tuna, and since I didn’t have any , I used the chicken instead. It was pretty good! I had it with a spinach salad.

For dessert, a piece of my giant cookie birthday cake! [ Note: after having this piece of cookie I proceeded to eat 2 more pieces, and then promptly threw the remainder in the trash! I can’t afford to be messing with the goodies!]

On the agenda for tonight ?

We are going to watch a few more episodes of my new favorite show……. GLEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This show is dangerous! We bought it on New Years Day. We watched 2 movies that night and it was already late [10:30]. I suggested we watch one episode just to see what it was like. Well that one episode turned into 4 ! We didn’t get to bed until 3am !!!!! It is such a great show! If you haven’t seen it, see it! It’s great!

Matt and I are off now until Thurs. A great way to start the New Year huh??

I wasn’t going to mention this, because I was trying to put it out of my mind. Then I ate the extra cookies and reality slapped me right in the face! I weighed myself this morning and it seems the damage from the holidays is much worse than I originally thought. I am almost embarrassed to post this , but I need to be honest here, so here goes.  I gained 8.2 lbs. over the holiday! I can hardly believe it. But the numbers were there and I can’t hide from it.

I wish I could say it’s OK. But I am honestly disappointed with myself. I did a whole lot of mindless eating. Eating because it was there. Some of it wasn’t even that good , but I ate it anyway. I thought I’d come further reconciling my relationship with food, but apparently not.

Now that I’ve fessed up it’s time to make things better. Not starting tomorrow, but starting right now. Apparently I still have a lot more to learn on this journey I’m on.

Time to get back to work………………………….

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Resolutions For 2010

Posted by Susan on January 3, 2010

As promised, I am [FINALLY ] ready to post my resolutions for the year 2010:

  • Maintain 140 lbs. [after losing the 5 lb. Holiday Gain]
  • Challenge myself more during workouts, changing things up every 4 weeks
  • concentrate on building muscle
  • Try a new recipe every 2 weeks
  • Try more varieties of veggies
  • Stick to the 3 square meal + dessert plan that seems to work best for me
  • Use coupons when shopping, try to spend less on weekly shopping trips
  • Read more
  • Blog better: more interesting and informative content, better photos
  • Spend more quality time with Matt [hubby], movie nights at home, date nights
  • Hike more
  • Bike more
  • Do more fun/active things with Kate [niece]
  • Try a new restaurant once a month
  • Stop complaining so much
  • Help Matt with his Resolution of working out 3x a week for 30 min. [ big step for hubby!]
  • Organize entire house: all closets and cupboards
  • Not allow others [at work] to push my buttons, keep my reactions in check, it’s just a job!
  • Find a new, more challenging job, break out of my comfort zone and try something new
  • Spend more time with friends
  • Try new things in all aspects of my life
  • Continue to build up my wardrobe
  • Use every excuse you can get to turn any daily task into a workout
  • Enjoy life, and stop focusing on what I don’t have , and start being grateful for what I do have!

So there you have it! I am sure the list will grow as things come up and the year progresses. I am hoping to make this year even better than last year! No, not hoping, I am planning on it!!!!!!!!

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First Post Of A The New Year

Posted by Susan on January 2, 2010

Last night started out great. Matt and I had a nice dinner together……..

And that’s where it started going so wrong! One minute I was laying on the bed playing with the cat, and the next minute I was waking up , and it was 12:05 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I slept through New Years !!!!!! WTF ! Matt said he tried waking me but I wouldn’t budge. He said he just figured I needed the sleep so he let me be!

Since I’d slept 4 hours [I laid down at 8:00], I watched the rerun of the ball dropping on MTV , and caught an episode of Jersey Shore, and called it a night! Bummer!

I ended up sleeping this morning until 9:20, which for me is unheard of! I was hungry for breakfast when I got up, but first I decided to bravely assess the damage I’d done this holiday. I stepped on the scale. I knew that it wouldn’t be pretty, so I wasn’t too horrified when I saw that I’d gained 5 lbs. Oh well, I will lose it. And the celebrating is about over for me and I will be back to work soon!

I made a breakfast cookie for myself last night, so I would have it this morning. I had it with a nice hot cup of tea. I think that I am better off sleeping less , because my sleeping in left me feeling blah and groggy.

The original plan for today was to do a whole lot of NOTHING, but as often happens, plans are made to change. We ended up going out to do some shopping. We hit Big Lot’s [overstock store], where I got a lot of great buys. We also hit up Target, where I get my chicken and fish, and Border’s to spend a gift card I got as an early birthday gift. By the time we got around to lunch it was after 3:00.

We ended up with Mc Donald’s. Not the healthiest first lunch for the first day of 2010, but it will do. I had a plain hamburger, and a few of Matt’s french fries.

Since Lunch was on the not so healthy side of the tracks , I decided on a cleaner option for dinner. A spinach salad with RF cheese, sunflower seeds, and 5 shrimp.

For dessert, 2 squares of Milk Chocolate ! Yum!

On the agenda for tonight :

Movie night ! We picked these up today with some gift cards we got! I’m looking forward to a night of relaxation.

This weekend is going to be spent packing up Christmas decorations, and doing some organizing [one of my resolutions]. Tomorrow night will be the last celebration for me. My sister and niece are coming over for dinner for my Birthday. It isn’t until Wednesday, but we will celebrate it tomorrow since it falls during the week. I plan on having some of my special Birthday Cake, and that will be the end for me. Time to tighten up routine again and get back to reality. Get this 5 lbs. of holiday weight off and jump into 2010 with both feet!

Tomorrow I will post my Resolutions for 2010. I haven’t finished them yet …… a little late , but what can you expect from a chick who sleeps through her favorite holiday ! 😦

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