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A New Month And A New Goal : Project 13

Posted by Susan on February 28, 2010

I apologize for my MIA status of late, but I was just feeling uninspired in the writing department. I also needed time to think about where I want to go with my goals.

My workouts have been stellar lately. I am so into it, so ready to challenge myself . I’ve added extra workouts, and a new Circuit Program, and I feel stronger, and better than ever physically.

I figured this was the perfect time to throw my focus into a new Goal! I want to get my weight to 135 lbs.  by June 1st, 2010.

This gives me 13 weeks to accomplish. That will end up to be a 5-11 lb. loss [depending on the day !]. I think that amount is absolutely d0-able in the span of 13 weeks. June 1st is also just in time for the vacation we have planned.

I am calling this new plan Project 13:

  • Eating small meals every 2-3 hours during the day
  • Drinking 16-24 8oz. glasses of water a day
  • Working out 5-6x a week [ circuit training, intervals, yoga, spinning, SS cardio]
  • 7-8 hours of sleep a night
  • Tracking calories, keeping within 1500-1700 calories a day
  • Weigh-in once a week [Saturday mornings]
  • One scheduled [moderate] “treat” per week : Saturdays

Starting Weight:  146.8 lbs. [ my weight has been fluctuating like mad since I added the extra spin classes during the week ! Some days I am 142 lbs. , other days I am up to 147 lbs. !!!!!!]

Goal Weight:  135 lbs.

Official Start Date: Monday, March 1st [tomorrow]

I am excited to have something to work toward, especially when I am feeling so motivated! Plus I am one of those people who always does better with a specific goal established. When I lost the initial weight, I had a goal to lose it before my 2nd wedding anniversary. I accomplished that goal. I will accomplish this one as well.

Also, the date of June 1st has a dual meaning for me ….. if I am at my new goal weight by that date, I will have also accomplished keeping the initial weight off for one year. So as long as I am not over 140 lbs. on June 1st, I will have maintained for one year, as well!

I am seeing this new plan as something to work at. Right now I need something to strive for. I feel like, maintaining, although with it’s own challenges, sometimes leaves me a little bored. It got to the point during the weight loss stage where my momentum was up , and it was almost like a game that I was determined to win. This competitive side of me came out that I never even knew existed!

I was so proud of myself, and I felt to positive and unstoppable. I think this is just the shot in the arm I need  right now. I need something to focus on and work for. It must be an end of winter funk or something, but I am feeling really blah! Not physically, but mentally.

I am hoping that Project 13 will be just the shot in the arm I need to get me through the remainder of the winter.

So ……. Here’s to a new month and a new challenge! I can’t wait to begin!

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Posted by Susan on February 25, 2010

I am reading this great book [Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane] and I stayed up way too late last night! I felt it all day too ! My ultimate focus tonight is on SLEEP ! That being said, this post will be short and sweet!

My day began , as it always begins, with a workout :

  • 20 min. SS / Bike
  • 20 min. Elliptical / Resistance Program
  • 20 min. Intervals / Treadmill
  • * PM* Spin Class [after work]

For breakfast this morning I had a whole grain English Muffin, with Laughing Cow cheese, and an egg.

Mid-morning snack, I had my usual (Re)Fuel Bar.

For lunch today …. nothing too imaginative. Peanut butter on a wrap, with baby carrots, and some Kashi H2H cereal to munch on.

When I got home from work I had some almonds and dried cranberries before I did my spin class. [not shown] Then for dinner I had a chicken breast, roasted butternut squash, and left over couscous from the other night.

I had another Fiber One Muffin with FF cream cheese for dessert.

Nothing too spectacular tonight. Because of the PM Spin Class I needed to keep it simple, especially when my main goal was getting to bed as early as possible! That’s exactly where I am headed right now, with a cup of ttea and my book! Have a great night!


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Scratch That !

Posted by Susan on February 24, 2010

Remember how I said yesterday, that this new workout program I’m doing is a little on the easy side? Well for get I said that! Completely scratch the word EASY ! Today I did the Lower Body Circuit, and it definately kicked my butt! It isn’t the actual exercises that gets to you, it’ trying to balance on a stability ball while doing those exercises! I felt today’s circuit BIG TIME! And I loved every minute of it!

The entire Circuit is supposed to take 12 minutes to complete, but this week it will take longer , because I like to get acquainted with each exercise [try it on] before attempting the actual circuit. I want to make sure I am doing them correctly. By the time I got to my cardio I was running out of time, so I did an 30 min. Express Spin Class.

I am not sure what I was expecting, but this class packed so much into the 30 minutes I literally felt the residual of it all day long! I definately had a great workout today! i love it when I really FEEL it! when I walk away at the end , knowing I did something, and truly challenged myself.

I am not sure what has gotten into me lately, but I sure hope it’s here to stay! I am really loving working out! the harder, the better. If I had more time I would love to add a second afternoon workout into the mix [I do it twice a week as it is, but I really don’t have the time for much more at the moment!]

I am so excited about it! I’ve been working out seriously for a year now. Before that I was doing it, but not as consistently. Maybe this is what happens after you’ve done it for long enough. Maybe your body craves it ……. because lately that is what it feels like for me. I find that even on my rest days, I get the bug and want to do something! maybe this is just a phase I’m going through ……. but I seriously hope not! I love it!

I decided not to fast today. I am wondering if , with the extra workouts and all, if I may possibly not be eating enough?????? I eat about 1500-1600 calories a day. I am going to try really hard to make sure it is 1700 calories at least. I may not be giving my body enough fuel, and that is just as bad as too much fuel. I am trying to add extra healthy calories into my day in hopes that it also stops the cravings and hunger I’ve been fighting lately.

This morning I woke up to snow! I needed to get out the door as soon as I could, because I snow days I never know how long the commute in will be. I ended up grabbing my Breakfast Cookie and taking it with me to eat when I got to work! Love it that these are so portable!

Mid morning I had a (Re)Fuel Bar and a little snack bag of Animal Crackers. [the bag is empty because I scarfed them down before taking the picture :)]

For Lunch today I had little time and even fewer choices! [I need to go food shopping !] Lunch was a mish-mosh of whatever I could grab  and whatever was available! Humus, baby carrots, almonds, and Kashi H2H Cereal.

When I got home from work I had a Kashi Fruit and Nut Bar and 1 T. of peanut butter [not shown].

Dinner tonight, was chicken , roasted Brussels Sprouts, butternut squash, and sweet potato! I am a roasting fool lately!

I loved dessert tonight! I had a Fiber One Muffin with some FF cream cheese spread on it! It was HEAVEN !

It’s been a long day! Weather exhausts me! More the anticipation that the actual conditions! I am ready for some rest !


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A New Week, A New Program

Posted by Susan on February 22, 2010

And so it begins, another work week. After yesterday’s relax-a-thon, I felt totally ready to get the week off the ground with a great workout!

As I mentioned yesterday, I am embarking on something new in the workout department for the next 6 weeks. As I was doing my 20 min. on the elliptical yesterday morning , this book caught my eye.

I bought this a few years ago, when I was a really active member of SparkPeople. I was looking through member’s profiles and come across this particular member who’s body looked amazing. After looking at her photos, I learned that she’d truly transformed her body. She mentioned this book in her profile and I contacted her and asked her about it. She recommended I try it, so I immediately ordered the book.

In the meantime, which happened frequently in those days, while waiting for the book to arrive, I wandered into a different direction and put the book on my book shelf for future use.

Yesterday I opened it up to find that it is essentially a circuit routine [ my favorite! I love circuits!] . It is an integration of stretches and strength-training exercises to help you reap the benefits of Synergy. The book contains precise strength training moves immediately followed by specifically chosen stretches to make the strength training move more effective. As a result, your muscles are supposed to become longer and stronger than they would if you were to do the exercises by themselves.

The program boasts that the results of this program are leaner legs, firmer glutes, flatter stomachs and well toned arms. Also, increased energy, increased metabolism, fat loss, improve joint strenght, flexibility, and balance. Since I actually saw the results from this woman I found through SparkPeople, I am pretty intrigued.

The book is itself is well laid out. Each exercise is explained in detail, with large clear color photos of each exercise. This for me is a huge help. I hate when I am trying to figure out an exercise move from a tiny, grainy black and white photo! It makes me nuts, and I am sure more than most of the time I am doing the move wrong the first few times.

Aside from the book, the only other “gear” needed to do this program is a stability ball, relitively heavy free weights [she likes you to lift as heavy as you can manage] and a towel. That’s it! The program is definately “work out at home” friendly.

There are custom programs available in the book, I chose to try the ” Fat Blasting Focus Program” to start with. There are also levels of the workout for different fitness levels. [Basic, Intermediate, Challenge] I chose to start with Intermediate. The program calls for 20 min. of cardio 3x a week, [preferably intervals] but I plan on adding extra, just because I want to. It’s what I’m used to and I happen to enjoy it so ….. why not?I’ll keep you posted on my progress as the program unfolds. 🙂

So today started like every work day, with a 2:45 AM wake-up alarm. Once I got dressed and had a before workout Kashi bar, I was ready for action. It was time to get downstairs and workout!

  • Core Circuit
  • 20 min. Intervals / Treadmill
  • 20 min. Elliptical / Resistance Program

The new workout ? The moves were challenging. Who knew that adding a rolled up towel between your knees while doing crunches on a stability ball could make your abdominal muscles scream for mercy?! The stretching after each move felt amazing, too. I still can’t give a real verdict until I do a full week, though. Tomorrow is the Lower Body Circuit. I’ll have to see how it goes. It almost seems too easy in some ways, but that’s what I said about Turbulence Training at the beginning, and it ended up being not only tough, but changed my body completely, so I am wary about making hasty judgments.

I will say that for a Monday, I was full of energy! [something the program claims as one of the benifits] I am not sure if it was in my head or not. After completing my circuits, I was primed and ready to jump into my planned cardio without a second thought. And the energy spilled over to my day as well. Wether in my head or not, I’ll take it! I feel sluggish and blah on Mondays, as a rule. It was nice not to deal with that today.

I guess time will tell if this program is all it’s cracked up to be!

I was really hungry for breakfast once I got to it! I had a yummy, delicious Breakfast Cookie. Seriously, I crave these things. I love anything that resembles a baked good, and these, although not baked, are close enough for me!

My mid-morning snack today was a (Re)Fuel Bar. I made these with Vanilla Protein Powder again, and I think I like these much more than the chocolate ones …..

Lunch today was a tuna wrap with some baby carrots on the side.

I had some Kashi H2H Cereal for snack on the ride home from work. Love this stuff!

Dinner tonight consisted of a chicken breast, some roasted Brussels sprouts, some couscous, and some roasted squash. It doesn’t look like much , but it was still great in the taste department!

I skipped dessert tonight because I had a few [too many] handfuls of semi-sweet chocolate chips when I got home from work today ! [not good!] That will teach me ! No dessert for me!

In other news, I finally got some new uniforms. Unfortunately, scrub pants are unisex, so they are cut big. I bought a size small, and they are still to big! Oh well …. We also have to wear polo shirts now too! I HATE polo shirts ! I am flat chested, and I feel like a look like a teenage boy when I wear them !Fashion plate at work. NOT!

Having survived my first day of the work week ……. I am exhausted! time for some hot tea and bed !


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Productive Saturday = Relaxing Sunday

Posted by Susan on February 21, 2010

I got SO much done yesterday, that today I dedicated to complete and total RELAXATION !!!!!!!!! But only after my first workout of the week! I got it in early and it was a great one!

  • 40 min. Spin Class [Spin and Burn]
  • 20 min. SS / Elliptical
  • 20 min. Beginner Yoga Session

I slept like a baby last night, so that made my workout even better! I worked out fasted today, so by the time I was done, I was really hungry for some breakfast.

I made myself some Instant Pumpkin Baked Oats and added some chocolate peanut butter to it. This is such a great breakfast! I add 1 T. of protein powder to it to give it some extra staying power. It is warm, and comforting, and reminds me of pumpkin bread. I had a cup of green tea with breakfast too.

As a mid-morning snack I indulged in one of the Fiber One Muffins I made yesterday. Yum! I will absolutely make them again [when I get the mix for a good price like I did last week!] I love muffins, but hardly ever eat them anymore, unless incorporated into a treat night. Fiber One Muffins, made with a few alterations, is a decent option.

After a few hours of relaxing, tea drinking, and figuring out my workout for the next 6 weeks [more on that tomorrow :)] I was ready for some lunch.

I had a tuna wrap with some baby carrots and humus on the side. I made the tuna with 1 T. of  light mayo and some parsley, onion salt, and ground pepper. I also had a Kashi fruit and nut bar for dessert.

I spent a nice afternoon catching up on some of my shows on DVR , and reading. To be perfectly honest, as nice as it is to do nothing, and focus on taking time out, I kind of feel weird not running around! I feel like I am always running around! Since my ultimate goal for all aspects in my life is to establish balance, I know that down time is important too. It is just such a departure from the clock watching/ treadmill I feel like my life is sometimes.

Around 3:00 I decided it was time for a snack. I had a serving of almonds, and 1 T. of dried cranberries. One of my favorite snacks of all time, but one I haven’t had in a while!

For dinner tonight, I had a chicken breast, roasted Brussels sprouts and roasted butternut squash, and some whole wheat gnocchi with some Olivio spray and fat free Parmesan cheese.

Dessert tonight was some Blueberry Chobani with a sprinkle of granola.


  • Workout daily , adding 2 additional Spin Classes [Wed. & Fri.] and 2 additional 20 min. yoga sessions.
  • 24 Hour Fasting 2 days [Tues. & Fri.]
  • Stick to food plan. No random bites or tastes ! [ I find I do this now and then, and it is just not necessary. I eat plenty of food during the day, and I am not “tasting” out of hunger. It is not a good habit, and something I want to head off so it doesn’t become an issue]
  • Drink water [128 –  192 oz.]
  • Get enough sleep [7 – 8 hours]

Last week I did great with my weekly goals! I accomplished them all! I think taking the time to post them makes a difference.

Time to wind down the day with some Sleepy Time tea and a good book. Tomorrow is not only a new week, but the beginning of a new 6 week workout program I am really excited to get into! That means a good night’s sleep is absolutely necessary!

I love starting something fresh in the workout department on a Monday morning. It makes getting up early easier. I will explain what program I am trying out in more detail tomorrow. What I will say is that is a mixture of something old, and something completely new!

OK , I’m off !


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The Scale …… *Sigh*

Posted by Susan on February 21, 2010

OK. I got up this morning , truly expecting a great number. This week has been stellar! I kept within my calorie range, I fasted  Tues. and Fri., I worked out everyday in the morning for 60 min., and added two PM Spin Classes into the mix. I feel smaller, my body looks smaller, my clothes are looser, and most importantly feel strong, my mood is even, and I feel unstoppable!!!!!!!!

So I jumped on the scale this morning and what did I see??????? 145 lbs. ????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF ????!!!!!!!!!! I could NOT believe my eyes!

But you know what? After the initial feeling of disappointment, not to mention betrayal, I decided something. I just don’t give a SH** !!!!!!!!!!!

My jiggly bits are not jiggly anymore. My butt, that honestly looked like a pillow case minus the stuffing [saggy skin] is beginning to fill out in a good way. I am happy, I feel positive. Both my body and my head are in line. I feel mentally as good as I do physically. I am loving my workouts, loving the food I am eating. I feel like I my life is in balance for the first time since I started the maintenance/lifestyle phase of this journey, and that was my ultimate goal anyway.

I am 5’9 and 145 lbs. It’s a good weight for that height. This just maybe be  the natural point where my body is supposed to be. Hey, it’s 5lbs. less than I was in High School [that was 28 years ago!] , and I am in 100% better shape than I was then. I think that says a lot.

I am just going to keep doing what I am doing. Keep challenging myself physically, eating well, not depriving myself, and keep moving forward. This is a valuable lesson and it’s taken me so long to learn. I don’t think it is something that anyone can tell you, or any amount of advice or research can reassure anyone that the scale isn’t always an accurate measure of where your body is. It is an personal discovery, that everyone has to come to in their own time.

So I am not going to give a sermon about how the scale, although a valuable tool, doesn’t tell the entire story. I am just going to assure you that there will come a time when all the pieces will come together, and you will see the big picture. Finally making peace with the scale is a conclusion you make when your ready. It’s kind of an “Ah Ha!” moment.

I am not saying I won’t weigh myself weekly anymore, because I will. I just won’t put as much stock in the number is all! I feel like I cracked some mysterious code. I feel like I am way ahead of the game!

This morning I got up early [as usual]. I got the laundry started. We originally had plans for an outing today with my niece, but our bank account didn’t want to cooperate, so we postponed it until next weekend. That meant a day of housework was on the agenda. There is always plenty to do in that department!

Before I got started I needed a good breakfast. Since Saturday’s don’t have the time constraints that work days do, I made my current favorite breakfast treat. Instant Baked Pumpkin Oats. Today I added dried cranberries to the mix. I had my oats with a decadent spoonful of chocolate peanut butter. It was incredibly good!

Around 10:00 I was ready to take a break from my work and have a snack. a ReFuel Bar was the perfect thing. Something delicious, that would hold me until lunch.

Incredible but true ….. by lunch time, most of my work was finished!!!!!!!!! I love when that happens! Only a few more things to do and I am FREE for the rest of the weekend! Lunch today was some Progresso Light Classic Vegetable Soup with a Laughing Cow Cheese and spinach filled wrap! Yum! A perfect lunch for a busy Saturday!

By 3:00 I am done! Not only housework and laundry, but also food preparation for the week!!!!!! It was time for a snack! I made some Fiber One Muffins from a box mix. Instead of the oil the box called for I used apple sauce, and I replaced the eggs it called for with liquid egg whites. They were really good! I ate one and put the rest in the freezer for future snacks.

Today was my official “Rest Day”. I still try to keep as active as possible though, with housework and all. I have the workout bug lately. I am just in the mood to do it. I decided to do a nice relaxing 20 min. yoga class from the Exercise TV website. I have really wanted to experiment with yoga. Initially it turned me off, because I like my workouts more energetic and more fast paced. In the past, yoga would frustrate me with the slow moves and holds.

I realize though, that my workouts need to be more balanced. That slowing things down is not a “waste of a workout” as I always thought. In the line of work I’m in, I am very aware of the importance of having a strong core, flexibility and good balance as we grow older.The older we get the more prone we are to falls. Falls in the elderly, believe it or not, are one of the leading cause of death in the elderly. Not so much the actual fall, but the complications caused in result of the fall.

This knowledge has taught me the importance of keep in shape, but the one thing I’ve definitely neglected in my workouts improving my balance and flexibility. That being said, I am trying to incorporate, slowly at first, some yoga into my life. I am hoping to adding it more and more in the weeks to come.

Dinner tonight was super simple, but super yummy! I had a chicken breast , some roasted Brussels sprouts, roasted butternut squash, and some roasted sweet potato.

Tonight is my TREAT NIGHT !!!!!!!!!!! I bought these last Sunday and threw them in the back of a cabinet in the kitchen and forgot about them …….. until now!

Two of my favorite treats in the world are Chocolate Covered Pretzels, and Chocolate Covered Almonds ! While last week’s treat of Cookie Dough Ice Cream tasted amazing, I must admit, the fat in it made my stomach a little upset in the end. At least the Almonds themselves contain healthy fat, so I shouldn’t experience the fall out like I did with the ice cream.

The plan is to take a nice hot shower, make myself a cup of tea and enjoy my Treat while catching up on some DVR ! How I love Saturday nights, when all my work is done, and I can just chill with a treat and some TV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great night !


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An Afterthought

Posted by Susan on February 19, 2010

I tried to blog earlier tonight, but WordPress wouldn’t let me! I then decided to let it go for tonight, but then I was suddenly able to get on WordPress again, so this post is an afterthought.

I had originally planned on reviewing a book I recently finished and really liked, but I’ll save that for tomorrow night. I fast tomorrow, so there won’t be much to blog about in the food department anyway.

I have some really big plans for the month of March. I haven’t got it completely worked out in my head yet, but I am excited about it, just the same!

This morning I got up and I was sore! Last night I did a Spin Class I’ve never tried before. It was called Cardio Spin, and it was all Intervals on the bike. It was broken up into 2 min. intense, high resistance intervals, and 2 min. recovery. It had my butt and quads screaming by the end of it! No wonder this morning I felt it!

This morning I was planning a short Spin Class, but after realizing how sore I was , I decided to do a little SS cardio to give my body a break.

  • 30 min. SS / Spin Bike
  • 30 min. Resistance Program / Elliptical

I have a double workout [ AM/PM] planned for tomorrow, and I really want to be ready for it. My body needs to adjust to the extra exercise I am throwing at it lately. The last thing I want to do is injure myself because I did too much too soon.

This morning for breakfast I had my beloved Breakfast Cookie. I really look forward to it, especially after my workout.

I had a ReFuel Bar for my mid- morning snack.

I was running really late this morning, so I threw together a lunch that was easy. Peanut butter on a wrap with some carrots. I ended up eating this literally on the run. I never got a chance to really sit down and enjoy it. it was more like fuel to get me through the rest of the day than anything else!

I snacked on some Kashi H2H cereal on the ride home from work.

Dinner tonight was great! I had whole wheat pasta, with chicken and roasted zucchini.I paired it with a spinach salad.

Total Calories : 1668

I was pretty much satisfied after dinner, so I skipped dessert. That never happens! I had a cup of tea instead and will soon be calling it a night!

I am so happy tomorrow is Friday !!!!!! I have some plans this weekend as well as some serious relaxing to do! I can’t wait!


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Just A Thought

Posted by Susan on February 18, 2010

I know I’ve posted this before, but I feel like it’s something worth repeating – especially at this time of year, when a lot of people feel those New Year Resolutions loosing steam.

There is no better motivation than results !!!!!!

Last year, when I was in the midst of my weight loss journey, nothing motivated me more, made me more enthusiastic, or kept me more inspired, than waking up every Saturday morning and seeing the proof of the hard work I did all week. Seeing the weight, BMI, and Fat % lowering little by little. Feeling the difference in how my clothes fit, noticing small changes in my body week by week.Those small changes added up, and the more they added up, the harder I worked, and the more I pushed myself. Every small victory, week by week chipped away at my goal, and made me feel stronger and more powerful, not only physically, but mentally as well.

So celebrate every small change you see in your body,and use it as fuel to whatever your goal “fire” may be. Small things add up over time and turn into big things.

Weight loss and maintenance is time consuming. Making it all gel for me, means meal planning, cooking , early mornings and evenings, tracking all of my calories, and being mindful every minute of the day of what I eat and how much I move. That on top of all the other things we all have to do, like work, keep a house, husband , family and friends makes this a challenge.

But even with the time constraints, I still feel like it is totally worth it. What I get from in return for the all the extra work is worth it. I’ve gained so much in return. I think to myself, What would I be doing if I wasn’t doing the extra work involved in accomplishing my goals? The answer is I would be sitting on my butt on the couch, watching TV, and probably snacking. I would be making excuses not to go places because I have nothing to wear that doesn’t make me look like a house. I’d be in that vicious circle of feeling depressed because of the weight, and eating to feel better ……. even though the eating is what is the cause of the weight, that is making me depressed!For me, there is no question. I would much rather do the extra, to get keep what makes me happy!

So when you feel like the honeymoon is over, and the New Years Resolutions aren’t as important as they seemed on January 1st, keep in mind that if you keep on pushing through, even when your heart isn’t totally in it, the little spark of motivation will ignite the minute you start to see the little things all the hard work brings. Fake it, until you make it! Sooner or later you’ll realize your not faking it anymore.

This morning I got up and had a great workout. Thanks to some extra sleep, it took me a lot less time to get in the groove than yesterday!

  • Body Weight Circuits
  • Ab Circuit
  • 30 min. Intervals / Treadmill
  • ** PM** SPIN CLASS !!!!!!!!! [after work]

Breakfast this morning was the usual Breakfast Cookie. I love these things, I never get sick of them!

My mid- morning snack today was a (Re)Fuel Bar.

By 11:30 I was really hungry, so I broke into my lunch and had some baby carrots and roasted garlic humus.

At 2;00 it was finally time for lunch. I had a spinach and Laughing Cow Cheese wrap.

On the ride home from work I snacked on some Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal.

I was in the mood for  ” Breakfast for Dinner” tonight . I made a spinach and Laughing Cow Cheese omelet, a toasted whole grain English muffin with some Olivio spray, and a spinach salad.

Dessert tonight was the usual. Strawberry Greek yogurt with granola sprinkled on top.

Total calories for today :1544

I am really proud of myself for getting in my Spin Class today after work. I was more than tempted to skip it. [the reason I always workout in the morning] I am so glad I didn’t! It is a nice way to blow off steam after a day of work!

Now I am off to bed. Although the spin class was great, it threw me off time-wise, and it’s getting to be past my bedtime!


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So Much For Spring

Posted by Susan on February 17, 2010

Oh well! I was so excited for spring yesterday, and look what I woke up to this morning!

And it kept on showing ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH! So Much for my spring fever …………….

Today was one of my 24 hour fast days. I did well, but because I was nervous all day worrying about the ride home … was definitely a challenge. What I notice is that I really want to eat when I am feeling anxious about something I have no control over. [the weather, for ex.] I stuck to my guns though, so that’s good. I also learned another feeling that triggers the feelings that I need to eat, even when I am not hungry. The answer to that one , is to allow myself to feel the anxiety, and not try to bury or comfort it with food. I didn’t eat, and I didn’t die ……. good to know.

Last night I stayed up way too late reading. It was a slow process trying to wake up this morning. I would say the first 20 min. of my workout was spent staring into space trying to get my still sleepy head to catch up with my awake body! Here’s my workout for today:

  • 30 min. SS /Spin Bike
  • 30 min. Resistance  Program / Elliptical
  • 30 min Intervals / Treadmill

After a messy ride home from work and a hot shower I finally had dinner.

Tonight’s dinner was meatless. I made a quesadilla with FF refried beans, reduced fat cheese, on a tortilla [better known as a wrap, when I am using it for sandwich purposes]. I also had a spinach salad with RF cheddar cheese, sunflower seeds and dried cranberries.

Dessert tonight, Blueberry Chobani Yogurt topped with granola !

Instead of my usual Herbal Tea before bed, tonight it is some Hot Chocolate. Perfect for a cold snowy night!

This post is going to end here. I am really tired and need to get to bed! Not having enough sleep is beginning to catch up with me! I am seeing double. I am sure this post will be typo central ………oh well. Another day down 3 more days until the weekend !


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Positve For Change On A Monday

Posted by Susan on February 16, 2010

I woke up this morning ready to start the week on a positive note. I refuse to allow Mondays to be my mortal enemy anymore! It’s just a day like any other right? The reality is, that I have to work. If I don’t I have nothing. It is what it is, and I may as well just accept it and make the best of it.

Before my workout I had a Kashi Fruit and Grain Bar. I have a whole bunch of these I bought before I started making my own, so I want to use them up! Once these babies are gone I will replace them with homemade ones! Having a bar before working out gives me just enough energy get in a good workout and without feeling over-full!

This morning I had a GREAT workout! I ended up taking 2 rest days [both Sat. & Sun.], and I must say it did me good. This morning I was full of energy and ready jump right in !

  • Body Weight Circuits
  • Ab Circuit
  • 30 min. Intervals / Treadmill

What I love about my early morning workouts is that they make me feel accomplished at the very start of the day. That feeling of accomplishment stays with me and makes me feel more powerful in all other aspect of my life. When I got to work it was the typical Monday craziness, but I feel more equipped to keep up with it all knowing I have a good ,sweaty workout under my belt.

I think a part of my new found positivity comes from knowing that spring is around the corner. This coming Wednesday is already Ash Wednesday! That means Easter [which always has signified Spring to me] is just around the corner. It feels so good to know that this cold weather is going to wind down and I will be able to get back to some of the outdoor activities I am really missing lately! I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for a change in the weather department!

That being said, we are supposed to get a snow storm tonight. 😦 Oh well, At least I can take comfort in knowing that it won’t be long now!

I was really hungry for breakfast this morning after such a productive workout. I was really looking forward to my Breakfast Cookie! I made them for the week on Saturday. I just take one out of the freezer while I’m getting ready for work, and it is set to go by the time I’m ready to eat it.

I had a [homemade] ReFuel Bar for my mid morning snack at work. I brought a clementine, but it was gross. I tasted it , but ended up throwing it out. I was mushy and tasteless. I hate when that happens! Good thing the ReFuel Bar has plenty of staying power, so it held me until lunch time. This week’s batch of bars I made with vanilla protein powder, instead of chocolate. I think I like them even better this way!

I made myself a tuna and spinach wrap for lunch today.Unfortunately, I don’t get a lot of time for lunch. Most of the time I just gobble it up as fast as I can so I can get back to work! Not a great way eat , but in order to get out of there on time [super important] it’s necessary!

On the ride home I snacked on 3/4 c. of Kashi H2H cereal and a bottle of water. I’ve newly adopted this habit of a snack on the way home and it’s really working out well. I sometimes find it challenging when I first get home from work. I always want to snack on something. Having the cereal, with it’s slight sweetness and the crunch factor, makes me feel like I am having something good [meaning good as in junky!].

When I got home from work the first thing I did was cut up and roast a sweet potato to add to my dinner tonight. I had a chicken breast and roasted Brussel sprouts [both made ahead] with half of the sweet potatoes. I also had a spinach/feta/cranberry/sunflower seed salad.

Dessert tonight was again, yogurt and granola. Strawberry Cobani yogurt has become my favorite dessert lately!

I hope this little touch of spring fever I’ve been experiencing lately lasts. It beats the hell out of being miserable every Monday!

My Total Calories For The Day : 1617

Not bad! As you can see, I ate a LOT of food! Since I am taking the time to track my calories I may as well post them as well !

I’m off to relax and enjoy some Sleepy Time Tea , and look for something new to read!


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