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A Sick Day and Lessons

Posted by Susan on February 2, 2010

I woke up this morning to workout, as usual, before going to work. In the middle of my workout I was begining to feel crappy, but continued. After I was finished with my 30 min. interval run I made a lovely discovery ……. TOM had arrived …… with a vengeance!!!!!!!!!!

The worst thing about being over 40 is, that when it comes to TOM, you never know when or if it will come, and when it does show up, it is sometimes debilitating! Sounds over dramatic, but it is sometimes so bad all I want to do it curl up in a ball and hide all day!

Today wasone of those days. I felt wrung out like an old dish rag, and facing a day running around for able bodied therapists was something I just couldn’t face. So I called in sick!

My appetetite was pretty much nonexistent today, so your going to see some weird meals today, but before we get into them further, I have something else to talk about today.

One of my favorite blogs is The Great Balancing Act. Susan [the author] is inspiring , real, honest and passionate about healthy living. I get a lot of meal ideas from her blog, and great recipes too! If you’ve never read her blog I suggest it! Anyway, every month Susan rounds off the month by looking back at what the month that’s passed has taught her.

I think this is so important! We are all trying to make improvements, and grow. The only way to evolve is to take all of our mistakes, victories and discoveries, and figure out the lessons we learned from them. I’ve decided to adopt this practice too, and I encourage others to do the same. Even if you don’t feel comfortable posting your lessons, at least take a few minutes to look at the months as they pass and think about what the month has taught you about yourself.

For me, the month of January was rough! I had a really hard time recovering from the excesses of the holiday celebrations [Christmas, New Years, Birthday]. For a few weeks it seemed impossible to get myself back on track. Finally [ last week] I got my equilibrium back after a long hard look at myself and some brutal honesty. Here are the things I learned this past month:


  • making my own protein bars are easy, cost effective, and taste much better than store bought bars
  • I love roasted vegetables
  • I like soup, after years of thinking I hated it! [what a waste!]
  • when something works for me, I need to stick to it [something I seem to have to learn over and over :(]
  • weekly treats are important to my sanity and my success
  • hot cocoa [sugar free] is a great way to get a chocolate fix without the calories
  • I still have a LOT to learn about maintaining my weight
  • I really love cooking and experimenting with new recipes
  • I need to stop comparing myself to other [more successful] bloggers. Everyone of us is different, we all have different food budgets, goals, and ideals. The most important thing is that I stay true to myself and real about who I am, mistakes, struggles, victories, and all.
  • If I view all the pointless running around I’m forced to do all day at work as extra exercise, I resent it much less
  • limiting treat splurges to things that I love, instead of what just happens to be available, is not only a lot more satisfying, but doesn’t trigger guilt.
  • what others think of me is not important, it’s what I believe about myself that matters.

What  lessons did you learn this month?

I can’t really say what I ate today were actually true meals … I wasn’t really in the mood to eat much today since I felt like dirt. Anyway, here’s what I ate :

For breakfast this morning I ate one of the Breakfast Cookies I had stashed away in the freezer for the week. I had it with a cup of tea.

Around 11:00 I was having a sweet craving so I decided to try something I read about on another blog. Protein Cookie Dough. I made it with 3 T. of peanut butter, 2 T. of chocolate Protein Powder, chocolate chips , and a little water. If  you like raw cookie dough, it definitely tastes like it. Even the texture of the “dough”. It was good, it satisfied my sweet craving without having to OD on sugar, and it stuck with me for a long time, probably because it was mainly protein based.

Around 3:00 I was feeling a little queasy ……. I made myself a whole grain English Muffin with a few sprays of Olivio, and another cup of tea. That was about it, aside from a random handful of pretzels and a few chocolate covered raisins.

I wasn’t in the mood for any fuss tonight so dinner was simple. I felt the need for some comfort food. My mom used to makes us ” breakfast for dinner” sometimes. When I don’t feel good, of course, I want my mom, but tonight I will have to settle for a meal that reminds me of her instead. I made myself a cottage cheese and spinach omelet with a whole grain English Muffin on the side.

I wanted something sweet but not heavy tonight for dessert. I opted for 2 clementines, instead of my usual dessert.

That’s it for me tonight. I still feel terrible. I am not at all happy abut it either. Oh well, with any luck tomorrow will be a better day!




2 Responses to “A Sick Day and Lessons”

  1. Melissa said

    I hope you are all better soon! That cookie dough looks great!

  2. Heidi said

    Your January “lessons” are great! And that cookie dough looks delicious. I’m a sucker for raw dough.

    I had that problem with TOM a few years ago. Thankfully it seems to have passed. Please don’t tell me it’s going to come back in a few years. 😦 I had to set my alrm 2-3 times in the middle of the night as it got super heavy too – and lasted for 7-9 days. I’m very happy to have put that behind me!

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