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Sick Day #2

Posted by Susan on February 3, 2010

TOM strikes again ! And it was worse than yesterday! There was no way I could get through a workout, let alone a day on my feet at work. [TMI: extremely heavy flow!]

I ended up camped out all day in bed. I never do this! Ever! And I never use TOM as an excuse to skip a workout, but today I knew that keeping my feet up was the smart option.The camped out in bed must have’s?

  • TV remote
  • tea
  • laptop
  • books
  • magazines

My husband was off today too. He was on his way out to pick up Zombieland [movie] . I asked him to pick me up the “TOM” essencials, as well as some chocolate! I needed it BAD! This is what the love of my life brought home for me!

Does this man know me well or what ??!!!!

I ate one Cadbury Egg, and had him put the rest of the stash downstairs in the pantry,to be eaten in moderation, when needed ;). There was a time in my life [I am ashamed to admit] where most of this stuff would be gone by the end of the day! I know gross huh? Those days are gone now though. I would be sick if I went hog-wild on chocolate! But the little cream eater egg tasted really good!

Here are my real meals for today:

I made an awesome bowl of Baked Instant Pumpkin Oats ! So good! I added a spoonful of chocolate peanut butter!

Around 10:30 I needed a snack. I had one of my ReFuel Bars I made on Sunday and a cup of tea [not shown].

Today I had lunch in bed!  I even used the ‘sick tray’. I bought this a few years ago and I think I used it once. So decadent , lounging in bed eating lunch! I made myself an egg with Laughing Cow Cheese and spinach on a whole grain English Muffin. I added some baby carrots and humus for dipping and a clementine.

I got out of bed at about 5:00 to jump in the shower and put on a clean pair of PJ’s [been wearing them all day!]. It was time to end the bed camp-out and make some dinner.

I had a chicken breast, some brussels sprouts, and some butternut squash. I added to that my signature dinner salad, spinach / feta / cranberries.

I decided to have something different for dessert tonight. I had some a Blueberry Chobani  and a square of chocolate from my  “stash” ! I always thought of yogurt as a breakfast or lunch item. It was a great dessert as well and I plan to have it more often.

I am finishing off my evening with a hot cup of Chamomile Tea ! Sipping Herbal Teas is supposed to relax you in preparation for bed, as well as ward off night time cravings …….. I figure it is worth a try!

That’s it for tonight! I am hoping tomorrow will be back to normal for me. I am sick of being sick. It was nice to camp-out in bed for the day but it isn’t something I would ever want to make a habit of. I’d rather be on the move. even so, the rest did me good and I definitely feel better tonight than I did last night!



5 Responses to “Sick Day #2”

  1. Syl said

    your hubby deserves husband of the year award, Peter would NEVER buy me “womens items” 🙂

    auh Susan I hope you feel better soon, I’m so glad you are taking care of yourself!

  2. Beth Lamb said

    Oh, I hated the pain, but I actually have fond memories of staying in bed with a heating pad and either sleeping or reading. A rare “need” to be idle!

  3. Sall said

    Feel better soon.

  4. Melissa said

    That Cadbury egg looks phenomenal!!

    I hope you feel better soon!!

  5. Heidi said

    I think I need to take a sick day like that. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Your hubby is a gem!

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