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Monday Blahs

Posted by Susan on February 8, 2010

My weekends are always great. Why? Because I spend them doing exactly what I want to do! I am always on this internal high on Sunday nights, thinking that if I can just remind myself how great my weekend was, how completely stress-free, and relaxing even housework was, Monday won’t be so bad.

This feeling of hope lasts through the 2:45AM alarm, through my morning workout, through doing my hair and make-up, and through breakfast. Then I walk out the door, get into my car, start the engine ………and the bubble BURSTS!!!!! Reality crashes down on me and I realize , UGH! Here I go again!

Thankfully, I’ve learned to ride the Monday wave. I know that once I get through it, the rest of the week will be fine. All I have to do is get through the day. I try to shut myself off as much as possible, put myself on auto-pilot, and get it over with!

I can honestly say that nothing makes me happier, than walking through the door at the end of a Monday workday [except of course walking through the door after a Friday workday :)]

So , I made it ! I survived, and I feel much better!

This morning Matt had to get up with me because he had an early job. He was not a happy camper. He kept saying to me over and over “I don’t know how you do this everyday”. I am just used to it ……..I’ve been doing it now for almost 2 years. It’s proof positive the human body can get used to anything!

My workout this morning:

  • Body Weight Circuits [Turbulence Training]
  • 30 min. Intervals / Treadmill

I was really looking forward to breakfast this morning! I had my beloved Breakfast Cookie!

For my mid-morning snack I had a clementine, and a (Re)Fuel Bar. These things are great. They totally keep me full until I get around to lunch, and that is usually not until 2:00. When lunch time finally arrived, I still wasn’t super hungry, but I knew I needed to eat something.

I had a Laughing Cow Cheese and spinach wrap and some baby carrots and roasted garlic humus.

On the ride home from owrk I snacked on some Kashi Heart to Heart cereal ……. fast becoming a favorite snack item. [I actually took this picture while I was driving ]

Dinner tonight was a chicken breast, roasted zucchini, roasted Brussles Sprouts, and couscous, with my favorite side salad [spinach, feta, cranberries]. The couscous is in the shape of the cup I measured it in!

Dessert tonight, Blueberry Chobani, with a sprinkle of granola and a cup of Chamomile Tea.

See……told you it was blah Monday! Even my food is pretty blah.

Tomorrow will be better I bet :)!



2 Responses to “Monday Blahs”

  1. Syl said

    I dump my food out of my measuring cups into shapes on my plate too, I thought I was the only wierdo :-).

    Glad you got through the day Susan, I think of you every Monday morning!

  2. Missy said

    Hope Tuesday is better than Monday! Have you ever mentioned what you do for a living and I’ve missed it? I know the economy doesn’t make for many new opportunities, but have you considered a job change? I just hate thinking about people that hate their jobs – makes me so sad! We spend so much time at work – I wish we all had jobs we love.

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