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Fasting Tuesday

Posted by Susan on February 10, 2010

Today was a fasting day for me. I noticed a few things about fasting today that I never noticed before. For the most part, aside from those empty tummy rumblings from time to time, I was never really that hungry. What I miss during the day is the actual act of eating.

I love food. I find enjoyment and comfort in eating it. That is what I really miss on fasting days. It’s really just a mind game. I just keep mentally reassuring myself that the fasting is temporary, and I will be able to eat dinner. It calms the food voices.

This morning while I was halfway through my workout and Celebrity Fit Club came on, so I ended up extending my Intervals on the treadmill in order to watch  it.

  • 20 min. SS / Spin Bike
  • 20 min. Resistance Program / Elliptical
  • 30 min. Intervals / Treadmill

By the time the dinner hour rolled around I was ready to eat. I was definately hungry, but wasn’t in the mood to cook anything elaborate. Thankfully I had some leftovers in the fridge ready to be heated up.

I had a piece of Tilapia with 1/2 a roasted sweet potato and some roasted Brussels sprouts, along with a spinach, feta and cranberry salad, that tonight I added some sunflower seeds to.

Dessert was Peach Chobani with some granola  on top. This has become my go-to dessert lately. I just take the container and turn it upside down and let it come out almost on one piece. that way the yogurt is topped with the fruit. I don’t mix it up like I used to. It is much better, and much more dessert like unmixed. Unlike regular yogurt, Greek yogurt is almost custard like, and not sour. The addition of the granola on top adds some crunch to the creamy texture of the yogurt. The whole combination is so flavorful and rich tasting. It also keeps me fuller than most other desserts. I am eating the yogurt desserts during the week, and saving the sweeter treats for weekends, these days.

Also herbal teas have become my night time life saver. I wish I’d discovered them sooner. They taste so good after a good meal.

We are gearing up for a big storm tomorrow here in CT. I love snow, but not on workdays! I am dreading the drive into work tomorrow , but I am even more worried about the drive home. They are predicting blizzard conditions for during the afternoon tomorrow!

The plan is to get up even earlier than the early hour I already get up, so I have time to dig myself out, and I can crawl to work at a snails pace if need be. So I am off to bed. Hopefully my nerves don’t keep me up all night! I keeping my fingers crossed!



2 Responses to “Fasting Tuesday”

  1. Syl said

    Susan, can you tell me what you do with your Tilapia? My husband has requested that I make it and I was hoping for a simple easy reciepe?

    Hope you don’t get a big dump of snow, I hate driving in storms!

    Last year I was with the boys heading to my moms and it was a storm, I ended up in a ditch and have been scared since, it makes me very nervous.

  2. Annie said

    Looks good! And I caught an episode of Celebrity Fit Club the other day and can’t believe how big K-Fed got! Anyway it’s good that they’ve started to turn their lives around too.

    And I love working out to work-out shows! I DVR Biggest Loser and watch an episode when I’m on the elliptical.

    If you ever get bored just on the treadmill do what I do. At every commercial break I get off my machine and do a quick interval of something else like jumping jacks, jump rope, walking lunges, mt. climbers… anything to break up the entire hour or so.

    Keep it coming girl!

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