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Liar, Liar !

Posted by Susan on February 14, 2010

This morning, as usual I wasn’t able to sleep past 5:30 …… When my body’s had enough sleep it just wants UP! I used the time to my advantage, though, getting a head start on laundry, and housework. I was also anxious to jump on the scale this morning to see what the results were from this past week.

I was expecting great things. I made an extra effort this week to move as much as possible. By this I mean, since my job is physical anyway, I’ve been making the most of it. I run all over the building anyway on a daily basis, but now I use the stairs as much as possible, using every excuse I can to take as many steps as possible during the course of the day. It makes the day fly by too, so that’s an added bonus!

Plus this week I’ve added an extra Ab Circuit to my usual circuit routine, and 2 days this week I added 50 min Spin Classes after work. I also stayed on track with my eating AND fasted for 24 hours twice.

I felt really confident weighing in. I felt physically smaller, my stomach was flatter, and I can see when I look in the mirror a difference. I stepped on the scale, expecting to see 138 flash before my eyes! And what did I see ???????

144.6  !!!!!!!!!!! WTF ????????? I stepped on and off the scale 2 or 3 times, even moved it around the bathroom floor ……… it wasn’t budging !

I got off the scale and tried on my size 6 jeans. You know, the ones that were becoming uncomfortably tight ? Well, they are no longer uncomfortable. They fit fine now. No more muffin top beginning to spill over the waist band …… Hmmmmmmm …… All I can say is …….the scale today was a BIG FAT LIAR!!!!

Instead of second guessing myself, or being worried or in a panic, I just let it go! I obviously haven’t gained any fat. It is probably my body adjusting to the extra exercise I’ve thrown at it this week. I notice that about myself. When I add something to my usual 60 min. of exercise a day, I sometimes go through a period of “gain” scale-wise, but not body-wise [if that makes any sense].

Regardless , I was not allowing the scale to rule my mood, to wreck my day, or to make me over think how I am actually doing. My eyes tell me what the scale seems to be missing …….. I am making progress. We’ll see what next week brings.

Today was my scheduled Rest Day. I am in such a workout groove lately that I kind of wanted to workout! I’ve come to one of those periods where I am really loving it, and almost craving it. It happens now and then for me. Sometimes I do what I have to do , and other times I feel so great when I do it I want to do it more. The only problem with that is, there is the danger of over-training. I’ve done that before.

While trying to loose weight for my wedding a few years ago, I would workout [elliptical only!] an hour every  morning, and an hour every night! I would never take rest days. Then every few months I would get on the elliptical in the morning and get light headed and weak. I’d have to get off the thing and lay down for a bit to recover, and that would scare me enough to allow myself the rest of the day off from exercise.

Knowing what I know today, the importance of allowing your body time to recover, I try to never let my body get to that point. From my experience, Rest Days are just as important as Workout Days, in terms of  helping me reach my goals and they really help the body not to plateau.

I got all of my work done around the house today early and really made an effort to rest. I watched some TV, did some reading, and I even took a short nap this afternoon! I did a lot this week, and want to do a lot next week ….. I wanted to be sure to give my body time to recharge!

Here are my eats for the day:

Breakfast this morning was earlier than I like to eat it on weekends. But what the hey! I was hungry! I had some Baked Instant Pumpkin Oats with a spoonful of chocolate peanut butter. I also added 1 T. of whey protien powder to my oats to give them some staying power since I was eating so early.

Around 10AM I snacked on a ReFuel Bar, and had a cup of green tea.

Lunch today was awesome! I had  Morning Star Garden Burger with roasted garlic humus and spinach on a Light English muffin, along with some whole wheat pretzels.

I ended up napping through my planned afternoon snack and it was close to dinner time when I woke up so I just skipped it.

Dinner tonight was Tilapia, with roasted Brussels sprouts, and roasted butternut squash. I had a salad with that, but tonight it was minus the dried cranberries, because I ran out! Bummer! The salad is not as pretty without them, but still tasted good, I used some sunflower seeds in their place.

As usual, tonight is Treat Night!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is my treat for tonight! Some really good , Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream! My all-time favorite flavor!!!!!! I am excited to have it ….. but it won’t be until later on. 🙂

I hope everyone has a great Valentines Day tomorrow. Matt and I don’t celebrate on the 14th …..we celebrate on the 28th. That is the anniversary of our engagement. It was a really special day for us, and since the 2 days are so close, we always combine them. Plus, we don’t have any trouble getting dinner reservations on the 28th!!!!!

Have a Happy !!!!!!!!!!!


One Response to “Liar, Liar !”

  1. Yay! Happy Valentine’s Day!

    I am sorry that scale decided to lie today. Probably just water anyway.

    So you know you are my go-to girl for recipes and food ideas. Baked oatmeal? Can you shoot me the recipe? Sounds heavenly! And since I am an oatmeal LOVER, I bet I would love this also.

    Have a great day!

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