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Bargain Shopping And Goals For The Coming Week

Posted by Susan on February 15, 2010

After Last night’s Treat Night I woke up this morning ravenous ! Isn’t that weird? When I eat more than usual, I wake up in the morning feeling half starved to death, when I eat my normal calories, and quit eating by 7PM, I am fine, and can wait hours before having breakfast.

The plans for today was to make good on a Christmas gift we gave Matt’s mom. We try to give gifts of together-time, rather than actual things to his mom. She enjoys them more, and so do we. The original gift was dinner and a movie, her choice. She mentioned that she would love to come with us one day on our bargain hunting adventures at our favorite over-stock stores so we offered her a Breakfast/Shopping Trip outing with us ……. and today was the day!

On the way to our shopping destinations we stopped at one of our favorite little places for breakfast. I toyed with possibly just getting a fruit bowl and some cereal, but figured we wouldn’t get home until after close to dinner so it would be best if I ate a big breakfast.

I ended up having a Veggie /Swiss Omelet with whole wheat toast and home fries. It was good! I really wanted hot chocolate, but saved the calories and had water instead. *Sigh*

The day was great. We hit 3 stores and I came home with a good amount of loot ! Here’s some of it.

I got this lunch bag I’ve been eyeballing for a while.

A new Planner to record food and workouts.

A bunch of stuff to make a special Valentine gift for my favorite almost 9 year old [niece, Kate].

And I have been wanting to try Quinoa [ pronounced Keen-wha]. I’ve read about it in Oxygen Magazine, but have never been able to find it. I got some today, so I added it to tonight’s dinner menu.

For dinner tonight I had a chicken breast, some roasted Brussels sprouts, quinoa and a spinach/feta/cranberry/sunflower salad The verdict on the quinoa, I don’t really have one.I t wasn’t awful, it wasn’t spectacular. I added some Olivio and some grated FF Parmesan cheese to it because it was pretty bland. It was OK, I just have to experiment with it a little bit.

I had some Blueberry Chobani with a handful of granola on top for dessert. After last night’s sugary treat, I really enjoyed a dessert that was a little more wholesome. I have to admit, as nice as treats are, and as much as I look forward to them, I really enjoy eating well. I am getting to the point where real food tastes really good to me. Almost better than my treats.

This development is really interesting to me. Take today’s breakfast , for example. It was great, don’t get me wrong, but to be honest, I would have rather made breakfast at home. Aside from the fact that I would know exactly how it was made, I feel like the food I make tastes better than the food I get when I am out. I guess this kind of makes me a boring person, who would rather eat in, then go out to eat. But who cares!? It is important that when watching your food intake , to enjoy what your eating, and I just seem to enjoy my food best!

I’ve decided to include small weekly mini-goals each week in my Sunday posts each week. I think this is a great way to strive for more each week as well and keep myself accountable. There’s something about getting something clear in your mind , and actually writing them down and putting them out there. For me, it makes me feel more responsible for getting it done!

Goals For The Week:

  1. Workout 5-6 days
  2. Add 2 PM Spin Classes [Wed. & Fri.] to my usual 60 min. every morning
  3. Track all food [thankfully this week , the sweets won’t be as abundant, and it will lessen temptation]
  4. 24 Hour Fasting twice this week [Tues. & Fri.]
  5. Added Ab Circuit to usual Circuit Training days
  6. Keep up with water intake
  7. Deliberately stay as active as possible at work [taking stairs whenever possible, keeping on the move even when it isn’t absolutely necessary]

Most of these things I do, and have been doing for some time now, [with the exception of the extra Spin Classes] but it gives me an extra push to actually post it!

It’s been a long , busy day, and I am beat! Time to settle in with some herbal tea, and get ready to call it a night! A  new week is calling my name!



4 Responses to “Bargain Shopping And Goals For The Coming Week”

  1. Sounds like a good day. When I eat sugar before bed, I often wake up hungry. the gifts for your niece sure looked like fun! Sure sounds like you are active! Have a good week.

  2. man i really need to start popping in here on the weekends!

    i dont even remember where to begin but I’m so glad your not letting the scale get you down. I swear it’s such a bugger anyways!

    and I can relate about the eating out…maybe because we are staying in more and more that when we do finally go out, it all tastes processed.

    have a great start to the week!

  3. syl said

    love your new lunch bag, looks like a great weekend Susan!

  4. Kate said

    I tried quinoa for the first time this weekend. I’d heard mixed reviews, but I found this recipe awhile back and was anxious to give it a go. It was good! Those who’d had quinoa before said it was quite tasty, they said it had more flavor than other recipes they’d tried. Here’s a link.

    Lemme know if you like it!

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