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An Afterthought

Posted by Susan on February 19, 2010

I tried to blog earlier tonight, but WordPress wouldn’t let me! I then decided to let it go for tonight, but then I was suddenly able to get on WordPress again, so this post is an afterthought.

I had originally planned on reviewing a book I recently finished and really liked, but I’ll save that for tomorrow night. I fast tomorrow, so there won’t be much to blog about in the food department anyway.

I have some really big plans for the month of March. I haven’t got it completely worked out in my head yet, but I am excited about it, just the same!

This morning I got up and I was sore! Last night I did a Spin Class I’ve never tried before. It was called Cardio Spin, and it was all Intervals on the bike. It was broken up into 2 min. intense, high resistance intervals, and 2 min. recovery. It had my butt and quads screaming by the end of it! No wonder this morning I felt it!

This morning I was planning a short Spin Class, but after realizing how sore I was , I decided to do a little SS cardio to give my body a break.

  • 30 min. SS / Spin Bike
  • 30 min. Resistance Program / Elliptical

I have a double workout [ AM/PM] planned for tomorrow, and I really want to be ready for it. My body needs to adjust to the extra exercise I am throwing at it lately. The last thing I want to do is injure myself because I did too much too soon.

This morning for breakfast I had my beloved Breakfast Cookie. I really look forward to it, especially after my workout.

I had a ReFuel Bar for my mid- morning snack.

I was running really late this morning, so I threw together a lunch that was easy. Peanut butter on a wrap with some carrots. I ended up eating this literally on the run. I never got a chance to really sit down and enjoy it. it was more like fuel to get me through the rest of the day than anything else!

I snacked on some Kashi H2H cereal on the ride home from work.

Dinner tonight was great! I had whole wheat pasta, with chicken and roasted zucchini.I paired it with a spinach salad.

Total Calories : 1668

I was pretty much satisfied after dinner, so I skipped dessert. That never happens! I had a cup of tea instead and will soon be calling it a night!

I am so happy tomorrow is Friday !!!!!! I have some plans this weekend as well as some serious relaxing to do! I can’t wait!


2 Responses to “An Afterthought”

  1. Syl said

    susan that totally doesn’t look like that many calories! Do those breakfast cookies take up alot of calories, I heard they have great stay power!

    Not doubting you, just another example of why tracking is so important to me :0)

    Hope you have a great weekend Susan, and look forward to reading about your March goals!

  2. Hey girl! Looks like we were both on the run! So much to do, so little time!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

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