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The Scale …… *Sigh*

Posted by Susan on February 21, 2010

OK. I got up this morning , truly expecting a great number. This week has been stellar! I kept within my calorie range, I fasted  Tues. and Fri., I worked out everyday in the morning for 60 min., and added two PM Spin Classes into the mix. I feel smaller, my body looks smaller, my clothes are looser, and most importantly feel strong, my mood is even, and I feel unstoppable!!!!!!!!

So I jumped on the scale this morning and what did I see??????? 145 lbs. ????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF ????!!!!!!!!!! I could NOT believe my eyes!

But you know what? After the initial feeling of disappointment, not to mention betrayal, I decided something. I just don’t give a SH** !!!!!!!!!!!

My jiggly bits are not jiggly anymore. My butt, that honestly looked like a pillow case minus the stuffing [saggy skin] is beginning to fill out in a good way. I am happy, I feel positive. Both my body and my head are in line. I feel mentally as good as I do physically. I am loving my workouts, loving the food I am eating. I feel like I my life is in balance for the first time since I started the maintenance/lifestyle phase of this journey, and that was my ultimate goal anyway.

I am 5’9 and 145 lbs. It’s a good weight for that height. This just maybe be  the natural point where my body is supposed to be. Hey, it’s 5lbs. less than I was in High School [that was 28 years ago!] , and I am in 100% better shape than I was then. I think that says a lot.

I am just going to keep doing what I am doing. Keep challenging myself physically, eating well, not depriving myself, and keep moving forward. This is a valuable lesson and it’s taken me so long to learn. I don’t think it is something that anyone can tell you, or any amount of advice or research can reassure anyone that the scale isn’t always an accurate measure of where your body is. It is an personal discovery, that everyone has to come to in their own time.

So I am not going to give a sermon about how the scale, although a valuable tool, doesn’t tell the entire story. I am just going to assure you that there will come a time when all the pieces will come together, and you will see the big picture. Finally making peace with the scale is a conclusion you make when your ready. It’s kind of an “Ah Ha!” moment.

I am not saying I won’t weigh myself weekly anymore, because I will. I just won’t put as much stock in the number is all! I feel like I cracked some mysterious code. I feel like I am way ahead of the game!

This morning I got up early [as usual]. I got the laundry started. We originally had plans for an outing today with my niece, but our bank account didn’t want to cooperate, so we postponed it until next weekend. That meant a day of housework was on the agenda. There is always plenty to do in that department!

Before I got started I needed a good breakfast. Since Saturday’s don’t have the time constraints that work days do, I made my current favorite breakfast treat. Instant Baked Pumpkin Oats. Today I added dried cranberries to the mix. I had my oats with a decadent spoonful of chocolate peanut butter. It was incredibly good!

Around 10:00 I was ready to take a break from my work and have a snack. a ReFuel Bar was the perfect thing. Something delicious, that would hold me until lunch.

Incredible but true ….. by lunch time, most of my work was finished!!!!!!!!! I love when that happens! Only a few more things to do and I am FREE for the rest of the weekend! Lunch today was some Progresso Light Classic Vegetable Soup with a Laughing Cow Cheese and spinach filled wrap! Yum! A perfect lunch for a busy Saturday!

By 3:00 I am done! Not only housework and laundry, but also food preparation for the week!!!!!! It was time for a snack! I made some Fiber One Muffins from a box mix. Instead of the oil the box called for I used apple sauce, and I replaced the eggs it called for with liquid egg whites. They were really good! I ate one and put the rest in the freezer for future snacks.

Today was my official “Rest Day”. I still try to keep as active as possible though, with housework and all. I have the workout bug lately. I am just in the mood to do it. I decided to do a nice relaxing 20 min. yoga class from the Exercise TV website. I have really wanted to experiment with yoga. Initially it turned me off, because I like my workouts more energetic and more fast paced. In the past, yoga would frustrate me with the slow moves and holds.

I realize though, that my workouts need to be more balanced. That slowing things down is not a “waste of a workout” as I always thought. In the line of work I’m in, I am very aware of the importance of having a strong core, flexibility and good balance as we grow older.The older we get the more prone we are to falls. Falls in the elderly, believe it or not, are one of the leading cause of death in the elderly. Not so much the actual fall, but the complications caused in result of the fall.

This knowledge has taught me the importance of keep in shape, but the one thing I’ve definitely neglected in my workouts improving my balance and flexibility. That being said, I am trying to incorporate, slowly at first, some yoga into my life. I am hoping to adding it more and more in the weeks to come.

Dinner tonight was super simple, but super yummy! I had a chicken breast , some roasted Brussels sprouts, roasted butternut squash, and some roasted sweet potato.

Tonight is my TREAT NIGHT !!!!!!!!!!! I bought these last Sunday and threw them in the back of a cabinet in the kitchen and forgot about them …….. until now!

Two of my favorite treats in the world are Chocolate Covered Pretzels, and Chocolate Covered Almonds ! While last week’s treat of Cookie Dough Ice Cream tasted amazing, I must admit, the fat in it made my stomach a little upset in the end. At least the Almonds themselves contain healthy fat, so I shouldn’t experience the fall out like I did with the ice cream.

The plan is to take a nice hot shower, make myself a cup of tea and enjoy my Treat while catching up on some DVR ! How I love Saturday nights, when all my work is done, and I can just chill with a treat and some TV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great night !


4 Responses to “The Scale …… *Sigh*”

  1. Beth Lamb said

    I currently have my scale in a time-out because it has WAY too much power over how I feel. I haven’t weighed since before Christmas when I was having a few problems. Although in good times I like to know the number and watch it drop, in truth I obviously know how I’m doing by how my clothes feel.

    You must be at that maintenance(!)stage where the body just naturally fluctuates five pounds or so.

  2. It’s a GREAT weight for your height. I would love to be there! BTW… I gave you an award on my blog. Have a nice Sunday!

  3. Missy said

    I’m glad you see that you did everything right – and you have a smokin’ body – so what the scale says doesn’t really matter. Good for you not leyting it get you down!

  4. So great you are using ExerciseTV as apart of your healthy lifestyle! Keep up the hard work. If you want more free workout videos, go to!

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