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Project 13 : Day #1

Posted by Susan on March 2, 2010

As hyped up and ready for this challenge as I was yesterday , this morning was another story! In typical Monday fashion, today it was rough getting started. Thankfully, once I got going and shook off some of the “tired”, I was fine:

This morning’s workout looked like this:


  • Lower Body Circuit
  • 20 min. Intervals / Treadmill
  • 20 min. Elliptical / Resistance Program


  • TBL Weight-loss Yoga DVD
  • Spin and Burn Class

Yep! I feel like a *Rock Star* !!!!! I not only did an AM workout session, I also did a PM session!!!!!! [I just hope I don’t pay for it tomorrow in the form of sore muscles!]

I got this in today :

I love, love, LOVE it !!!!!!! I’ve done yoga DVD’s here and there . They are always way too long and way too slow for me! This DVD is not like that at all. It is fast paced, and doesn’t feel long and drawn out. Plus, there is something about Bob……….. his voice doesn’t annoy me, I like the guy! He really explains the proper form and he keeps the poses flowing. I am totally impressed, and will be adding it into my daily workout regimen.

Today I had to call into work because of a repair man visit. You know how that goes, they give you some crazy window of time when they may [or may not] show up …….. Matt usually takes care of this stuff, but he just couldn’t today because of work obligations, so I had to step up to the plate. So although I was trapped in the house “waiting” all day, I at least got a 3 day weekend out of the deal! I also had plenty of time for a PM Workout!

Staying home from work on a weekday used to make me feel instant panic in the past! It was always hard for me to manage my intake , knowing that food was more accessible. These days though, I eat exactly how I do at work, keeping the times that I eat home as close to the times I eat at work as possible.

Here’s what my food looked like today:

This morning I had some Instant Soy milk Oats with 1 T. of vanilla protein powder, 1/2 c. of Go Lean Crunch, and 1 T. of walnuts. Of course I added a spoonful of chocolate peanut butter! It’s a must with my oatmeal.

Around 10:00 I had a mid-morning snack. I had 3 Banana Chocolate Chip Cookie  that I made this weekend

and a hard boiled egg.

Lunch today was some hot soup [Progresso Light Classic Vegetable] and some crackers [Wheat Thins]. Perfect for a cold windy day like today! Cozy , warm comfort food! Before my PM workout , I had a (Re)Fuel Bar [not shown].

Dinner tonight, I had chicken, couscous, and roasted Brussels sprouts, and roasted cauliflower.

Dessert tonight, one Fiber One Muffin topped with 1 oz. of FF cream cheese.

Total Calories For The Day : 1656

Now it is tea time! The time of the day I unwind, relax, and mentally prepare for tomorrow. I am gearing up for a great night’s sleep so I can get up tomorrow and face the first work day [for me] of the week.

This is a super short week for me. We took Friday off this week because someone very special [Matt?] is having a birthday !!!!!! We are planning a fun day on Friday in celebration ! Something to look forward to when the week starts wearing on me!

Off I go !


4 Responses to “Project 13 : Day #1”

  1. Missy said

    Great day one!!

  2. oooohhhhh…I may need to look into that DVD!!

    awesome project!! I’m sure you’ll be able to reach your goal!!

    cant wait to read all about it!

  3. Heidi said

    Glad you got another day off! We can all use a little recharge time now and again – even if it is wasted waiting on a repairman.

    You are a workout Queen these days. Very inspiring!!!

  4. Meredith said

    I’m glad you liked the recipe! 🙂

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