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The Love / Hate Relationship : Exercise

Posted by Susan on March 4, 2010

We all know the truth. In order to achieve whatever fitness or weight loss goals we have in mind, exercise is necessary. It is a fact of all of our lives, like it or not! Some of us love it, some of us hate it, some of us tolerate it. I’ve been working out consistently for the past 2 years [as of June]. I didn’t always like it, but I did it anyway. I wanted to not only lose weight, but to change the shape of my body. Knowing that working out on a regular basis was the only way to achieve this, I learned to make peace with it.

I can remember vividly laying on the floor of my home exercise space, at 3:00 in the morning, after doing ab exercises, staring at the ceiling and  wondering what the heck I was doing? Why am I awake at this crazy hour? Why wasn’t I asleep like the rest of the world? What am I trying to prove? But I got up off the floor and continued anyway. I tried to keep in mind how great I felt both mentally and physically when I was finished. Nothing is more satisfying than working up a sweat, and the knowledge that you accomplished what you set out to do.

Now years later my entire relationship with working out has changed. I went from something I did because I had to, to a habit, and finally to something I enjoy, something I look forward to, and something I couldn’t imagine not doing. But it took me close to 2 years to get to this point.

I honestly believe that if you just keep doing it, even if you hate it, even if you view it as punishment, a time will come when it becomes more. When it becomes this vital part of your life, that you actually look forward to. You will start trying new things, start challenging yourself , competing with yourself. You will start getting such a high from working your body, that you will gladly make it a lifetime commitment.

I carved out a time to do it. I didn’t want to interfere with my “free time” after work so I chose before the crack of dawn ! I wanted to just get it over with. After a while it became more than something I wanted to get behind me so I didn’t have to think about it anymore. It became my meditation, my stress release, a time were I was able to work off all the frustrations and any other emotion I might be struggling with. It also became this little invisible badge of honor for me. I could walk around all day knowing that while all the rest of my work-mates were sleeping, I was pounding out a workout, and working to make positive changes in my body.

So , do yourself a favor and stop dwelling on the fact that you “hate” it and accept it as a must and try to at least tolerate it. Don’t over think it, just do it almost automatically. Sooner or later you will need to do it. You’ll want to do it. And you will get to the point where your actually excited to do it! And the benefits of all the hard work will be so much more than the hour or so a day you put into it! I’ve gained so much more from it than I ever thought possible. Everything from confidence, clearer thinking, I handle things that come up in my daily life differently, and after doing a good workout, the last thing I want to do is feed this body junk. I automatically make better food choices because I want to fuel it and improve it! It has literally become my therapy.

The ugly truth is, that in order to lose weight, and maintain that loss, exercise has got to be a part of your life FOREVER! The word is so daunting ……most of us just need to look at it a day at a time in or we will go nuts! But I don’t think I am a phenomenon. And I am absolutely no great athlete ! I think that if done consistently , it is possible for anyone to learn to not hate working out anymore. I am proof. It unfortunately takes time. But time well worth taking. 🙂

My workout today looked like this:


  • 20 min. Treadmill / Hill Program
  • 20 min. SS / Bike
  • 30 min. TBL Weight Loss Yoga


  • Spin Circuit Class

My food for today looked like this:

5:30 am : 1 egg with Laughing Cow Cheese , on a whole grain English Muffin.

8:30 am : an apple.

11:00 am : Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies, super easy to make and really delicious!

2:00 pm : Laughing Cow Cheese on w wrap with some baby carrots.

3:30 PM : Some Nature Valley Nut Clusters [serving according to package].

6:00 pm : Chicken, roasted cauliflower, roasted Brussels sprouts, roasted butternut squash, and some couscous.

And some Strawberry Chobani Yogurt topped with 1 T. of granola.

Total Calories For Today : 1135

Tomorrow is my last day of work for the week . I am so excited to come home from work and know I have 3 days to do whatever I please. Right now I am off to drink some tea and wind down before sleep.


One Response to “The Love / Hate Relationship : Exercise”

  1. andrea said

    Great post, I’m still in the hate part of my relationship can’t wait till I reach the love:).

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