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Eye Opening!

Posted by Susan on March 6, 2010

A lovely reader turned me on to an excellent site 3Fat Chicks on a Diet . [thanks Pam!] They have some great forums and especially helpful for me was the Maintenance Forum. Wow ! Did reading some of the posts open my eyes!

I had this crazy notion that Maintenance meant that I could up my calories a LOT !!!!!!!!!! I thought I could eat 2000 calories not problem. I workout intensely,I have an active job, I have no problems right? Wrong! What was I thinking?

In reading the forums I’ve come to the conclusion that weight-loss and maintenance are really not that different. In order to maintain my loss, I pretty much have to eat what I ate while I was reducing. I was eating 1200-1400 when  lost weight last year, and I will probably have to stick to that same number of calories in order to keep myself on track.

I noticed though, that even though the successful maintainers on this sight [and there are many!] allow themselves one “treat meal” a week.That is a bright spot , anyway.

So, I realize that when I get my weight back down, I need to approach maintenance in another way. I thought maintenance meant freedom. I thought it meant I didn’t have to journal every little bite, like I did when I was dieting. I thought I didn’t have to weigh and measure out all my food anymore.

NEWS FLASH ! Successful maintenance is not so different from dieting! In fact it is almost the same. The women on this forum still live life the same way as they did when dieting and they keep the weight down that way. I plan on keeping up with this forum regularly , so I can gain as much knowledge as possible, so that my weight doesn’t end up drifting like it has been !

That being said…… last night, I did something I haven’t done in a long time! I binged ! I bought some [light] ice cream. It was not a smart move.

At first I allowed myself a a measured portion in a bowl. I finished it, and the next thing you know, I am standing at the sink, shoveling spoonfuls mindlessly into my mouth! I finished the entire carton ! I have no idea what triggered it, or why I did it. As you can imagine, I was sick as a dog afterward. I had a rough time sleeping, and an even rougher time working out this morning!

It amazes me that even though I know that I will be sick after a binge, I still do it! It’s crazy! It just goes to show, no matter how far you’ve come, your always in danger of a back slide from time to time. It happens. The only thing I can do about it now, is just pick myself up, dust myself off, and continue on. I feel, that as long as I don’t allow myself let one binge turn into a week or month of binging……I’m OK.

So today, I am putting the binge behind me, and moving forward with my Project 13 goals.

As I mentioned, today is Matt’s Birthday!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Hubby!!!!!!!!!

He wanted to go out to breakfast this morning. We went to a diner called Elmer’s . I’ve been here once before, but i didn’t remember how great the menu was.

They offer so many healthy options. I went for a Healthy Wrap made with egg whites, spinach, onions, broccoli, and swiss cheese on a whole grain wrap. It was served with potatoes , and I tried some [they were really good] but left half the portion on my plate.

Here’s the Birthday boy enjoying his breakfast!

I was pretty full after that big breakfast, [and probably from the big binge the night before :(] , so I ended up not eating anything else all day. The excess sugar last night made me so tired today. I ended up laying down to read this afternoon and sleeping for 2 hours!

Even though I ate all over the place the last 24 hours, I still got in my workouts for today:

AM :

  • Lower Body Circuit
  • 30 min. Hill Walking Intervals / Treadmill

PM :

  • Spin and Slim Spin Class
  • 30 min. TBL Yoga

After working out, Matt felt like going out for dinner, and since he’s the Birthday Boy, I agreed! I don’t like going out to eat 2 meals in one day, but I decided to use today as my treat day. We went to one of our favorite restaurants in town called “Holiday”. I wasn’t in the mood for a salad, but I didn’t want anything super heavy. I ended up ordering this:

It was amazing! A Vegetarian Grinder. It was hot and filled with mushrooms, egg plant, tomatoes, broccoli, onions, peppers, a little bit of tomato sauce and topped with Mozzarella cheese. It was so good! I will definately be ordering this again, it was delicious and didn’t leave me feeling over stuffed or bloated.

After we got home from dinner it was time to break out the Birthday cake! I had a small piece. I know you must be wondering how I could even look at ice cream after last night’s free-for-all …… but in the spirit of celebration, I forced a piece down! 🙂

I have no idea what the calorie count is for today, so I can’t wait to get myself back on track tomorrow! Back to tracking, and working toward my goals. As of Thurs. morning, I was 145.2 lbs. That is a 1.6 lb. loss for the first week of Project 13. Not bad.

Tomorrow is my “rest day” exercise-wise. But I have a whole lot of housework and laundry to keep me active most of the day. Not to mention cooking for the week. I am sore from this week’s workouts. I think my body will really benefit from the rest.

I am off now to watch a movie with the Hub’s and hopefully get to bed at a decent hour.


2 Responses to “Eye Opening!”

  1. Heidi said

    Congrats on the loss for week 1!

    That grinder looks yummy. Kind of like pizza on a bun.

    Hope your hubby had a great birthday.

  2. Pam K. said

    Susan: So glad to hear you liked 3FatChicks. It sounds like you got a lot from all of the great posts on the maintainers forum. I have picked up so many wonderful tips from that forum, the biggest one being the same one you mentioned, which is that maintaining is almost exactly like dieting. It has been the biggest lesson I have learned in this weight loss journey of mine. I have lost the same 50 pounds over and over throughout the years and it has always come because I thought that i could go back to my old ways of eating (not exactly the same as before but pretty darn close). Now I know that I will always have to closely watch what I eat. In fact, I keep my calories at diet level (1200-1400) most days. The problem is reining myself in after a treat or cheat. They frequently turn into a few days or even weeks of overeating that lead me to gain 5 plus pounds. Then it’s panic city and I hit the diet hard again until it’s gone. I wish I could be stable and consistent but it is super difficult (I lost 50 pounds in 2006 and another 10 in 2009 and have kept it off). I think dieting sets off a binge mentality in me. I am not surprised at all by your ice cream eat-a-thon. In fact, I would have followed it by something salty and then more sweets because who knows how long it would be until I would great treats again. Anyway, know that you are definitely not alone in your struggle. Being thin is so worth it! I have a similar workout schedule, only I work out at a gym instead of at home, first thing in the morning everyday for 75-90 minutes. You’d think all of that exercise would give us some leeway to eat what we wanted. NOT!

    Take care,

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