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Not As Easy As I Thought It Would Be…….

Posted by Susan on September 8, 2009

Today was a nightmare, It was a lesson in patients. This whole new blog thing was nothing like I expected, I’m quite obviously no techie. If it weren’t for my ever patient Husband I wouldn’t have gotten this far. Please forgive any future weirdness until I get used to this thing.

At this point my brain is pretty much fried, so this post will be short and sweet. Before I started all this madness this morning I got in my 7th day of the “30 Day Shred” After that I had breakfast,


I had the last of my favorite Kashi Coco Beach granola over oats with a spoonful of chocolate peanut butter and a bannana.



For lunch I had a quesadilla made with a tortilla and re fried beans and reduced fat cheddar, with that I had some grapes and some animal crackers.



For dinner I had A chicken breast with sauteed baby bell mushrooms, Kashi whole grain rice pilaf, and a spinach salad.

Right now I am off to bed with a massive headache from too much computer today, I want to thank my wonderful husband for taking dictation as I relaxed in his comfortable chair. Hopefully tomorrow I can look at this as a new adventure instead of a pain in my butt……..

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Uknown Food Day

Posted by Susan on September 6, 2009

I slept in this morning ……. Until after 8:00 ! It felt sooooooo good ! When I finally dragged my butt out of bed , I got ready to get my shred workout in for the day. I was NOT in the mood at all ! But I did it anyway !

After making good on my Shred commitment , I had some breakfast . I am keeping it light this morning because I have an unknown food day ahead of me today. My mother in law is having a little get together today for all the August birthday’s in the family. I have no clue what she will be serving so I am preparing myself for anything !

I had an egg with reduced fat cheese on a whole wheat sandwich thin, and some grapes.

I was asked to make brownies for the little party today, so I was up at 10:00 last night baking them ! This side of the family calls me the “Brownie Queen”. They are just the box kind , but I always frost them with chocolate fudge icing …….. that must be why they seem so special to everyone. I will be eating one myself ! I think they are pretty awesome too !

I am working on something special that I will share with everyone either Tues. or Wed. , depending on how much I am able to get done with the remainder of the time I have this weekend ! I am very excited about it and can’t wait to share it with everyone ! So stay tuned !

Shred Update :

Day 7 / Level 1 : Complete ! ( no intervals today , it is my “Rest Day” )

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Posted by Susan on September 5, 2009

I am loving my Saturday morning ! I was so tired last night I couldn’t fall asleep ! ever feel like that ?! But once I fell asleep I slept well.

Got up this morning and got in my Shred workout and 20 min. HIIT on the spin bike. We are at the halfway point of Level 1 ladies !!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are getting it done !!!!! I feel strong and lean. I really love what this workout is doing for me ! I am really impressed with it so far !

After Shredding this morning I had breakfast. Chobani yogurt with Zoe’s granola and an apple.I am getting to love this stuff. I am amazed at how much more filling and satisfying it is than my usual yogurt. It really hit the spot , because after the working out I am ready to eat !

I am off to straighten out the house so we can get to today’s doings ! Have a great Saturday !

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Freedom Is Just A Day Away !!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Susan on September 3, 2009

Hurray ! Almost Friday ! And a Holiday weekend to boot ! Can’t get much better than that right ? We have no plans aside from a small get together with Matt’s side of the family on Sunday. It should be fun .

This weekend is my last weekend of the summer. I will be busy with an extra job all month, and by the time I’ve finished it it will be October ! I plan on enjoying it as much as possible !

Here are today’s food choices:

For breakfast , an egg sammie and a banana ……….. for whatever reason it tasted especially good ! I was starving this morning after my workout !

Work today was crazy busy. I had an apple and a granola bar. That held me until lunch because I was way too busy to even think about if I was hungry or not ! ( a good thing I guess)

For lunch I had some granola in Greek yogurt, and a nectarine.

Dinner was a HUGE veggie salad with a chicken breast, some sunflower seeds, sesame sticks, and reduced fat cheese.

I was really low on calories today ( making up a little for the cake splurge yesterday) so I had this concoction …… DC cake, FF frozen yogurt , lite chocolate syrup , and whipped cream. A dark chocolate kiss instead of a cherry !
Shred Update :

Day #3 / Level 1 : complete , along with 20 min. HIIT on the treadmill !
I know it is probably my imagination , but I sweat I FEEL leaner ! I know, it has just been 3 days , but I can feel my body responding and even if it isn’t , this illusion is keeping me extra motivated !!!!!
Onward fellow Shredders !!!!!!!!

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Wednesday : The Week Is Flying By !!!!

Posted by Susan on September 2, 2009

Already halfway to the weekend ! I love it when time flies like this week has ! I am REALLY tired tonight so I am going to make this post short and sweet !

Breakfast : Oatmeal with Zoe’s Granola and chocolate peanut butter , with a banana. Something I never noticed before about bananas …… they are really filling ! I’ll have to buy them more often !

For my AM snack I had a nectarine and Chobani Greek Yogurt. ( I took a pic but forgot to upload it ! )

As I mentioned yesterday, we threw a Bridal Shower for a co-worker today. I decided to skip the 6 ft. cold cut sub, and other goodies and stick to my own lunch brought from home.

For lunch today I went light …….veggie salad with sunflower seeds and sesame sticks for protein. I did this because ……………………

One of my co-workers makes the most amazing cakes in the world ! During my dieting time, I always passed on her delicious cakes, but now that I am maintaining , I made sure I had some ! It was so worth every single calorie !!!!! Moist marble cake with butter cream frosting ! I didn’t have a huge piece, but I had enough and I savored every heavenly bite. I also had 1/2 of a fudge brownie !!!!

Burger night is the only night of the week Matt and I eat together ! He has no desire to embrace a healthy lifestyle and just eats what he wants most nights. He grilled himself a burger and me a turkey burger. I had it on a whole grain sandwich thin with oven fries , corn on the cob, and a salad.

Even though I splurged today on goodies from the shower , I still had dessert. I had some dark chocolate kisses !
Shred Update :
Day # 2 of The 30 Day Shred : Completed along with 30 min. HIIT on the spin bike !
Off to bed ! I am beat ! Sleep tight !

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Posted by Susan on September 1, 2009

Today was a day of firsts …….. September 1st, first day back to work after a long and relaxing weekend, and of course , my first day of the SHRED !

I am not ashamed to admit it, I wasn’t sure about it . I was scared to death that I would commit to it, and then have to come back and say …… I just can’t keep up with Jillian !

I am so glad that didn’t turn out to be the case. I got up this morning, pushed play on the DVD player and got to work. It was tough , absolutely ! I do circuits , but not without any rest ! This was a non-stop , sweat pouring off me , heart pounding , totally challenging workout ! And I really LOVED it !!!!!

I love how she really stresses proper form , how she talks you through it all , and energized I felt when it was finished ! I was worried I would be too beat afterward to get in my 30 min. HIIT. As it turned out, I was feeling great and did my HIIT without any problem at all !!!

I can’t wait to try it again tomorrow ! It is exactly what I want in a workout : short and sweet but at the same time gives me the feeling that I did something !

Here are my food choices for today :

Breakfast : whole wheat toast topped with reduced fat peanut butter and a banana ……. surprisingly filling !

AM Snack : An apple and a granola bar. ( I ate half before I remembered to take a picture of it !)

Lunch : Left over tuna salad from yesterday’s lunch on a whole grain sandwich thin and some Special K Crackers.

PM Snack : Some edamame …… this time minus the pod !

Dinner : Kashi 7 Grain Rice Pilaf , and 4 oz. salmon along with a veggie salad topped with some reduced fat cheese.

Dessert : A repeat of last night , but photographed from a different angle ……. I’d been thinking about this all day …….. so good ! DC cake , iced with Dark Chocolate Dreams and a squirt of lite whipped cream.
Tomorrow we are throwing a bridal shower for a co-worker . After a lot of thought , I’ve decided to skip the shower goodies and bring my own lunch ……. But I think I will indulge in a small slice of cake !!!!!!
Off to bed for me ! I went to bed much to late last night , and I need to get some catch up sleep. I am trying to train myself to get up earlier so when I start my Sept. house sitting gig, it won’t be a shock to my system . I need to get in my workouts no matter what !
Sleep well friends !

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Preparing For The September SHRED !

Posted by Susan on August 31, 2009

I am ready and excited to start “The September Shred Challenge “. I am Sly over at Live, Smile, Run started this challenge ! She must have read my mind because I was planning to do “The Shred” this month. I need something quick and effective to do as a workout because my time this month is limited due to a second job I am doing all month.

I must admit, in reviewing the video this weekend I am more than a little intimidated ! Level one looks doable, but Level 2 and Level 3 look darn right scary ! I hope I can hack it ! I have every intention of doing all 30 Days ……. no excuses !

Here are my beginning measurements :

Waist : 29″
Chest: 33.2″
Hips: 34.2″
Thigh : 19″
Arm : 10″

Here is my ” Before Shred ” Photo :
( I workout at home so I have no cute workout outfits ………)

I am all set for tomorrow morning :

DVD set and ready to go !

Mat , weights , and gloves ……… set up and waiting !
My plan is to do The Shred plus 30 min. HIIT on either the treadmill or the spin bike. I am excited to start. I am taking today as a Rest Day because I am planning on not having another until Oct. 1st.
Stay tuned for updates , and good luck my fellow Shredders !!!!!!

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