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Free Days : Friend or Foe ?

Posted by Susan on April 4, 2009

Last June I did the Body for Life Program. The diet was very strict and specific. But at the end of each week you were allow a “free day”. The idea of it was that you could do anything for 6 days a week knowing that the 7th day was yours to eat what ever you like. The book said to eat ANYTHING for the entire day. The message boards were split on the subject of free days. Some people were all for it, some instituted free meals instead of the an entire day free, and others said no way….never take them.

I decided since the book’s author and creater of this plan said to take them, and enjoy an entire day of it, I was going to do just that !!! I mean he was the expert right? He knew what he was talking about ! The book also stated to do the entire program exactly as outined for optimal resuts…… who was I to mess with the program????

So I made my free day extravaganza for my workout rest day….Saturdays. I looked forward to it all Friday night. I would start the second my eyes opened. The frenzy would begin with anything I had in the house. Sometimes I would bake things the night before and I would be eating brownies with fudgie icing literally for breakfast ! I would eat anything and everything, even things I don’t normally care about much, just because I could. It would get to the point where I was sick by 5pm, but still trying to fit more food in !

Funny, at the time I never really saw any problem with this. I was doing “the program just as it was outlined in the book” wasn’t I? Never once did I make the correlation between “free day” and all out binge. I had a binge issue for years. I would be good all week Mon. thru Fri. and lose control on Sat. and Sun. I would wake up Monday morning promising myself never again, and repeat the pattern over and over .

Needless to say with every free day I undid most of the good I did the week before. By the end of the challenge I had lost a few inches , (probably because of the weight training and HIIT sessions), and very little real weight.

After that I began to rethink the whole free day scenerio and opted for a free meal on Friday nights, my husband and I always went out after work on Fridays, it was a sort of date night for us (until this blasted recession killed it). I would eat anything I wanted, and dessert too, hungry for it or not ! I ended up feeling over full, sick and bloated and hardly slept a wink every Friday night.

I came to the realization that I wasn’t a “free” anything girl. From years of this binge behavior I have developed horrible reflux and sometimes it is so bad , well, I’ll spare you the gory details, but trust me it is bad when I over stuff my body with fatty foods.

Now I just try to plan anything I want into my regular calorie alottment and keep the portions under control. I have to say that lately I am not feeling like I am missing out on anything because I eat it if I want it. Sometimes I try to find a healthier, lower fat alternative, but I still eat it. I find that the concept of “free day”ing it does not work for me. It makes me lose focus, it makes me sick and it is much too reminiscent of my past binge behavior for me.

Some folks who don’t have my food issues can have a free day and do absolutely no damage. I envy them ! They have so much more control than I do. For me, I think I will steer clear of a free anything and just keep myself where I am now. It is comfortable for me and I never have heartburn that keeps me awake all night !!

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Girls Night Out !

Posted by Susan on March 25, 2009

Last night was my long awaited night out with my friends. It was so much fun catching up and hanging out, especially since I am on vacation and did not have to worry about getting home and getting to bed. I was excellent at the restraunt. I has a salad with salmon, low fat dressing on the side. I didn’t eat the appetizer, and I didn’t indulge in a cocktail. It felt great not to walk out of the place feeling bloated and like my pants are about to pop !

I got home at a decent hour, took a shower and watched some TV, read for a bit and then went to bed. Well, that is when the trouble began. My husband went to bed before me, and he was asleep when I got there…….and he was intermittently snoring like a chain saw !!!!! Every so often he has a this unexplained snoring problem. Last night it was awful. I was not able to shut off my brain as it was, and the snoring made me crazy. Every now and then I struggle with sleep problem, but for the most part I sleep well, but last night was one of those nights where thoughts played over and over in my head like a movie I can’t turn off. I went into the spare bedroom to sleep……………no go ! I was frustrated and angry. I got up and I went into the kitchen stood at the sink and proceeded to stuff 100 calorie bites sized pieces of cake into my mouth. I was literally in a daze stuffing cake into my mouth !!!!!! It was nuts !!!!!! Afterward that I went back to my bed….Matt (husband) had quieted down and fell asleep around 3 am. I can not believe how I reacted to the stress and frustration of not being able to sleep !!!! It kills me because I was so good all day, I felt like I looked better than ever going out, and I completely sabotaged it all!

When I woke up this morning I literally got up and thought I would throw up. I had to lay down on the bathroom floor until it passed. About 30 min. later I felt better and was able to do my workout, but the start of it was very painful…..I did NOT feel like doing it…..but I did it anyway. I need to isolate this little episode and move on………..the mindless binge was bad, but I need to let it go. I am writting about it as a way to purge it so I can forget it……so it is now forgotten !

This morning I am showing a friend how to do circuits and HIIT. She has never really worked out, and I am hoping she enjoys it. I am also hoping she doesn’t frustrate me with too much complaining. She is one of the people who asks me what I do, and the minute I mention calorie counting and workouts her eyes glaze over and she automatically says ” Oh I could never do that…..” I will do my best to inspire her and show her some good body weight moves, and hope it sinks in…..we’ll see.

So I am on to a new day, hoping for a better day…….and night , than last. I am hoping to fit in some extra cardio today to make up for certain sins that I have completely forgotten about !!! 😉

UPDATE : I helped my friend today, went over a little program I made up for her, taught her how to HIIT in the treadmill. She did really great ! Will she do it consistantly? We shall see…….I know she really wants it, the question is does she want it bad enough to do the work? That reamins to be seen.

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