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A Sick Day

Posted by Susan on May 20, 2009

I decided to take a sick day on Monday. I wasn’t really sick though. I never do this , I usually worry that I won’t have the time when I am actually sick if I use it up being not sick, for one thing. Another reason I never do it is because I consider my job part of my activity for the day . I run up and down stairs all day doing just about everything from clerical work to running residents all over the building . I get a lot of exercise in a day.

Monday morning I got up at my regular time , did my usual AM workout and decided I would take a “mental health ” day. I felt like I needed a day at home to regroup and relax . I made a cup of tea and settled in for the day ! I watched some morning TV , had breakfast , and found a Paranormal State marathon on A&E to watch. ( still not sure if I like that show or not , even after about 8 episodes ! )

By around 12:30 I was bored ! I made an important realization . As much as I sometimes don’t feel like going to work , I guess it is better than sitting home . I could see myself getting into a whole lot of trouble being home all day . Usually when I am bored I eat ! I didn’t on Monday , but if I was faced with too many days of it , I think I would. Instead this time I cleaned the downstairs bathroom , but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t tempted !

Keeping busy keeps my mind off the food . Plus as much as I hate to admit it , I missed it ! Not to mention by the end of the night I felt like a slug for not running around at all that day , but still eating the same amount of calories as when I do !

So although being home with a cup of tea on a weekday sounds like heaven , in reality I am better off working a full day with the knowledge that I got in exercise AND a days pay !

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Turbulence Training :

Posted by Susan on May 7, 2009

Since January 1st , 2009 I have been doing a program called Turbulence Training . This program has totally changed the way I look at working out and in turn completely changed my body , as well as my life ! In the past 3 , going on 4 months lost 25 lbs. I’ve gone from a fat % of 39.7 to a fat % of 33.1 , and a BMI of 26.0 to a BMI of 22.2 ! To me this is amazing !

I have been working on this weight loss thing seriously for 2 years now . I did Body for Life and it did nothing for me personally. If anything it just frustrated me ! I was also bored to tears with the wieght training . When the new year started I decided what I really needed to do was lose fat . So I started doing my research , reading people’s blogs to see what worked for them , reading reviews of different programs. I stumbled upon TT completely by accident . After reading about it I decided to give it a try . It was a little pricey , but it came with a whole lot of workouts for the price and I felt the creator of the program seemed down to earth and credible after doing some research on him as well .

Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist as well as the author of many articles for Men’s Health , Oxygen , and Muscle and Fitess Hers magazines . His program is a combination of Supersets performed in a circuit , and HIIT 3 days a week . the exercises themselves are simple , nothing I hadn’t done before , but performed the way he lays them out , you can feel your heart rate going up , and you can definately tell these “simple ” exercises are anything but easy . He wants you to do the circuits 3x a week followed by 20 min. of HIIT . Craig believes that steady state cardio is a waste of time , and it is a proven fact that HIIT has a longer afterburn effect , something SS cardio does not offer. On the other 3 days a he suggest doing at least 30 min. of acivity……hiking, biking, walking your dog , whatever . I personally do SS cardio on those days because I enjoy it , I do a spin class sometimes , sometimes I even throw in an extra HIIT session.

This program has totally solved my boredom issues . I would get sick and tired of the same old things and sometimes that would lead to no exercise at all for weeks at a time . This program changes every 4 week for the circuits. I also love HIIT because , for me HIIT goes a lot quicker than the hours and hours of SS cardio.

I would love to workout for hours given the time , but I have work, and family, and life to contend with . I needed something that would give me the maximum results , in the shortst amount of time . That is exactly what TT offers .

After working so hard for so long and getting no results , this program was the best thing that ever happened to me. I had been trying to fit into a size 12 jeans I had in my closet now for 2 years ! I started this program in Jan. , by March I was wearing the 12 and by April I was into a size 8 .

I am finally losing enough fat to actually see some Ab muscles peaking through , and some definition in my arms as well ! I have wanted this for so long and now I’ve finally found something that works for me ! It fits into my life , I am always challenged and never bored, and I am feeling stronger than ever before . I do not think after seeing what circuits and HIIT can do to my body , I could ever go back to the way I used to workout .

I know this sounds likd some sort of advertisement, but honestly this is how I feel about this program . It has definately given me the results I was looking for , and seeing the changes only motivates me more to stick to it and push harder .

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V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Susan on March 20, 2009

As of 3:30pm today I am offically on vacation ! I am not going anywhere, just hanging at home, but I am excited about it. I have a lot of things planned. Extra cardio workouts, dinners with friends (I’ve already researched both restraunts, and picked out what I am ordering, looked up the calories and I am ready to go !), plus I have closets to clean and a yard that needs some major attention , so I have plenty to keep me busy and away from yet another one of my food issues….eating out of boredom.

Tomorrow is my weekly weigh in. I am a little nervous. I have been losing weight pretty consistantly the past 3 or 4 weeks now and I know sooner or later I will start slowing down. In the past few weeks I could feel I’d lost, I felt different. This week I just don’t feel it. I don’t feel like I’ve gained, but I do not feel like I’ve lost………I will find out soon enough tomorrow I guess.

This week I ran my butt off at work, got in all of my workouts, and eat well aside from Sunday’s bread-fest ! I am interested to see if I can continue all of my good behavior next week when my schedual is so different , and I have more access to food. As long as I track everything I eat I should be ok.

It will be a challenge and the whole point of this journey is not only to lose the pounds, but to learn to handle and conquer all (at least most anyway) of my eatting issues and to learn to live my life and navigate sucessfully around food.

So happy vacation to me ! It may be a sucess, and it may be a total mess…….but either way it will teach me something that will help me on this journey !!!!!

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