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Posted by Susan on May 1, 2009

I blogged earlier in the week about bagging up my old clothes and giving them away . As the week has gone on , I’ve come to realize that this act getting rid of all my ” fat clothes ” has so much more signifigance than I first thought . It is a symbol of so many , many things .
It is a symbol of dedication to a goal . To all the hard work and sacrifice along the way. It is a symbol of the knowledge that I can do anything I set my mind to . That I am capable of more than I gave myself credit for .
It is a farewell to the woman I once was . To the times I declined invitations because I didn’t want to try on clothes and agonize over what I would wear or how I would look . To the times I went out with friends and felt frumpy and invisible in comparison .
It is a symbol of freedom from wearing certain clothes because they are more “slimming”. For living life dressed in blacks and browns, long sweaters and shirts so that the butt was covered adequately . To living life in sweat pants and pretending I didn’t care what I looked like .
It is a symbol of a fresh start where I can reinvent myself , and be anything I want to be from this moment forward. That I can be what I want instead of what I think I have to be .
It is the symbol of a promise I make to myself to never go back to my old life . That I will keep all the things I worked so hard for . That I am worth it .
It is also a symbol of all the lessons I’ve learned along the way . I feel so much better now , both physically and mentally. I feel clear and strong . I feel excited for every new day …….. something I haven’t felt in years .
So cleaning out my closet at this point in my life is so much more than housework or organization . It is proof that change is possible . It is proof to anyone who thinks it just can’t be done , that it can . And if I can do it , anyone can.

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Never the same again ………

Posted by Susan on April 23, 2009

As I get closer to my goal weight I have been thinking a lot about all the things that will never be the same. My life will be different . It has to be in order to maintain the weight . I will need to live differently than I have in the past. I will not be on a ” diet ” anymore , but will be trying to live ” normally ” . Normally , but with a twist.

I will never be able to look at food the same again. No more mindless eating , no more stuffing my face until I am so full I feel sick . No more eating out of boredom , or stress , or any other emotion I don’t want to deal with . Never going back to the binge mentality , because I know now it never really helps a situation , it may numb it temporarily , but whatever feeling I am trying to numb will be there regardless . I will always have to pick the healthier choice , I will always have to practice portion control , I will always have to eat mindfully .

I will always have to exercise . I will always have to make it a part of my life , even when the weight loss goal is met . I will never maintain the loss without it , so it is juat a fact of life for me . Thankfully I like working out for the most part .

Life after weight loss will still hold it’s challenges , and still have it’s slip ups I’m sure . But what I most want to make perfectly clear to myself is that it is not over when it is over. It is something I will have to get used to living with , and it is something I have to accept if I am going to maintain. I never ever want to go back to the woman I once was . It is so important to me not to allow that . I figure as long as I keep my eyes open , pay attention , and continue good habits , like exercise , eating healthy , and watching how much I eat , I can somehow pull it together and live my life as a non – fat person.

The thought of the next stage in this jouney scares me a little . The best I can hope for is that I’ve learned something from where I’ve been . One thing I know for sure , my life will never be the same again ………….. If I plan on maintaining what I’ve earned .

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Care Package

Posted by Susan on April 18, 2009

My sister-in law was talking to my husband earlier in the week, upset about her weight. She was comparing the weight she is at now to some footabll player, making a joke about it. I felt really bad for her. My husband suggested that she talk to me. I’d said earlier in the week that I was never helping anyone with weight loss suggestions again because it frustrated me. Then , a comment on the post I’d writtien made me rethink my stand on that issue. I decided to do something different this time.

I decided to make my sister-in-law a care package filled with some things that have helped me so far on this jounrney. I took a box, filled it pretty colored tissue paper, and filled it ! I put in a Calorie King book, a pretty notebook and pen, a huge water bottle, a calculator, some recipes, some snacks that I eat (all under 150 calories), a body weight workout book with some great beginner routines, a copy of an article I have about HIIT that has a sample workout in it, and a can of diet coke and a reduced sugar cake mix with the Diet coke Cupcake recipe , oh and green tea bags………I wrote her a short but sweet note telling her that these were some things that work for me, and an itemized list of what the box contained and an explanation of each. I left it on her doorstep for her to find when she gets home.

My thinking is that I am giving her help, without actually getting myself emotionally invested, and if she uses the stuff , wonderful. If not I won’t know about it anyway, and at least I tried to help ! I felt good about it !

She got the box and called me crying. She said she was touched that I thought of her. I told her I was just hoping to give her a little motivation ! I feel like I helped , without really pushing.

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Weekly Weigh In : Hit My First Goal Weight !!!!!!

Posted by Susan on April 18, 2009

I am one happy gal this morning ! I am officially at my first goal weight ! I am 150 lbs ! The last time I was this weight I was a sophmore in high school ! (and oddly enough thought I was fat !!!!!) I can’t beleive I am here ! Finally ! This week I upped my calories a little (by about 100-150 calories) because I was worried that I was losing too fast and worried about the potential of gaining it back just as quickly with one slip up down the road. Here are my stats for this week:

Weight : 150.6 = ( 2.2 lb. loss)

Fat % : 33.9 % = (0.8 % loss )

BMI : 22.4 = ( 0.2 point loss)

Last night I wore jeans and a T shirt in honor of the warm beautiful weather…….. definately could see a difference. The protruding belly and lovely muffin top over the jeans is gone (YAY!!!). I am really happy with my progress and I am ready to tackle goal # 2 : 140 lbs.

I want to work this weekend on possibly taking some progress pics, but honestly I am nervous about it. I am so afraid when I look at the pictures I will not be able to see the progress that shows on the scale. I see it in the mirror, but I worry that there will be nothing to be seen on film. I need to do it sooner or later……..I may as well just do it !

Today I decided to make a weight loss care package for my sister in law. I know I said I was not going to invest my energy trying to help friends on the path to weight loss…..but I’ve had time to rethink it……(thanks for the comment Jessi, it made me think ) I am going to do this differently this time though…. I will explain in a later post……. so stay tuned !

Today I have tons to do. I promised my niece a bike lesson today….she is totally embarassed of the whole training wheel stigma… my husband and I are taking her to a local school parking lot to get her on two wheels.

We also have a TON of yard work to do ! I want to change a lot of things in our yard and I will be pulling things up and replanting things. I figure that is great exercise……plus there are the normal weekend chores……food shopping, laundry, cooking for the week, cleaning the house….it never ends ! A full weekend ahead ! Have a good one !!!!!

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Remind me to never…………

Posted by Susan on April 16, 2009

…………………. try helping a friend along on the road to effective diet and exercise ! When I offered to help a friend I knew it would be a disaster. I knew I would get frustrated with her lack of motivation, (although she swears she is scared to death because the pound are piling up so quickly ), and dedication. Today a friend who I have spent a lot of time helping, by shopping with her, showing her body weight circuits, showing how to do interval training, and anything else I thought she could use, proceeded to tell me about how she ate everything and anything she could get her hands on over Easter. (Fri., Sat. , Sun., and Mon.) It was almost like she was bragging about it ! Then she told me she didn’t have time to exercise all week…she was TOO BUSY !

That is the one excuse I hate the most ! I hate when someone tells me they have not time to workout. Her big argument with me is always………..I have a husband and kids ! Because I don’t have kids I could not possibly understand. Well news flash ! I have no kids it is true, but I have a household to run just like everyone else, and a full time job, and my niece 2 times a week after school.

I make time because it means enough to me. Do not think for one minute that I love getting up at 3am every weekday to get a hour workout in before I go to work because I don’t ! I also don’t love going to bed before 8pm everynight so that I don’t night time snack. I do it because I want this THAT bad.

I think next time someone asks me how I’ve lost weight I will just tell them diet and exercise……and just leave it at that. If someone is not ready, then they will not hear what I am saying anyway. If they don’t want it badly enough, they can never commit to it, and never do the work involved.

I am just so very grateful that I found the resolved within myself to set a goal and stick to the road that will lead me there. I ask myself, during times when I feel doubtful, and the end seems to unattainable…………..and I am thinking I just CAN’T do this anymore ! Is it that I CAN’T do it? Or is it that I WON’T do it? Most of the time can’t means won’t , so I switch my mind set and just do it !

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Weekly Weigh In :

Posted by Susan on April 11, 2009

As usual, today is my weekly weigh in. Becuase I have been up all night thinking about yesterday (bad day), I felt a little less excited about today. I got on the scale and what did I see ? Another 3.8 lb. loss ! Wow ! I am happy. I worked hard last week, and I am happy with my reward. Here are my weight loss stats for this week :

Weight : 152.8 ( 3.8 lb. loss)

Fat % : 34.7 % ( down 1.7 %)

BMI : 22.7 ( down 1.7 finally at a healthy BMI !!!)

Aside from the end of the week downer yesterday, this week was great in regards to diet and exercise. I ate what I should, worked out every morning, and drank all of my water. I felt great all week, and I am happy with my progress physically, mentally and emotionally.

I am planning to do a few things around the house today and if weather permits do some yard work. If not, it is expected to be nice tomorrow so I will definately get out there. If today turns into an indoor day, I will be cooking for the week, and cleaning , and of course Kate (my niece ) and I will be coloring Easter eggs.

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter ! Enjoy , and don’t let that evil Easter candy get you down !

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Good Mood

Posted by Susan on April 8, 2009

Does weight loss effect mood? I wonder because I have been in such a great mood the past few weeks. I feel calm and relaxed, and not feeling that crazy ,” chicken running around with it’s head chopped off ” feeling I usually suffer from at work. It is almost like I am stepping outside myself and asking myself “is this worth getting stressed over?” and most of the time the answer is no. I love my current state of mind and hope it lasts.

I am not sure exactly what is prompting this difference. Is it the weight loss? Is the it true that when you are unhappy with yourself, you project it on to everything and everyone around you? I think it might be true to an extent. This weight loss battle has been long and hard. I really beat myself up over the fact that I’d gained the weight.

Now that I am seeing a difference, and others are also seeing the difference, my feelings about myself are changing. I am still insecure about how I look to a point, but nothing like before. I am at least able to give myself credit for the accomplishment of it. I am able to be proud of the hard work that went into it. It is not something I talk about , it is more of an internal pride I feel, knowing that I am doing what has to be done.

This pride also spills over to other aspects of my life. I feel a little braver. Considering taking risks instead of keeping the status quo because that is where I am comfortable. I’ve proven that I can do what I set my mind to, so why not make another goal and strive to achieve it. A lot of thoughts flying around in my head lately.

On the diet and exercise front this week, so far so good. I did my TT circuits this morning with 20 mins. HIIT on the treadmill. My Eating has been on track. I think it is becoming a habit, I hardly even think about it anymore, where as there was a time when I thought of nothing else. Still tracking all my calories, and drinking all of my water. I was looking back on my weight loss log back from January. I’ve lost 19 lbs. since Jan. 1 . Wow ! Hard to believe.

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I’m Back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Susan on April 1, 2009

Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got back on the the treadmill for the first time in 3 weeks! Ever since my knee injury I’ve been terrified of it ! (Although in the end I found that it only agrivated my knee………weighted lunges turned out to be the reason for the injusry). Today I decided after my TT circuits I would do my 20 min. HIIT on the treadmill. No pain, no swelling, no nothing ! I am sooooooo happy ! I feel so much better now knowing I am fine and can continue my treadmill training.

The next half of this post is a bit of a rant ….so be forewarned !

Sometimes at work patients and their families give us goodies as a thank you for getting them back on their feet ( work in a Rehabilitation Center). Today someone gave us a beautiful tray of brownies as thanks for our help. We are all sitting at the lunch table and one of the girls brings out the tray and puts it in the middle of the table. A few minutes later one of my co-workers comes in and sits down, then gets right back up , picks up the tray and starts walking out of the room. Someone said, Hey where are you going with those? The co-worker continues walking out of the room telling us all that the brownies are a trigger for her and she can’t have them in her sight, and how inconsiderate we all are for putting them out like that when we all know she is dieting to get into her wedding dress. I think my mouth hit the table! I was in shock ! Yes ,I have taken MYSELF out of situations where tempation was too great for me, but I’ve never ever considered it anyone else’s responsibility but my own !

This is the same woman who spent a ton of money on these sneaker that are supposed to exercise her legs, who eats hot sause on everything (including KFC) because it is supposed to burn fat, who downs energy drinks constantly, and takes every fat burner ever made like they are tic tacs ! ANYTHING to get out of doing the work !

I know I should feel sorry for her, because I know what it takes to get weight off, and I know that she is living in delusion-ville…..but in a way I feel almost insulted by it………..I feel like it diminishes the hard work I’ve put in, the sacrifices I’ve made, the struggles I’ve had and continue to have.

I kept my mouth shut today, even though I was dying to tell her off. I guess all I can do is feel thankful that I am ready, willing and able to get this job done and to keep it that way forever !

Ok, rant over……….sorry, I just had to let it out! Tomorrow will be a cardio day. I would love to do an outdoor walk after work but it looks like the weather isn’t going to cooperate…so it will be a session in the basement for me !

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No Such Thing As a Quick Fix………..

Posted by Susan on March 26, 2009

Another day……my this week off has flown by !!!!! Today nothing is really planned, I will hang out with my sister at some point but that’s about it as far as any plans go. Today is a cardio day for me. Becuse yesterday I was showing my friend some body weight exercises, I ended up pretty much working out with her….so I did double circuits, and I am a little sore today. But a little extra is a good thing right?

I am anxious to see if my workout buddy did her HIIT this morning that I schedualed for her. I hope she did. My friend had Gastric Bypass Surgery 3 years ago. She did really well, she lost over 100 lbs. One thing she did not do while going through this drastic weight loss journey was exercise. I bugged her all the time about it, but she just refused. She hated it, didn’t have time, and didn’t think it was important.

Now 3 years later, her weight is creeping back and she is getting nervous. Becuase the past few months I have been seeing some noticable results, she is begining to see how important as well as necessary working out along with eating right is. That is why I took the time yesterday to show her some quick , easy but effective things that should help.

We went to Walmart, bought her some things , one especially I insisted on was the calorie counting book. I am convinced that half the world has no clue what they are eating in a day. I asked her (begged her) to take 3 days, eat exactly what you always eat….everything ! ………..and write it down. At the end of the day I told her to add it up and see exactly what the number is. I don’t understand why no one wants to do this?????? I know it is a pain in the neck, I know it takes time, but wouldn’t you want to know if your eating too much? If you can cut back on some things, figure out better portion sizes so you can still eat what you want and not gain weight????? I don’t get the reisitance…….I do it so automatically that I don’t even think about it anymore and it takes me no time at all. Sometimes it even leads me to not eating something crappy because I do not want to log it in and add it. And I have also discovered that there are some things that are just not worth their calories… for example fun size candy bars…..80 calories…….forget it ! I could have something better for me and more satisfying for 100 !!!!! I am sick of people telling me it is obsessive ! It is smart ! It makes sense!

Ok enough ranting. The moral of this story is this……………there is NO such thing as a quick fix !!!!!!!!! No pill, no surgery, no magic exercise program that does not require you to get off the sofa !! NOTHING ! It is work, and it sometimes stinks ! I can’t tell you how many times I have been laying on the floor in my workout room at 3AM between sets of circuits and thought “what the hell am I doing? Am I nuts?” How many times I wanted to grab a candy bar at the check out counter when I buy something and say……” oh well one little slip won’t hurt, I will just pretend it never happened !” There are time that I give in , but more time that I don’t and that has brought me the sucess I have had so far.

If you are ready for change and really want it, it is worth the effort. I hope my friend is ready to see finally that she cannot stop this slow steady weight gain without taking action and being willing. From some of our talks yesterday I am not sure she is, but I hope so……it is a hard lesson to learn, and sometimes it is a lesson you need to learn by experience…..I was hoping to save her some trouble but sometimes you just have to see for yourself. I know I took that road. It took a huge weight gain and a lot of wasted time , money, and a lot of heartache before I did the things I knew all along I was supposed to do.

Ok enough preaching for one day….on to breakfast and cardio …….Have a good one !

* I asked my friend permission to mention her in my blog today, and she agreed. (Thanx Friend !)

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Bad Day………

Posted by Susan on March 10, 2009

Today…….. not good. Food was perfect and I got in 40 min. of cardio. Work on the other hand was extremely challenging ! I get really frustrated. But I am glad to be home. My safe haven. I always try to tell myself that it is better to have an excellent personal life and a crappy 8 hours of work than the other way around. Tomorrow will be better….right?

On a brighter note, my knee is back to normal and I am able to workout again !!!! Yay!!!! It feel good to be back in the game, I was worried that I would take steps backward and I am so glad I rested it instead of trying to push the issue. I intend to workout an extra day this week, just to do a little making up. Plus I have a birthday party to throw on Saturday , so it will ne a necessary anyway.

Ok well, enough being a cry baby for one night, I will survive , and be much better tomorrow. at least I didn’t decide to chuck it all and eat whatever , have a pity party for myself. That is my usual reaction to stress.( I am looking for the positive here)

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