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Shopping Day !

Posted by Susan on April 25, 2009

My sister ( the fashionista ) has been bugging me and bugging me to buy some new jeans . I am swimming in my size 14’s and my size 12’s have a saggy butt . She manages a local clothing store and finally talked me into stopping after work to buy some new ones . I am always saying I want to wait until I hit goal weight before I buy anything new, but I’ve been saying that for 5 years now ……. it’s time to buy something that fits !

These jeans ( above ) are ………………………. a size 8!!!!! Can you believe it ? Cuz I can’t ! They are a little bit loose …….. but fit . I am not quite in a size 6 , they were just too tight for me . I wore them to dinner tonight and they were comfortable ! It is so weird . I finally fit into the size 12 jeans in March , and I was proud of that ! (they had been in the back of my closet for 2 years and never fit ! ) Now a little over a month later , I am wearing a size 8! I feel good about it . I still have 10 lbs. to go , but I feel like I’ve made some real progress .

I went out to dinner tonight with my husband. I had a garden salad with grilled chicken, lite italian dressing on the side. I only dipped the tongs of my fork into the dressing , so I hardly used any . When I came home I had one 100 calories Diet Coke Cupcake. Going out to eat always stresses me out . It is really hard for me to make good choices at my favorite restraunt . I’ve tried just about everything on the menu and everything is good ! But I am happy to say I did fine . I guess wearing size 8 jeans to dinner helped motivate me !

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Girls Night Out !

Posted by Susan on March 25, 2009

Last night was my long awaited night out with my friends. It was so much fun catching up and hanging out, especially since I am on vacation and did not have to worry about getting home and getting to bed. I was excellent at the restraunt. I has a salad with salmon, low fat dressing on the side. I didn’t eat the appetizer, and I didn’t indulge in a cocktail. It felt great not to walk out of the place feeling bloated and like my pants are about to pop !

I got home at a decent hour, took a shower and watched some TV, read for a bit and then went to bed. Well, that is when the trouble began. My husband went to bed before me, and he was asleep when I got there…….and he was intermittently snoring like a chain saw !!!!! Every so often he has a this unexplained snoring problem. Last night it was awful. I was not able to shut off my brain as it was, and the snoring made me crazy. Every now and then I struggle with sleep problem, but for the most part I sleep well, but last night was one of those nights where thoughts played over and over in my head like a movie I can’t turn off. I went into the spare bedroom to sleep……………no go ! I was frustrated and angry. I got up and I went into the kitchen stood at the sink and proceeded to stuff 100 calorie bites sized pieces of cake into my mouth. I was literally in a daze stuffing cake into my mouth !!!!!! It was nuts !!!!!! Afterward that I went back to my bed….Matt (husband) had quieted down and fell asleep around 3 am. I can not believe how I reacted to the stress and frustration of not being able to sleep !!!! It kills me because I was so good all day, I felt like I looked better than ever going out, and I completely sabotaged it all!

When I woke up this morning I literally got up and thought I would throw up. I had to lay down on the bathroom floor until it passed. About 30 min. later I felt better and was able to do my workout, but the start of it was very painful…..I did NOT feel like doing it…..but I did it anyway. I need to isolate this little episode and move on………..the mindless binge was bad, but I need to let it go. I am writting about it as a way to purge it so I can forget it……so it is now forgotten !

This morning I am showing a friend how to do circuits and HIIT. She has never really worked out, and I am hoping she enjoys it. I am also hoping she doesn’t frustrate me with too much complaining. She is one of the people who asks me what I do, and the minute I mention calorie counting and workouts her eyes glaze over and she automatically says ” Oh I could never do that…..” I will do my best to inspire her and show her some good body weight moves, and hope it sinks in…..we’ll see.

So I am on to a new day, hoping for a better day…….and night , than last. I am hoping to fit in some extra cardio today to make up for certain sins that I have completely forgotten about !!! 😉

UPDATE : I helped my friend today, went over a little program I made up for her, taught her how to HIIT in the treadmill. She did really great ! Will she do it consistantly? We shall see…….I know she really wants it, the question is does she want it bad enough to do the work? That reamins to be seen.

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V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Susan on March 20, 2009

As of 3:30pm today I am offically on vacation ! I am not going anywhere, just hanging at home, but I am excited about it. I have a lot of things planned. Extra cardio workouts, dinners with friends (I’ve already researched both restraunts, and picked out what I am ordering, looked up the calories and I am ready to go !), plus I have closets to clean and a yard that needs some major attention , so I have plenty to keep me busy and away from yet another one of my food issues….eating out of boredom.

Tomorrow is my weekly weigh in. I am a little nervous. I have been losing weight pretty consistantly the past 3 or 4 weeks now and I know sooner or later I will start slowing down. In the past few weeks I could feel I’d lost, I felt different. This week I just don’t feel it. I don’t feel like I’ve gained, but I do not feel like I’ve lost………I will find out soon enough tomorrow I guess.

This week I ran my butt off at work, got in all of my workouts, and eat well aside from Sunday’s bread-fest ! I am interested to see if I can continue all of my good behavior next week when my schedual is so different , and I have more access to food. As long as I track everything I eat I should be ok.

It will be a challenge and the whole point of this journey is not only to lose the pounds, but to learn to handle and conquer all (at least most anyway) of my eatting issues and to learn to live my life and navigate sucessfully around food.

So happy vacation to me ! It may be a sucess, and it may be a total mess…….but either way it will teach me something that will help me on this journey !!!!!

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I am not a very fun date……….

Posted by Susan on March 7, 2009

Sometimes I feel sorry for my husband. I was so obsessed this morning about what I was going to order for breakfast this morning. And as always he was forced to listen to me the entire way there. (thankfully it was only a 10 min. ride to the diner from our house) I get there and look at the menu, praying they have a lite section……..but no they do not. The only thing they do offer is anything cooked with with Eggbeaters for .50 extra……ok, something to work with. I ended up ordering a mushroom omlette with Eggbeaters and rye toast…..probably should have skipped buttered toast, but I did ask for them to hold the potatoes (and I adore them !) I guess that wasn’t too bad.
What I hate about eating out is that no matter what you order, you can definately make it at home for a lot less calories. I end up eating a larger amount of calories and especially when it is breakfast, it throws my entire day off. Oh well, I best get used to it, this is life and I need to live it. As a very wise, wonderful new friend reminded me……this is for life and it would be unrealistic to think I can live the rest of my life avoiding eating out. So, all in all I did well, it was yummy and although it caused some panic, (sort of a dumb reaction, but oh well!) I did ok.
My knee feels much, much better, and I plan on resting it until Monday morning. I cannot wait to workout again. I miss it for so many reasons. I am excited to get back to it ! Part of me wants to start tomorrow, but I want to be sure it is 100%, because I do NOT want to miss another week of exercise.

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Stressing !

Posted by Susan on March 7, 2009

I am totally stressing. We went to dinner tonight and I ate pizza. I figured it into my calories, I stayed within my range, but I am feeling so guilty. I hate this. It makes me feel like eating it wasn’t at all worth it. Knowing that tomorrow is weigh-in day, and that because of a stupid injury I was unable to workout most of the week, makes me feel even worse.

On top of tonight’s bad eating I am stressing over tomorrow morning. We are going to breakfast with my monther inlaw and I need to find something at the diner I can eat. I counted up the calories of what I would usually order for breakfast at a diner and I am shocked !!!! It is like an entire day’s worth of calories. I need to really look at what I am odering. It means NO potatoes ! NONE! It means trying to order as cleanly as possible and pay attention. I am praying they have a lite section to the menu, where I can order something decent.

I am so nervous about it, and I am so scared to get on the scale tomorrow. I hope that when I wake up tomorrow morning I will just see things differently. I just feel like I’ve worked so hard, and have been doing so well, I just don’t want to take steps backward. I guess this whole calorie counting thing has gone to the extreme, but I just don’t care. Not paying enough attnetion to the food I put into my body got me into a whole heap of trouble in the past, and I do not ever want to visit the 200’s again ! I want to wear a swimsuit this summer and I want to finally conquer this weight thing once and for all.

Boy, if I had known that one night of pizza would make me feel this anxious I would have passed and had a salad instead !!!! But the thing is, I need to live my life too. Celebrations will come along, so will holidays, so will situations when good food just is not available, and I need to learn to not only live with it, but to also enjoy it too. Right now I feel so conflicted.

I guess I just have to wait and see what happens, and keep my eye on the prize . I will be fine no matter what, that much I believe.

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