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A Sick Day

Posted by Susan on May 20, 2009

I decided to take a sick day on Monday. I wasn’t really sick though. I never do this , I usually worry that I won’t have the time when I am actually sick if I use it up being not sick, for one thing. Another reason I never do it is because I consider my job part of my activity for the day . I run up and down stairs all day doing just about everything from clerical work to running residents all over the building . I get a lot of exercise in a day.

Monday morning I got up at my regular time , did my usual AM workout and decided I would take a “mental health ” day. I felt like I needed a day at home to regroup and relax . I made a cup of tea and settled in for the day ! I watched some morning TV , had breakfast , and found a Paranormal State marathon on A&E to watch. ( still not sure if I like that show or not , even after about 8 episodes ! )

By around 12:30 I was bored ! I made an important realization . As much as I sometimes don’t feel like going to work , I guess it is better than sitting home . I could see myself getting into a whole lot of trouble being home all day . Usually when I am bored I eat ! I didn’t on Monday , but if I was faced with too many days of it , I think I would. Instead this time I cleaned the downstairs bathroom , but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t tempted !

Keeping busy keeps my mind off the food . Plus as much as I hate to admit it , I missed it ! Not to mention by the end of the night I felt like a slug for not running around at all that day , but still eating the same amount of calories as when I do !

So although being home with a cup of tea on a weekday sounds like heaven , in reality I am better off working a full day with the knowledge that I got in exercise AND a days pay !

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Awful Day

Posted by Susan on April 10, 2009

Today has been one of the worst (work) days I’ve had in a really long time. I am so glad to be home and safe. I am also glad I get a few days to get past it all and hopefully feel better about it all. Feeling totally helpless stinks in any situation. I guess I need to accept what is and move on. A good night’s sleep will help me gain some perspective.

The good new is that instead of eating away the frustration and pain, for some reason I feel the total opposite. My upset has caused my appetite to pretty much disappear. I ate dinner because my body needed it after a hard day, but not because I was actually hungry for it. I skipped my nightly sweet because I just don’t want it tonight. I was so antsy when I got home that I cleaned the house……………… less to do tomorrow. I am considering doing some cardio tomorrow morning just to constructively work soe of these feeling out of my body.

Wow ! A totally different reaction than I usually have. I would normally be out looking for the biggest , fugiest chocolate cake I could find to drown my sorrows in. I guess, things have shifted in the emotional eating department. That is good news at least.

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